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Stiles stirred and stretched as he slowly transitioned from sleep to wakefulness. The soft morning light was streaming through the blinds and lit the bedroom with a pale glow. He couldn't tell how exactly what time it was, but it had to be early; usually on weekends he slept in until at least noon, so the sun was higher when he got up. Yet he felt well rested, content, and surprisingly alert for the earliness of the hour. Derek lay behind him with his arm snug around his waist, and while part of Stiles didn't want to leave this spot, ever, he was aware that he needed to pee, and soon. He carefully wriggled out of Derek's grasp, pausing when his Dom grumbled something in his sleep. When he was sure he hadn't wakened him by moving around, Stiles slid stealthily out of the bed and moved quickly in the direction of the bathroom. Eager to return to his Dom, he quickly took care of his business, washed his hands, and brushed his teeth. No morning breath for him, no way.

When he returned to the bedroom, Stiles stopped and took a moment to appreciate the sight before him. Derek had flipped to face the opposite direction and lay on his side in peaceful repose. Pale light bathed him with a golden glow and Stiles watched as his shoulders rose and fell with the deep, steady breaths of sleep. He carefully crawled back into the bed, careful not to disturb Derek. At some point in time during the night his Dom had kicked the comforter off of him and when he turned over the sheet had slipped low so that it draped more over his thighs than actually covering him. Even though the room was cool, Stiles could feel the warmth radiating from Derek's body. Werewolves, seriously. Still, Stiles could vaguely remember Derek pulling the covers over them both last night to cuddle him and keep him warm after their scene, and he couldn't help the blissful grin that broke out.

Running his eyes over the bare form, Stiles took his time appreciating the raw masculine beauty of the sleeping wolf next to him. Derek's jawline, even when relaxed, was strong and dark with stubble that was heavier after another day's growth. The dark triskelion tattoo stood out in stark contrast between Derek's shoulder blades, the mystical whorls etched on the surface of his skin by painful ritual. Stiles wanted to run his lips over it, try to soothe the past hurts that had led Derek to put himself through the process. Maybe he would trace it with his tongue instead, see if the skin there was more sensitive. His Dom's shoulders were broad, his back smooth and muscular, torso tapering down to his narrow waist where two dimples formed just above the gentle curve of his ass. He bet his hands would fit them perfectly, or even the heels of his feet when he had his legs wrapped around Derek's waist.

Stiles felt a warm blush suffusing his face as his gaze traveled further down to the tight roundness of Derek's ass and wondered what it would feel like in his hands, flexing under his grasp as his Dom thrust into him again and again. He shifted as his body began to stir in response to his thoughts and before he knew it, he was moving forward to curve himself around Derek's body, soaking up his warmth and shivering slightly as body contact made his cock start to harden. He wrapped his arm around Derek's waist and ran his hand upward, slowly rubbing from the tautness of his stomach to the firmness of his pectoral muscles. Leaning up on his elbow, Stiles watched his hand's movement in fascination. Derek's cock was soft between muscular thighs and Stiles stared in unabashed fascination. It was probably creepy to be perving on Derek while he slept, but Stiles was never one to back away from doing research. After all, one never knew when they would need to know how many seconds were in a Leap Year, or that rubber bands last longer if they are refrigerated. Everyone always did say he was a brilliant student. Focusing on Derek's cock, Stiles wondered if he dared to stroke Derek to full hardness and what it would be like to wake his Dom with another blow job. He would need to be sure to ask if Derek was okay with the idea of alarm via Stiles' mouth on his cock, though, because while clearly it was an awesome idea in theory, not everyone was comfortable with the actual act. They hadn't talked about any sort of morning ritual or anything yet, but Stiles would enthusiastically support whatever involved getting his mouth on that again.

He might be already developing an addiction to Derek's cock. There were definitely worse things that could happen. Just thinking about servicing his Dom made Stiles' heart pound and his cock give a very interested twitch, and he had to force his hips not to move so he didn't end up dry humping Derek while he slept. Talk about awkward.

Caught up in his fantasy musings, Stiles didn't realize the cadence of Derek's breathing had changed and he was blinking into wakefulness, sleepy gaze sharpening with quiet awareness as he inhaled deeply. He didn't know his Dom was awake until he spoke.

"See something you like?" Derek asked, his voice husky with sleep and sounding amused.

