Title: Repression

By: Bleeding Destruction

Began: August 6, 2013

Summary: Raye Penber was an average teenager. Until he failed to prevent his parent's deaths. Now, at sixteen, he's left alone to raise his ill sister. No one seems to notice his lack of memories, and if they do, they don't care. No one seems to care about the teenager. Pre-series. Can fit into canon.

Warnings: Triggers for self-harm and suicide.

Author's Notes: This chapter pisses me off. It's probably the shortest yet, except for perhaps the first. But I was very happy with the first because I liked the emotions I felt that I was able to convey. This one was just hard to write and ugh aljdaf;ljd;fa! It was just really fucking hard to write, okay?

Chapter Four: Hatred:

Aiko smiled at her brother as he carried her to the car. "Time for your doctor's appointment!" Raye cooed, forcing as much false cheer into his voice as he could. The baby just laughed and reached out with hands much smaller than they should've been at her age.

Today meant nothing for the now six-month-old baby. But for Raye, it was the six-month anniversary for his mother's death.

Six months ago, his life went to hell, and it was all his fault.

And Raye wanted to hate his sister for reminding him of his mother dying and his father leaving. He wanted to hate Aiko. He wanted to so badly, but he couldn't. He couldn't and he hated himself for it. Then again, he hated himself for a lot of things. One more thing shouldn't matter so much, but it was shameful of him to want to hate his sister- his baby sister, who was innocent and pure and had never hurt anyone in her life.

So unlike Raye, who was evil and dirtied and had destroyed his family on a day that should have been cheerful.

He hated that Aiko was the one thing standing between Raye and becoming nothing but a giant ball of self-hatred and pity. He hated that he wanted to die and he would never be able to do that to his sister. He couldn't leave her alone.

Everyone left him. No one cared. And even so, Raye couldn't do the same to someone else, even if that someone wouldn't remember it.