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Chapter Four: The End

Raven gasped as she gazed at the place in front of her. There was two horses and a carriage, perfect for a moonlight ride in the park. "Well?" asked Beast Boy, anxious to hear her answer.

"How… how did you arrange this?" asked Raven.

"Well, being a superhero has its perks." smiled Beast Boy, he opened the carriage door and revealed a beautiful inside, its scent was similar to Raven's, lavender and herbal tea. "Milady,"

Raven climbed in and inhaled the luscious scent. "It's beautiful,"

"Anything for you." said Beast Boy, then raised his voice. "Onward!"

The carriage jagged then pushed forward, the windows gave a clear view of the moon reflecting of the lake. Raven couldn't believe this was happening. She never had someone treat her like this. The feeling was hidden. Something she couldn't describe. Almost as she was overwhelmed with many emotions rushing around in her head.

But then, she looked at Beast Boy, his smile as broad as can be, he truly did go out to prepare this date. And he did more than she could ever imagine. And he did more than impress her. He kind of made her have a bit of a crush on him. She blushed and was very upset that she didn't have her cloak with her, it could cover up her blush.

"Rae? You okay?" Beast Boy asked. "You kinda spaced out."

"Sorry. I was in deep thought." said Raven. "How long is this ride?"

"Why? Are you that eager to get home? Is this date that bad?" asked Beast Boy sadly.

"No, Beast Boy." said Raven. "Don't be negative." She looked out the window to find the moon glistening off the water, it was the most beautiful she had ever seen. "Did you pick this place because it is so beautiful?"

Beast Boy wasn't really prepared for that question, he would've never guessed Raven would ask such a question. The real reason he picked this place because the moon was so similar to her, shy and distant. And it was an excellent view of it. But he did not know what to say. One slip of the tongue and Raven possibly wasn't his friend anymore. "Well, I picked it… because… it reminds me off you."

"Really?" asked Raven. "Why is that?"

"Well, the moon… for one." said Beast Boy, becoming comfortable with this subject. "It's kinda like you, pale and distant."

"Really?" said Raven. "I never thought you say something so deeply. Not to mention come up with it."

"Well, uh…" stuttered Beast Boy. "I sorta kinda pay attention to you, a lot. Not a stalker sort a way. And I discovered… I like you."

She stared blankly at him for a few moments and laughed. "I like you too Beast Boy,"

"No, I didn't mean I like you as a friend," said Beast Boy. "I mean, more than friend."

Raven stared at him in shock and her lip quivered and her eyes narrowed. "Stop the ride!" she yelled. Then the carriage jagged and became to a stop. She opened the door and exited it, shutting it behind her.

"Wait, Raven!" yelled Beast Boy as he too exited the car. She was already walking down the path until Beast Boy ran in front of her, blocking her way. "Wait, Rae. Can't we talk?"

"There is nothing to talk about." said Raven. "Now move."

"There is something to talk about," said Beast Boy. "Why did you bail on me like that? Is this because I like you more than a friend?"

"Beast Boy," sighed Raven. "I have a lot of things going on in my head like right now. You like and I like you, it's just too much!"

"Wait…" began Beast Boy. "You… you like me too?"

"Of course I do!" said Raven. "How can I not? The smile, the corny jokes, you asking me out. It has made me realize that… I like you. But I don't know if it's true. Like some crush that stays in your heart one day and then disappears the next. I don't which one."

"Raven, look deep inside your heart. Does it feel like some crush that last a minute? Or a one that's meant to be?" said Beast Boy.

"I don't know…" said Raven. "I just get this weird feeling when I'm around you, like weight has lifted off my shoulders and my heart points to you only. But I don't know what that feeling is."

"Is called love, Raven." said Beast Boy. Then brought his face to Raven's and kissed her passionately. He finally knew now, it wasn't just a little crush. It was the real thing.

They broke apart and gazed at each other's eyes dreamily, Beast Boy looked up to the sky and down back at Raven. "How about we finish out ride?"

"Gladly," said Raven, and they walked back to the carriage to finish their evening.

A quarter to nine o' clock they arrived back at the tower and Beast Boy walked Raven to her room. He had a very 'fun' time on their date, and without a doubt, the end was the best. He now knew his feelings for Raven were real, and so were hers.

They arrived at her room and looked at each other. Of course, Beast Boy with his toothy grin couldn't help laughing randomly a bit. "So… how was it?" asked Beast Boy.

"How was what?" asked Raven.

"The date, Rae." said Beast Boy. "Did you enjoy yourself or what?"

"Or what," said Raven sarcastically which made Beast Boy frown. "I'm being sarcastic. You know that."

"I know, I'm just so desperate your answer." said Beast Boy. "You're killing me, Rae."

"Fine, fine." sighed Raven. "I have enjoyed my time with you Beast Boy, you have indeed proved to me that I could date people like you. Maybe I'll find someone just like you…"

"Why not me?" laughed Beast Boy. "Maybe we could do this again sometime? Maybe, just a second date?"

"Why not?" said Raven. "How about next Friday?"

"You got it Rae," said Beast Boy. "Just two dates."


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