Startled at the sudden interruption of his thoughts, Stiles yelped and jerked back, landing perilously close to the edge of the bed. Derek twisted to grab him, his hand gentle and steady as he pulled Stiles back to him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," apologized Stiles, heart still racing as Derek began rubbing his cheek against his neck.

"It's okay. I heard your heartbeat speed up," Derek explained as he licked a slow stripe up Stiles' neck and smirking when he shivered. "I like that you were touching me. You didn't have to stop."

Stiles couldn't help grinning at that. Now that Derek was awake and had pretty much said he didn't feel violated by Stiles practically feeling him up while he slept, his hands began exploring with more purpose. He placed both hands on Derek's cheeks and felt the growth of beard there. His neck tingled where Derek had rubbed his face against it and he enjoyed the raspy prickle against his palms. Gathering his courage together, he leaned forward and rubbed his nose against Derek's before tentatively pressing their lips together. A pleased noise sounded low from Derek's throat and his grasp tightened for a moment before he broke the kiss and pushed himself away to slide back a bit, breathing a little heavier than before. Stiles couldn't keep the whine of protest from escaping, and Derek groaned softly before pressing his forehead against Stiles'.

"We need to go to your father's house and get you packed and moved in," Derek said, the struggle evident in his eyes.

"Right now?" Stiles asked dubiously. He had a much better idea, one that involved the two of them staying exactly where they were and ended in mutually awesome orgasms, maybe breakfast somewhere along the way to refuel before going for round two, or maybe even three. Getting his things from his Dad's wasn't that urgent, was it? "Trust me. My dad will understand why we aren't there at the asscrack of dawn the day after our claim," he said coaxingly as he ran an exploratory finger down to tease at Derek's navel.

"I know that," Derek replied as he firmly grabbed Stiles' hand to halt its teasing and willfully ignored the ensuing pout from his submissive, "but I want to get it over and done with. I'll feel more settled knowing you are here and have all your things moved in. The sooner we get to it the sooner we are finished and don't have to worry about it. Besides," his voice lowered darkly and carried a definite tone of promise, "I have plans for you that don't involve leaving this house once we get started."

Stiles opened his mouth to say he didn't actually need anything from his Dad's just yet, but when he felt Derek's hand slide down his belly to dip lower and drag his fingers teasingly along his cock, it snapped shut again. Any ability to form words was completely lost and all he could manage was a garbled "Hhnnnhhhhh."

"Were you going to say something?" Derek asked, the smirk obvious in his voice as he lightly teased Stiles' balls before moving down and back further to brush feather light across his hole. "Argue with me, perhaps?"

Shaking his head, Stiles choked on his sudden intake of air and his hands grabbed at Derek's shoulders, fingers digging in as his blood pounded rhythmically through his body to pool at his groin. "I...I..." he stammered, unable to put together a coherent thought as his Dom's fingers returned to his now rock hard cock to tap rapidly around the head in a fluttering move that was undoubtedly intended to drive him out of his mind and was clearly succeeding immensely.

"It would please me to have your things moved in," Derek said silkily, and whoa, unfair because he obviously already knew just what to say to get to Stiles, because Stiles wanted more than anything to please his Dom in every way he could. "All your things here so you don't need for anything, and your clothes will start to smell like mine. That will please me immensely." He hadn't stopped his featherlight movements on Stiles' cock this entire time and between his Dom's talented fingers and the things he was saying, Stiles was starting to wonder how much he was going to be able to take. His balls were starting to grow heavy with that telltale sensation, and as much as he hated to bring things to a screeching halt, if he didn't say something fast he was going to come without permission. Hello, disaster!

"I need you to stop!" Stiles blurted out. He was both relieved and regretful when Derek froze and yanked his hand away from his cock with a slightly panicked look as if he'd been burned. Not wanting Derek to get the wrong idea, Stiles hurried to explain. "It felt so good, too good. I was afraid I was gonna come and you haven't said I could."

Derek blinked twice and then the edges of his mouth lifted in a half smile as relieved understanding filled his eyes. "I see. Thank you for telling me. Such a good boy."

Stiles shuddered as the warm praise of his Dom flowed over him, surprisingly just as satisfying as the teasing touch had been. He would never have believed that before; even when Scott has spoken of how pleasing his Domme took precedence over his own pleasure every time and that her praise was better than actually coming himself, Stiles hadn't quite believed it. No way words could be greater than or equal to a mind melting orgasm. Huh. Well, never let it be said that Stiles Stilinski wasn't open minded and willing to change his belief system when the occasion called for it. He found that pleasing his Dom had become one of his top priorities in life and not even a single regret could be found.

