Title: Repression

By: Bleeding Destruction

Began: June 8, 2013

Summary: Raye Penber was an average teenager. Until he failed to prevent his parent's deaths. Now, at sixteen, he's left alone to raise his ill sister. No one seems to notice his lack of memories, and if they do, they don't care. No one seems to care about the teenager. Pre-series. Can fit into canon.

Warnings: Triggers for self-harm and suicide.

Author's Notes: I recieved a request for this on my Raye Penber roleplay blog, and fell in love with the idea immediately. Thus, this story was born. I intend for the chapters to get longer, but the first few will be short. I don't expect this to be ridiculously long, but I foresee at least 10,000 words. Well, enjoy!

Chapter One: Happy Sixteenth!

"It's not everyday you turn sixteen!" His mother had chirped.

Those were the last words Raye ever heard her speak. He regretted ever asking for a birthday party. Because everything went downhill that day.

If his mother hadn't gone out to pick up some of his friends for the party, he wouldn't be watching his premature baby sister in a cradle, covered in tubes and struggling to live.

His mother and his best friend would still be alive.

His best friend had collided head on with her car as she left their home and he arrived, driving much faster than he should've been.

His sister had been cut out of his mother's dead body.

As much as the thought repulsed him, he still loved his sister. He still wanted to hold the baby girl in his arms and whisper to her that he loved her, and that she was beautiful.

That was his sister, his Aiko, and he loved her. He would give her all the love that his mother couldn't anymore.

Later that night, Raye's father quit his job, and Raye's own job search began.

His sixteen birthday was supposed to be a dream.

But instead it was just a nightmare.

A living nightmare.