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Chapter One: A Casual Date

"… fine. Just. One. Date." said Raven as she finished her last sip of tea. Beast Boy just asked Raven out to prove that she could like guys like him.

"How 'bout tonight?" asked Beast Boy.

"Why so sudden?" asked Raven, rolling her eyes. "Tomorrow night at six-thirty,"

"Fine with me," said Beast Boy. "But, I assure you, it's gonna be the best night of your life. We can go roller-skating."

"No," stated Raven. "Just a casual date. Nothing else. Understand?"

"Yea, yea." groaned Beast Boy. "But I'll make sure we'll do at least one thing fun."

"You what?!" asked the three Titans as they eyed Beast Boy in shock. Beast Boy just smirked and crossed his arms.

"Ooh!" exclaimed Starfire. "I have waited for friend Robin to ask me out on the date. But he has not. Maybe we could do the double of dates! Ooh! This is so exciting! I shall take friend Raven out to the mall of shopping so we can get her hair done and buy her a dress and do the making up and buy shoes, and a handbag, and do the piercing of ears! Where are you taking her? I suggest…"

"Starfire!" yelled Beast Boy, being overwhelmed of her non-stop talking. "Is just a causal date. Nothing to fancy, and nothing to dull. It's not a wedding."

"But Beast Boy!" exclaimed Starfire. "It's a date! It is the most magical experience in a humans' life!"

"Star, it's just one date. And I only want to prove to her that she can like guys like me. And not goth boy." said Beast Boy. "So I have to do exactly what she asks for."

"Exactly?" said Cyborg. "I don't think ya know but Raven's version of a date isn't gonna be all what ya hoped for."

"I'll make sure to lighten things up a bit," said Beast Boy. "Ya know me, 'lighten things up a bit Beast Boy.'"

"Uh huh," groaned Cyborg. "Everyone calls ya that."

"It's true!" said Beast Boy.

"Friend Raven!" said Starfire as she pounded on Raven's door. "Can I come in?"

Raven groaned as she rolled her eyes. She had a feeling Beast Boy had already told the others. And there was no way she could kick Starfire out either. "Sure,"

Starfire opened her door with a big smile on her face from ear to ear. She closed this door softly and jumped on her bed, throwing about three feet in air. "Oh, I am sorry! I am just so excited!"

"It's okay." said Raven. "What are you excited for?"

"Beast Boy has told me that you are doing the date! It is so exciting is it not?" beamed Starfire. "We shall buy a dress and a handbag and get our hair done and get new shoes and get the making up and we will get the piercing of ears…"

"Starfire!" yelled Raven. "It just a casual, normal date. Nothing to fancy, and nothing to dull."

Starfire gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. "That is the same thing Beast Boy quoted! Nothing to fancy, and nothing to dull! Have you read his mind? Or do you have a special relation does that makes you quote each other? I must expose this valuable information to Robin!"

"Starfire!" groaned Raven. "This date stays within the tower and that's it. If I hear anyone talk about this date I will throw every single item you ever bought me in the garbage."

"I will not tell a soul." said Starfire as she shushed her lips and exited Raven's room.

Raven crisscrossed her legs into her meditation position. She closed her eyes and began chanting her mantra. Not even fifteen minutes into her meditation there became another knock at her door. Her eyes narrowed as she opened the door with her powers. And there was Beast Boy with a shy smile and a short wave. "What do you want?" Raven asked.

"I just came to make sure you're okay about this date idea." said Beast Boy. "I don't wanna overwhelm you with this."

"Right now, I'm not so sure." said Raven. "I have been overwhelmed by Starfire and now I'm not so sure about this idea. I mean, I know it's going to be casual and not over the top. But she telling me to buy so much stuff. And you know how I hate the mall."

"Rae, I don't care if you show up in a large t-shirt and gym pants," chuckled Beast Boy. "I just wanna go."

"Ahh," said Raven. "A little anxious are we?"

"You know me," said Beast Boy. "Anxious BB."

"No, I don't know you," said Raven, rolling her eyes. "Now get out before I'll do it myself."

"Anything for you, Rae." winked Beast Boy, as he turned around to exit.

"Wait!" yelled Raven, Beast Boy flipped around with his eyes wide, and a curious look on his face. "Did you just wink at me? And if you did why?"

"Uhh, it was just a wink." said Beast Boy. "Nothing to get worked up about."

"Ahem, it is something to get worked up about," said Raven. "Winking is like flirting, so I command you to stop winking. I hate it when people flirt with me, and don't forget, I can feel emotions. And now you're feeling anxious, scared, and worried. And don't think I'm intimidating you, because I am not. I just get this weird feeling that you're flirting with me, which you are not, correct? Now, do have anything else to say before you leave?"

Beast Boy was shocked, he had totally forgot she could feel emotions. And the emotions she said he was feeling were correct. He quickly exited her room without looking back and entered the Common Room where he joined Cyborg who was playing video games.

"It was so… odd." said Beast Boy to Cyborg an hour later. "She said so much. So much that my brain couldn't keep with it. She said I was feeling anxious, scared, and worried. Which was correct. In fact, she kinda scares me a bit."

"She can feel emotions, remember?" said Cyborg, Beast Boy nodded. "I don't understand why you would wink at her in the first place. You shoulda have known she was going to do somethin."

"Yea, yea." said Beast Boy. "But it was just a wink. Nothing to get all upset about." He looked at his wrist as if a watch was there. "Oh! Look at the time! Tofu Talk!" He rushed out of the Common Room into the hallway where, to his luck, he smashed into Raven and knocked both of them on the ground. "Heh, heh." chuckled Beast Boy. "Sorry 'bout that."

She grumbled something even his keen ears couldn't hear and said, "Whatever." she extended her hand out to his. "Pull me up."

"Yup." said Beast Boy and took hold of extended hand and pulled her up a bit too fast and she tumbled down right on top of Beast Boy. "Whoops."

She groaned and lifted her off top of him and tried to speed away, of course she could still hear his voice calling her back. "Hey Rae! Can I ask you a question?"

She turned and gave him a sharp look. "What?"

"You excited for our date?" he asked. "I mean, I know I am. Are you? Ya know, cuz I wanna make this a good date like you asked me and I don't wanna ruin this for you and then you won't be my friend anymore! You are my friend right? I mean, cuz I heard Robin say once that when you're on a team you gotta be friends with them… or did I say that? Ya know…"

"Beast Boy!" Raven yelled.

"Uh… yes?" he asked.

"I don't want to hear another word from you until… our date." said Raven. "Not a peep. Understand?"

Beast Boy nodded and then thought it was going to be a hard job to impress Raven.