Speaking of pleasing his Dom...

"Derek? Sir? Can I-that is, I'd really like it if you'd let me make you come," Stiles said, pleased that although his voice was somewhat breathy, it was steady rather than a gasping croak.

Derek's eyes darkened and he let go of Stiles to sit up. He took Stiles' cuffed wrist and pressed a kiss to it before unbuckling the cuff and taking it off, and Stiles made a noise of confused protest that Derek silenced with another kiss to his now-bare wrist. "Go start the shower," he instructed over his shoulder as he turned and rose from the bed, placing the cuff on his nightstand and removing his own to place next to it. "I'll join you shortly." He turned around and the only word Stiles could think of to describe the gaze Derek raked over him was hungry, traveling from his undoubtedly bed-tousled hair down to his hard cock and back up again. "You know the rules." His eyes flashed blue and Stiles shivered in response as he moved quickly to obey. His cock seemed to throb harder and he smiled to himself wryly as he thought of how ironic it was that for a submissive known for having issues with authority, it seemed he maybe had a thing for displays of power. It was a turn on that his Dom was so strong and capable of supernatural acts of power, yet had been so incredibly gentle in taking care of him last night. If he wasn't careful, Stiles would end up ruined for any other Dom ever.

But he didn't want to think of that right now.

What he did want to think of was obeying his Dom and maybe earning the chance to blow him in the shower. Stiles scampered to the bathroom and opened the glass door. Remembering the hot water came out already heated, he carefully started the shower. He adjusted the dials until he got it to the perfect temperature; nice and hot, thank you very much, and hoped Derek wouldn't mind. If he did, they could adjust it when his Dom joined him. Not wanting to waste any time, he jumped in and made fast work of wetting his hair and massaging shampoo through it. Once he rinsed and was in no danger of getting soap in his eyes, Stiles reached for his body wash. His hand hesitated for a moment as he considered whether he should use Derek's body wash or his own, then remembering his Dom's comments about liking for him to smell like himself, he grabbed Derek's body wash and began soaping himself up. The heavy spray of water was loud in his ears and he missed the soft sound of the door opening behind him.

Even though he was still hard, Stiles found that he didn't have the slightest urge to stroke himself, not even just to take the edge off. Shower time had been a staple of Stiles Time ever since he'd discovered how much easier his hand moved over slick skin, and normally he wouldn't have even hesitated to take himself in hand. The fact that he wasn't remotely tempted to pleasure himself even just a little was testimony to how receptive his submission already was to Derek. As he ran his soapy hands over his ass and daringly slid one curious finger across his hole, though, he couldn't stop the hard spike of arousal low in his belly. He moaned softly and hoped his Dom would hurry to join him.

Derek prowled around his room restlessly, determined to give Stiles a few moments of privacy before joining him. His submissive hadn't made it easy for him, waking him up with touches that were all the more seductive for their innocence. Stiles' heart had been pounding and the air was thick with the spicy scent of arousal. Derek had been consciously aware of the heat of Stiles' hardness behind him and the effort it cost his boy not to rub against him. He was impressed with the amount of control Stiles was already showing; a submissive in their first claim usually struggled with their urges and had to be taught to master them. It was just one more thing that made Stiles stand out from other submissives.

It certainly wreaked havoc on Derek's intentions to move slowly and train Stiles in steps, rather than all at once. He had never been with a virgin submissive before; the Sub Clubs he went to only hired experienced submissives, although it was known that some of the shadier clubs out there would charge a hefty premium price for a sub's first time. He had never been interested before, but knowing he was giving Stiles all his firsts made his wolf want to howl in satisfaction. Plenty of Dominants would have already fucked their submissive, especially one that was so eager, but Derek felt that Stiles deserved better. He deserved to experience things of a sexual nature at a pace designed to teach and titillate, rather than lose his virginity and then learn other things, all because his Dom wasn't patient enough to teach him the pleasures of the slow build. Derek didn't want Stiles to regret anything about their time together, but he especially didn't want him to regret his first time.

Not like he did.

