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Moonlight Reflections
Chapter One
With A Stormy Night Comes Stormy News
By: NightElfCrawler

It was a dark and stormy night, as it had a habit of being when depression had a firm grasp on one's soul. Thunder rumbled loudly across the cloud laden sky with an ominous roar, as lightning danced it's way from one gray cloud to another in a mysterious dance with itself.
Kurt sat crouched on a tree branch, safe from the howling winds that threw the falling rain up into his face, soaking the branches of his sanctuary around him. Another flash of light illuminated his dark face, revealing a wistful lonely look plastered on a slightly damp furry face. The wind howled like a maddened fury, tossing his hair about his face in slightly damp strips. His tail swished idly back and forth beneath the branch, seeming to be restless in such a squalid environment.
He wasn't sure why he was so restless, nor why he wished to be alone on such a tumultuous night. Sometimes he just sought the quiet refuge of solitude, to think, to reflect, to drop all pretenses. He had to admit, he was happier here in America, with the Institute, more so than he had been at home. Surely, he missed his parents, they had been the only family he had known all his life, even if they weren't his birth parents, they would never be replaced in his heart by anyone else. But even so, he was more accepted here, among those who understood his differences, his talents. But even they had limits, and even with the glory of technology, he still felt gloomy from time to time, over who he was, and what he looked like.
He didn't hate himself, he had resented it, he had been depressed over it, and even wished he could be normal many times. He may say it from time to time, but the truth was he secretly found his differences reassuring. His furry skin kept him warmer than most humans in the cold, though it was a blasted pain in the ass during a heat wave. His tail helped him be more agile, and he could do so much more with it than anyone else could without one. Overall, he thought he was a handsome blue furry fuzz ball. He just found it rather regretful that most other 'normal' humans didn't seem that comforted by how he looked.
However, he did long for the time when he might stroll down a sunny street out in the open, at ease just as he was, without people treating him like some freak. He'd never known that feeling until he had arrived here at the institute, but still being at ease at your home was one thing, strolling down main street was another. And even like Rogue, he couldn't get close to someone who didn't know about his true appearance, for fear they'd find out and be repulsed by what they discovered.
There was one girl though.
Amanda was different. She had discovered his differences, and instead of being disgusted by them, she'd become more curious about him. It bothered him a bit that she might only like him just because of how he looked, but then that said enough for her character if she still could see him as the same Kurt she had a crush on before she'd known.
He felt a tingle of warmth flood through him as he thought about this, making the chill of the rain-enhanced night seem to wash away for a moment. He was excited about the friendship that they could share. He'd tried to attract the attention of some of the other students at the institute, after all, Kitty was a very attractive girl. Bam Bam was another, she'd flirted with him more than the others, finding him rather amusing or unique enough to satisfy her tastes. But unfortunately, she was rather detached from the group at the moment, and Kitty wasn't interested in his moves, despite his efforts.
He played himself to be a jokester, always having fun. It helped ease the loneliness of being different, even from other mutants. It took his mind off of it, and he had more fun when he forgot about those differences. As time went on, he found himself being less and less focused on trying to 'fit in' with them. He knew he was one of the group, and that the others cared for him as much as he did them. That's what being friends meant after all.
He sighed and blew some of his wet hair out of his eyes, blinking the yellow pupil-less orbs that seemed to glow with a light of their own. They said that there was no school tomorrow, since the rain had been going on for several days now, and the campus was pretty well flooded, making going to classes impossible, well at least for everyone else, he thought with a grin that flashed his sharp canine fangs. He could always teleport around teasing them all about not getting their feet wet!
He sighed again. It was a good thing Storm was making the rain to help them avoid classes he dreaded to think what would happen once they went back. After the whole incident downtown where the whole world became aware of their existence, he knew that things would be different. Maybe most of the students wouldn't recognize him with his image inducer on, but they would still know he was one of the 'freaks' since he lived at the institute with the rest of them. Amanda wouldn't care, of course, but he was a bit apprehensive about the rest of the student body were they tolerant enough to handle mutants in their classes with them, or would the students have to start taking classes only at the institute now?
His revelry was broken suddenly by a violent squelch from behind, squarely hitting his head and effectively knocking him off of the branch, flat onto the ground, conveniently in a well-placed mud puddle.
He lifted his head, coughing mud out of his mouth and nose, and wiping it from his eyes, squinting up with a devilish gleam, wanting to get back whoever had just beaned him. Standing directly over him with a smirk on her face, Kitty seemed barely able to control her laughter, as she held an umbrella up to shield the rain from her face. "Man Kurt, you SO set yourself up for that one!" She grinned at him.
He stood up slowly, nearly losing his balance and falling again in the slippery mud. "Gee, thanks for the mud bath, it's really SO great for my complexion you know." He shook himself off, throwing mud all over like a dog shaking water from it's fur.
Kitty put her hand up to block it with a small squeal, but just let the mud pass through her as she used her phasing power. "Yeah well you know," she said as he stopped shaking himself, "You like, looked like you needed some cheering up, ya know?" She wrinkled her nose at him. "Eww, like totally gross! You smell like wet dog Kurt."
He grinned and teleported suddenly behind her, leaning on her shoulder, dripping mud on her as he did so. "I thought cats hated water!"
She just gave him a 'look' and a small shove. "Like, don't go dripping on my new shirt."
He thought that her shirt was the smallest problem she had to be concerned about right now, but smartly didn't say anything about it. "So, what are you doing out here?"
