Harry stood looking at the man in the park. He swallowed as he took a step back' I wished I had my wand' he thought. The man stood there looking at Harry, eyeing him up and down like he was hungry. "What do you want?" Harry asked.

The dark hair man smiled. "I was wondering if the Boy of Light would lay with me tonight."

Harry's eyes widened 'did I hear right?' he thinks as he looked at the man. Everything about him screams royalty, pure blood but something else screamed at him 'VAMPIRE.'

"I'm 15 years old you pervert! Not a street walker!" he growled as he looked anywhere but his eyes. A voice rang in his head, it was Hermione's 'Don't look at them in the eyes, they will charm you and never turn your back on one and if you don't have a wand say are you like the vampire's from Twilight' this made Harry smirk, even when she said it in front of Ron.

"I am aware of how old you are and what you are. I have been watching you long enough to know the pains in your eyes are not meant for one your age." Harry watched him as he shifted his weight from side to side.

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

"You've heard of me. My name slandered by a mad man to make profit," he snarled, with hatred.

He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Harry again and saw fear in the boy's face. He smiled showing his fangs. "I have not been seen in hundreds of years. I am dead but not dead." This statement struck a chord with Harry.

Those words echoed in his head as flashing of a film he saw long ago filled him mind."Y…Your Dracula?"

He looks up to see the man is gone. Feeling the hair's on the back of his neck rise, he knows he's here somewhere. The park was quiet, the only sounds being made was by his own deep breathing. His green eyes feverishly looked around the park as the long swing set sat still. He moved backwards until his body came in contact with something hard 'Oh god' he thought as he turned to face what he already knew was behind him. He looked up and caught the glint from the vampire's eyes and he froze. "You are a clever boy Harry," He said as he took the teen's glasses off. "And your right, normally age is important to me, you are too young but your pain is strong. I can fix that Harry; I can make the pain go away." He said.

"H…How?" Harry asked.

Dracula can see the teen was trying to fight the charm, but his power was too strong. He pulled the teen's face up to his look at him. "I can give you what your heart wants. I can give safety, free of pain, love, family and no more fighting." The pain in the boy's eyes starts to fade as tears start to burn down his cheeks. He took his hand and wiped the tears off his face."P…Promise no more fighting?"

"I promise." He whispered as he kissed the teen.