His first time had been in the back seat of Kate's car behind the Beacon Hills High cafeteria after hours ("It's the perfect place, no one ever goes back there and there's no security at all. We won't be disturbed...") and had been little more than a sloppy hand job to get him hard before Kate had been instructing him on what to do ("Come on, Derek, harder than that, I want to actually feel it...") and at the time he had been so nervous and excited and caught up in the illicitness of the whole affair with the pretty substitute teacher who wanted him to be her Dom even though she had experience and he wasn't even tattooed yet ("You already know you're a Dom, right? All the tattoo does is make it official, and I don't need that for you to dominate me...") that after fumbling with the condom and finally getting it on, he had only lasted minutes, pumping between her thighs in a few quick, short thrusts before coming ("Well, maybe next time you can do better..."). Everything about it had been wrong. To this day Derek couldn't think of it without revulsion and shame and the utter humiliation that he hadn't recognized there was not a submissive bone in her body.

His first time had been stolen from him, and Derek was determined that when he and Stiles finally took that step it was something Stiles would be able to look back on with fondness and pleasure. The added benefit of teasing his sub and making him beg along the way was simply a bonus for Derek. Happily resolved in his plans, he went to join Stiles in the shower. The sound of water running and hands moving over slick skin had been teasing at his sensitive hearing the entire time, and the erection that had softened at remembering Kate came back in full force. Padding across the room, he quietly opened the door to the bathroom.

And nearly fell to his knees.

The air was thick with warm steam that was heavy with the scent of Stiles. It was mixed in with the spicy aroma of arousal that was made even more potent in the trapped confines of the heated room, and Derek was sure he was salivating. To his pleasure, he recognized the scent of his own body wash and realized Stiles must be using it. He stood silently for a moment, watching Stiles through the clear glass as he stood under the heavy spray of water. His submissive was beautiful to look at, lean and muscular, and Derek took his time running his appreciative gaze over the bare skin on display. Stiles was wet and flushed pink from the heat, and his soapy hands ran smoothly over his body as he bathed. Derek heard the quick intake of breath as Stiles ran his hands over his chest and remembered how sensitive those nipples had been the night before and how he had teased them.


Stiles continued to wash, oblivious to the presence of his Dom, and Derek felt a rush of heady pleasure at watching his submissive perform his ablutions. Voyeurism had never been his thing before, but clearly it had serious potential. There was no scent of come in the heated air and even though he faced away from him, Derek instinctively knew Stiles had obeyed and not touched himself. While he watched in fascination, Stiles ran his soapy hands over the curves of his ass. When Stiles dipped a finger between the cheeks to rub across his hole, his soft moan went straight to Derek's cock, and he had to swallow his responding groan. Blood pulsed hot and heavy through his veins and he decided he had deprived himself of his submissive long enough.

"Mind if I join you?" he asked mischievously as he tapped gently on the glass door.

To Derek's amusement, Stiles squawked in surprise and turned around so fast he was hit full in the face by a jet of water streaming from one of the shower heads. He stepped back and hurriedly rubbed the water from his face. "Yeah, sure! Of course!" he babbled as he pushed the door open to allow Derek entry. "How long have you been here?"

"Long enough to enjoy the view," Derek smirked as he wrapped his arms around his boy and pulled him close, noting with approval that Stiles was still hard. "Mmmmmm, you smell good," he purred low in Stiles' ear before licking up his neck. The shiver he got in response delighted him and he added, "You taste even better."

"I used your body wash. I hope that's okay," Stiles said, sounding a little nervous. Derek smiled and hummed his approval as he leaned back under the spray to wet his hair and body down. He ran his hands musingly over his beard and wondered if he wanted to take the time to trim it today or put it off until another time. He liked the sensation of rubbing it against Stiles' skin and seeing the marks it left behind gave him a sense of keen satisfaction, so he wouldn't be shaving it off altogether, but since they were going to the Sheriff's house today it might be best to at least neaten it up just a little. Grabbing his shampoo, he massaged a small amount into his beard before shampooing his hair. When he was finished, he backed under the spray to rinse all the soap thoroughly so as not to dry out his skin.

Stepping out from under the shower heads, Derek shook himself to clear the water from his eyes and heard Stiles chuckling in amusement. He cracked open one eye to shoot his boy a mock stern glare.

"I better not hear the first dog joke, Stiles, or I swear you'll spend the rest of this shower on your knees in the corner facing the wall," Derek threatened with a smirk, and even if it wasn't obvious to Stiles that he was only playing with him, his words lost some of their impact when water ran into his mouth while he talked and he had to spit to blow it out.

