Couple of days later….

Harry barely remember much about his change, he just remembered Dracula feeding him blood or screwing. After those couple of days he woke up feeling new he stretched himself feeling his bones click back into place. It was a wear feeling like his bonds and muscle were detached from his body his mind was clear there was no foggy emotions his mind. He smiled as he stood up and looked around the room seeing some clothes laid out for him.

He stood looking in the mirror at his new look he saw that he wasn't much taller his hair a slightly longer …I look like emo… he thought. He felt like someone else was looking back at him though the mirror his eyes were still dark green but they had a unnatural shine to them and he looked like he hadn't seen the son in years and all his scars were gone even the one on his forehead…thank god… "Ah there is my son." Dracula called out to him.

Harry turned around and looked at the man in front of him and wrinkled his nose as the vampire walked over to him slowly "That would be a little wrong won't it? You fucked me." He said. The older vampire let out a deep laugh that sent shivers down Harry's skin. Vampire magic can ripple along the skin and spike when they are happy, angry, and sad and so on and so forth.

"I sired you. We always fuck our sires unless they are our own children." He smiled at him and Harry felt himself smile back

"Why me? You said before you have been watching me…why?" Harry asked as he ran his hands though his hair. Dracula walked over to him and placed his hands on his shoulders turning him around making him look at themselves in the mirrors as he helped him with his emerald green waist coat,

"Why not you? It's always going to be you from the moment you were born I knew there was someone out there for me." He smiled at Harry as he kissed his neck. "Come let's get you something to eat," He whispered as he led Harry out the room. "We have a lot of training to do my young prince." He grinned. "You are already half way there."

It has been a month since Harry was taken by Dracula and it had taken Dumbledore this long to find him. He apparated on top of a snowy mountain top the old man looked at the vase landscape and shivered at the coldness that filled his withered body and bone. He looked down at himself and frown at how battered his clothes looked and he waved his hand cleaning and fixing his image.

He had thought about what he was going to tell Lord Dracula to try to get him to give him back Harry, he knew that Dracula wouldn't care much about the war but I will do he would pleaded to the hero in him the boy. He smirked at himself thinking he had a good plan on his side. Dumbledore stumbled back as he felt wards push him away he hissed at the pricking pain on his skin as he looked at the frightening castle. The air was bitter and it stung to breath the wind was cutting right though him but he knew once he passed the wards very thing would still and warm. The haired wizard stood at the gate waiting for someone to speak to him, after what felt like hours a gargoyle shifted and looked at the wizard. "What your business with the Lord Dracula?" The gargoyle asked to old wizard.

"I'm here to talk about his young ward." He said, the yellow eyes of the stone creature looked the wizard over.

"Lord Dracula will meet with you; however you're magic will be restricted." Dumbledore wanted to argue with the gargoyle but it turned back to stone and looked off into the sunset.

He felt the wards shift to allow him to enter into but he could feel his magic being restricted it was like having a snake warped around his chest suffocating him …Bugger! Taking him by force isn't going to happen then… There was a deathly stillness as passed the wards, there was no harsh wind that could cut though you, there was no singing birds. It was as if you've lost your hearing.

The large carved wooden doors opened and let the man in, there stood a young blonde man, he was dressed in a shirt and trousers but nothing else he didn't smell at the wizard he more or less wrinkled his nose at the man as if the Wizard's smell upset him. "Lord Dumbledore welcome to Lord Dracula's home, please follow me. He will meet with you shortly he has some business to attend to with his new ward." He said. Dumbledore noted how softly spoken the young was and as he walked it was like looking at a veela

"How old are you?" The old man asked

"120, give or take a couple of years." He said with a sly smirk

The blonde hair man gave quick bow and turned around and started walking down the hall. The wizard followed the young man who could have easy passed himself off as a Malfoy. This young man was clearly was a vampire but he looked flushed like he was more human …half breed… he thought bitterly as he followed him down the long hallways.

Dumbledore looked at the halls all seem to be brightly lit and warm and inviting, other vampires and werewolves seem to be milling around talking to each other or just cuddling, he stops staring when the blonde stops and turns around to look at him. "Keep your inner thoughts low, there are some who can hear what you are thinking and will not take kindly to your options." He said as he open the door and let him "I will have tea brought for you." And with that the blonde left.