Stiles looked unintimidated and completely unrepentant. "Whatever, it gives you an excuse to stare at my ass," he said with a sunny grin.

Derek straightened his shoulders and lifted his chin so that he appeared to look down at Stiles, even with their similar height. "I'll have you know that if that's what I want to do, I don't need an excuse, I can just make it happen," he retorted. When he reached for the shelf where his body wash normally was, it wasn't there. Turning back to look at Stiles, he raised an eyebrow as his submissive held up the bottle, looking almost shy.

"I wondered if maybe you'd let me bathe you," Stiles explained hopefully, biting his lower lip in the way he had that seemed guaranteed to melt away some of Derek's brain cells.

"I see," Derek said, studying Stiles closely. "Want to take care of me?" he asked, feeling both pleased and even more turned on.

Stiles inhaled and nodded vigorously. The movement loosened drops of water from his hair, and Derek found himself captivated by the sight of Stiles' honey eyes framed by wet lashes. It seemed to make them stand out even more than normal and he breathlessly wondered if it was possible to drown without being underwater.

"Do you think I should let you?" Derek asked, hoping to buy himself some time to refocus on the conversation at hand instead of the incredible need to hustle Stiles back to his bed and not leave it for the foreseeable future.

Stiles grinned impishly. "Well, I've been good this morning," he pointed out. "I haven't touched myself except to wash."

Derek gave him an amused smirk. "Such sass," he observed. "You think you deserve a reward for doing as I told you?"

"Well, no. Actually, I was hoping that you'd let me bathe you and that if I did a good job maybe you'd let me blow you again before we went to my dad's," Stiles answered, voice soft under the rushing water but still audible to Derek's ears. As if Stiles' words weren't enticing enough, he ducked his head and looked up at Derek through those wet lashes.

Christ. This boy was going to kill him.

Derek thought quickly. It was good that Stiles was already telling him what he wanted and giving him some insight to what he liked. It was a relief, actually, to know that Stiles seemed to like giving blow jobs. He had done so incredibly well last night, especially for his first time, and Derek wasn't ashamed to admit to himself that he had a serious fixation for his submissive's mouth. If Stiles hadn't liked performing oral sex, Derek would have done without, but a part of him would have mourned the loss. That Stiles was already wanting to perform a service for him to earn the reward of sucking his cock was enough to make Derek even harder, and he decided he'd better say something quickly so they could get started. It would be an incredibly erotic tease to have his boy rubbing his hands all over his wet body to build up towards a blow job. Derek couldn't remember when he'd felt so eager. He had heard of erotic bathing but had never done it before. There wasn't time for it today, but he was suddenly appreciative of Peter's insistence on installing a hot water tank that would allow for lengthy showers without the water running cold. He could see many lengthy showers with his submissive in their future.

Nodding his head, Derek said, "Okay. My only rule for this is I want your hands, no washcloth or loofah this time. We are under a bit of a time crunch today, so while I want you to do a good job, I want it done in a timely fashion. I promise you that in the future we will make time for proper showers together where we take care of each other. Does that sound good?"

Stiles popped the cap on the body wash and poured some into his hand. "Sounds great. Maybe you'll let me shampoo your hair and beard next time, too?"

Derek liked the idea of those capable looking fingers running through his hair and over his face. "Maybe I'll indulge you," he said as he watched Stiles rub his hands together to coat them both with soap. Stiles stepped closer to him and placed his hands on Derek's shoulders, rubbing at them firmly before sliding down his arms. He linked their fingers for a brief moment before using his thumbs to briefly massage at Derek's hands and then moving back up along the more tender skin of his inner arms.

"Can you raise your arms a minute?" asked Stiles, his voice sounding a bit more hoarse than usual. Derek complied by placing his hands on the back of his neck. He managed not to flinch when Stiles began soaping his armpits, but to his chagrin a snort escaped him. Stiles' eyes lit up and he laughed, "Looks like I'm not the only one who's ticklish!"

Derek did his best to look stern, no easy feat as Stiles ran his hands down his sides and along his rib cage. "Don't make me jerk off in the shower instead of letting you have your way, Stiles," he groused, and nearly regretted it as Stiles poked his lush lower lip out in a pout.

"But sir, aren't I doing a good job?" Stiles cajoled as he reached around to rub his soapy hands up Derek's back, bringing their bodies closer together. Their cocks slid against each other and they both hissed at the contact.

Derek tried to frown but found he couldn't. Instead he placed his hands on Stiles' hips and leaned forward to give him a quick smacking kiss on the lips. "You are a menace," he grumbled, even though his voice held a tone of amusement. "Finish up so I can put that mouth to a much better use than sassing me."

Stiles caught his breath and nodded. He made quick work of bathing Derek's back and shoulders, commenting, "I should probably have you turn around for this but I kind of like where I am right now."

Derek silently agreed. Every move Stiles made caused them to rub against each other, and Derek felt like most of the blood in his body had rushed south to gather at his groin. When Stiles stepped back away from him, it took all the control Derek had not to pull him back again, but then Stiles dropped gracefully to his knees. Derek adjusted his stance a bit wider, and Stiles made quick work of bathing his legs, massaging at his thighs and calves. His hands slid up along the back of Derek's thighs to somewhat hesitantly cup his ass before kneading it. Although Stiles was tentative and not yet skilled, his touch affected Derek in a way that held promise for future endeavors.

Finally, all that was left of Derek to be bathed was his aching cock, and he managed not to growl when Stiles took it in one hand and slid his slippery grasp along the full length while the other hand reached down to cup his balls. The mixture of innocence and allure was incredibly heady, and combined with the heavy scent of arousal pouring off his boy, it was nearly intoxicating.

"It's interesting, how doing this to someone else instead of yourself is exactly the same yet incredibly different," Stiles observed, panting softly but managing to sound for all the world like he was commenting on a class rather than slowly driving his Dom out of his mind. Derek grit his teeth as Stiles bit his lower lip in concentration; he wanted to bite that lip. His fingertips tingled as his claws threatened to pop out, and Derek decided enough was enough. If Stiles could affect him like this already, then god help him as he gained in confidence and knowledge. Derek let Stiles work him with his hands, getting him closer to the edge until he knew he needed to stop if he was going to let Stiles blow him.

"I'm going to rinse this soap off," Derek told Stiles calmly, belying the fact that he was this close to having to talk around fangs. "You've done well, so I'm going to reward you like you asked. I think I'd really like to do this in the shower, what do you think? Are your knees okay? What's your color?"

Stiles' pupils had dilated slightly as Derek talked, and he nodded his head enthusiastically. "Yeah, I'm cool with all that. Green, definitely green."

"Good," said Derek as he moved back into the shower spray to remove all the soap from his body. Inspiration struck him, and he gave his boy a slow smile. "And what else, Stiles? You've been so good, would you like to come?"

"Oh, god," Stiles groaned, briefly closing his eyes before looking up at Derek entreatingly. "I'm not gonna be able to hold off if you say things like that."

"Then don't," Derek said as he continued to rinse. "Touch yourself. Make yourself come. I want to watch."

"Derek," Stiles moaned, cheeks turning a darker red, but his hand was already starting to stroke along his own hardness, thumb sliding along the head before moving down then up again to repeat the movement. Derek watched closely to see how Stiles pleasured himself, mentally filing away things such as how his fist would tighten and release and how he paid particular attention to the underside and head. He stood under the shower silently, his own excitement growing as the smells of Stiles and arousal threatened to overwhelm him.

Stiles shuddered and bowed his head. "Please, Derek, I can't last any longer," he pleaded as his hand moved faster. "Can I come? Please?"

Derek hadn't known until now that making his submissive beg might become one of his favorite things, but as sweetly seductive as those words were falling from those pretty lips, this was supposed to be part of a reward for Stiles. There would be time in the future for prolonged begging and denial. "Come whenever you're ready, Stiles. I want your mouth."

With a moan, Stiles closed his eyes and moved his hand faster. With just a few jerks he was coming over his own fist, stripes of come washing away and down the drain. He knelt there, breathing hard, cheeks flushed and lips bitten red, water beaded on his body. The sight and smell was overwhelmingly intoxicating. Just when Derek thought he couldn't be more beautiful, Stiles opened his eyes to look up at him from under thick eyelashes dotted with drops of water.

"Did I do good?" Stiles asked, body still shaking with the aftershocks of orgasm.

Derek reached down to cup his cheek, rubbing his thumb along the lower lip. "You did so good, Stiles. Such a good boy," he praised, pleased when Stiles' eyes lit up with a proud smile. He stepped forward, taking his aching cock in his other hand. "Are you ready for me now?" Stiles nodded, and Derek managed to stifle his groan when his boy parted those lush lips, opening his mouth enticingly. He teasingly rubbed the head of his cock around his submissive's perfect mouth before pushing in.

Derek shuddered as Stiles immediately began moving his mouth up and down, the wet heat of his mouth so different from that of the shower they still stood in. He seemed to be trying to take Derek further than he had last night, pushing forward and then pulling back to circle around his foreskin with a tongue that was showing talent far beyond this being only the second blow job Stiles had ever given. Each bob of his head was different, his movements having no real rhythm. He would barely take the entire head of Derek's cock in his mouth one moment, then push deep enough to nearly gag himself the next. It was unpredictable and mindblowingly good. It took most of Derek's self control not to grab Stiles and push his cock deeper into his mouth until he could feel his boy's throat constricting around him. Stiles moaned softly, the vibrations going straight through Derek's dick and traveling until his fingertips tingled and his toes curled. A sudden feral need hit him low in his solar plexus, and he felt his wolf very close to the surface, howling at him to do what needed to be done.

With a low growl, Derek stepped back, pulling his cock out of Stiles' mouth with a sudden jerk. "It's okay," he breathlessly reassured his visibly startled submissive. "I'm sorry, I have-I just need to-just hold still, okay?" he stuttered. Stiles nodded, still looking unsure, but Derek was too close to the edge. He wrapped his fist around his cock and started jerking himself off with a practiced hand. Knowing Stiles was probably confused, he hastened to explain, "You were so good for me, felt so good, Stiles. I want to come on your face. Will you let me?"

Stiles eyes filled with understanding and a sudden eagerness that had Derek biting down on another growl. "Okay, yeah, that's-that's awesome. Do you want me to open my mouth or close my eyes or what do you want me to do?"

Jesus. Derek wondered, not for the first time, how he was going to make it through this claim alive. His hand moved faster as he pushed himself towards his orgasm. "Just stay right there as you are. On your knees looking at me. I'll tell you what to do." Stiles nodded, his eyes focusing on Derek's cock before traveling up to his face. They stared at each other, eyes locked, both of them panting.

Derek felt the pressure building up in his balls and knew he was about to come. He stepped closer to Stiles and said, "Close your eyes." Stiles obeyed immediately, and Derek felt every muscle tense as he felt himself approaching the edge. With a tightening of his fist and a slight twist of his wrist, Derek finally let himself go. His cock jerked in his hand as he painted Stiles' face with his come, white stripes splashing across his cheeks and nose.

Derek stood there panting hard as though he had run for miles. The running water of the shower seemed magnified in his ears, rushing through as loudly as a fast flowing rapids. He stared at Stiles, marveling at the heady rush of primal satisfaction that came with seeing his boy marked so thoroughly. So pretty, covered in my come like that. Stiles blinked slowly a couple of times as though to make sure Derek was finished and that he wasn't about to have come in his eyes.

"Wow," Stiles marveled in a near whisper. "That was...intense."

Derek chuckled weakly. "You have no idea," he murmured as he used one thumb to rub a bit of his come into Stiles' skin. His wolf, satisfied with marking what belonged to him so thoroughly, rumbled its happy approval. Derek made a low growl of approval of his own when Stiles took Derek's thumb into his mouth and eagerly sucked the come off.

"You are something else," Derek said as he offered Stiles a hand to help him up off his knees. Stiles stumbled a little as he regained his footing and the pattern of the stone shower floor was marked on his skin. Derek resolved to look into getting a mat or something that would make kneeling in the shower more comfortable, because he could see this becoming a thing for them. "Are you okay?" he asked with concern.

"Yeah, I'm cool. Just gotta get my land legs back again," Stiles joked. His face was still streaked with Derek's come, and as much as he liked the look of it, Derek wasn't about to take Stiles to see his father like that.

"Come on, let's rinse you off one last time and we need to get moving," Derek said as he pulled Stiles to him and stepped back so they were both under the spray again.

"How is this water even still hot?" asked Stiles as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back to rinse his face. "Is this house built over a hot spring or something? Don't tell me; you have a dragon living in the basement that does nothing but keep the water hot."

Derek smirked in amusement as he turned the water off and opened the shower door to step out. "Close," he said as he quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and grabbed another for Stiles. "I have a self-indulgent uncle who wants nothing but the best luxuries and has the financial means to have them." He wrapped the towel around Stiles and dried him off tenderly but thoroughly. "Now, go get dressed. We need to get to your dad's so we have time to get you packed and moved over here. I'd like to get it done in one day if we can."

"I bet Scott would be glad to come over and help," offered Stiles brightly as he walked out of the bathroom and over to the dresser to get clean underwear and socks. "I helped him pack and move when he first got claimed, so he'd probably be willing to return the favor. Plus I think he'd like to meet you, if that's okay."

Derek thought about it for a moment. So early in their claim, his Dom instincts were already rebelling against leaving his bedroom at all, but having Stiles moved in and settled with him would actually ease that. His wolf would be satisfied with having his boy in his den, further marking Stiles as his. With all these instincts so close to the surface right now, he wasn't sure how wise it would be to have Stiles in the presence of another werewolf, even if that wolf was a submissive and obviously no threat to him. It would be difficult enough even being around another dominant, even if that dominant was Stiles' father.

"I don't know. It might be better to save that for another time," Derek said. When a look of disappointment crossed Stiles' face, Derek sighed. "Let's get over there and see if we need more than just you, me and your dad to do this," he relented. "If we need the help then we'll call Scott. If we don't, I'll call his Domme and maybe we can set up a play date or something." His heart clenched when Stiles grinned happily, like sunshine coming out from behind a cloud.

He really and truly was so screwed it was almost scary.

"That would be so awesome, Derek! I think you'll like his Domme, she's pretty and smart but also a complete badass when she has to be. Her family didn't really want her claiming Scott since he's a werewolf, but she wouldn't back down, and the rest is history," Stiles said, frowning slightly in remembrance.

A strange uneasy feeling nagged at the base of Derek's neck. Why was there a problem with her claiming a werewolf? That usually wasn't a problem, unless...

Was she from a family of hunters?

"I take it everything worked out for them," Derek said, hoping he sounded casual. "What's her name?" Stiles next words washed over him like icy water:

"Allison Argent."

Derek felt for the wall to support him as the room threatened to close in on him. It couldn't be. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" he asked in a deadly quiet voice.

Stiles was wriggling into his jeans and looked up in surprise at Derek's tone. "Her name's Allison. Allison Arge-oh, shit!" he cut off with an abrupt gasp, face blanching pale and horror filling his eyes as he realized what he was saying. Derek shakily crossed the room to the bed and sat down. He felt as though all the air had been punched out of him. Dimly, he was aware of Stiles falling to his knees next to him, babbling an apology. Taking a deep breath, he placed a hand on his submissive's shoulder, causing him to fall silent.

"Finish getting dressed and go downstairs," Derek said quietly. "Fix you something for breakfast. I'll be down soon, okay? Here, don't forget this," he added as he reached out and grabbed Stiles' cuff off the nightstand. Taking Stiles' hand in his own and wincing when he felt it quivering in his grasp, Derek quickly buckled the cuff in place and rubbed the soft leather with his thumb. He gave Stiles a soft kiss on the cheek and motioned towards the dresser. "Move quickly now."

Derek watched silently as Stiles finished dressing. His boy was obviously agitated and shaken up, and Derek grimly promised himself that he would reassure Stiles when he got downstairs, but there was something he had to do first. Stiles hesitantly looked back at him as he opened the door, seeming reluctant to leave him. Derek pulled on his briefs and rifled around to find old jeans and a shirt he wouldn't mind getting ruined while moving. He motioned to the open doorway with his head. "Go," he said, not unkindly. "I'll just be a few minutes."

"Do you want me to fix you something to eat as well?" asked Stiles hopefully, face falling when Derek shook his head.

"I'll be fine. Please, Stiles, don't make me tell you again," Derek said, turning his back to pull his jeans up over his hips. He winced when Stiles sighed unhappily and shut the door softly behind him. Damn it. This wasn't how he wanted their first morning to be. Everything had been going so well. A sharp burst of frustrated anger swelled up in his chest, threatening to bring his wolf to the surface, and with a growl he grabbed his phone off the desk. Seething, he hit Laura's number and tapped his fingers agitatedly on the desk waiting for her to answer.

"Derek? What's wrong?" Laura answered, sounding concerned.

"When the hell were you going to tell me?" Derek snarled without preamble.


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