She eyed him. "I was about to ask you the same thing, like, you missed dinner, and that's SO unlike you, ya know?" She eyed him, thinking how pathetic he looked with his shirt and pants plastered to his body, and his fur sleeked down, he seemed to look skinnier than he was. "So what's up? You've been kind of out of it all day."
He wrung his shirt out distractedly, as he glanced back out to the view of the city down below that he'd been staring at before she'd mud-balled him. "It's nothing". Just thinking a lot."
She didn't look like she'd bought that excuse. "Uh huh, like you're totally not a good liar."
He grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, haven't had much practice." He was avoiding the issue really, he didn't want to share his thoughts with her right now.
She eyed him, obviously concerned, but not wanting to pry too much into his personal life. "Look, you wanna come in, you're soaked through and like haven't eaten, how bout we go inside, have some food and dry off, and like maybe just talk." She shrugged, as if seeming to be casual and simply friendly. "Like, everyone else is busy and stuff, and I'm bored, so.." She glanced sideways at him as if asking his permission.
He smiled slightly, hiding it in the shadows as he was so good at doing. Kitty cared more about him than she let on... "Sure, that sounds great." He said, his voice sounding a bit hoarse as he choked back a cough. He hoped he wasn't getting sick.
She grinned and held the umbrella up. "Great, come on before we like, get hit by lightning or something."
He grinned again. "Nah, why wait." He grabbed her arm and with a sudden poof, they were standing in the hallway outside their rooms.
She blinked and shivered. "Man, I still get the creeps when you do that without warning."
"Sorry." He said, not sounding sorry at all.
Kitty sighed a bit, then glanced down. "Man, you're getting mud all over the marble." She waved a hand at him. "You'd better go wash up, how bout we meet downstairs in the front room , like, when you're finished?"
He grinned at her, seeing that she was distracted a bit, seeming shy at mentioning that. She must have a crush on him after all! Score! "Sure." He said, trying to hide his enthusiasm, which was fine for him, except the wiggling tail seemed to give it away. "I'll only be a few minutes, since I'm already wet all I gotta do is wash off and dry." He waved a hand at her and walked into the bathroom, closing the door after him.
Kitty watched him go and shook her head, trying hard not to laugh, then simply just phased down a floor.
Kurt hummed lightly to himself, his mood definitely lighter now as he stripped his dirty clothes off and plopped them in the bathtub, before hopping in, pulling the shower on. The mud washed off of his fur fairly quickly, and he just scrubbed with a bit of shampoo to rid the smell of the muck, then hopped out, and dried himself with a fluffy towel. He mused what she wanted to 'talk' about, if that's really why she wanted to be alone with him. After all, they were both teenagers. And he'd never really been seriously with anyone.Amanda had been the first girl he'd ever dated before. Most girls didn't seem to want to get close to someone when they had a tail, and fuzzy blue fur coating their body. This was kind of a refresher, having girls chase after him instead.
He wrapped a towel around himself, and wrung his wet clothes out, then just teleported to his room. He hadn't been given a roommate yet, though most students didn't have a room to themselves. He wished from time to time that he might be able to have one, but at the same time he liked his privacy. He found it more relaxing to hang from the chandelier on the ceiling, or dangle from the railing on his balcony, yet most people tended to become weirded out by seeing him dangling upside down in a precarious place. He couldn't really see why, they should try it actually, it was often most comfortable.
He threw on a dry pair of pants and a new shirt, and glanced over feeling grateful that he'd not been wearing his image inducer, since if it'd gotten wet then the professor would have had to fix it again, for the umpteenth time. He'd thought that taking care of a watch wouldn't be that big of a deal, but Murphy's Law tended to become applicable more often than first thought.
He ran a comb through his hair to smooth out the knots, then tossed it on the bed, and teleported downstairs to the front room. Kitty was already waiting there, with some hot soup and mugs of something steaming, either coffee or hot chocolate. He walked over and plopped in one of the big armchairs next to where she was sitting, and picked a bowl up. "Mmm this smells sehr gut!" He sipped it and fought the urge to cough it back, as the soup was steaming hot.
Kitty smirked at his expression as his eyes watered. "Stupid, didn't the steam like totally give it away that you should blow on it first?" She demonstrated of course to further front his stupidity.
He managed to swallow the hot soup and fanned his face with a hand to rid the burning in his mouth. "Gee, I missed that one this time."
She giggled a bit, then seemed distracted again, and stared into the fireplace where the bright warm flames flickered brightly in the hearth.
He knew that look, it had been the same he'd demonstrated. Before she mud-balled him. "So, what did you want to talk about?" He ventured, figuring that maybe it wasn't a romantic interest after all, to his disappointment. He tried not to let that get to him as he watched her face become a bit more gloomy. "What's wrong?"
Kitty sighed, then put her bowl down on her lap again. "I got a letter today, it was kinda upsetting, ya know, but.. I didn't really know who I could talk to about it.. She looked up at him with pleading eyes that seemed to beg for his friendship and help. "Like, I figured you'd know more about the issue, I could talk to you about it."
He sipped some more soup now that it had cooled down as she spoke, then set the bowl down and crossed his ankles tucking them under the chair casually, while leaning forward a bit. "Sure, I can try to help, but I'm not sure how much I can give you."
Kitty sighed and pulled out a piece of folded paper from her jacket pocket and stared at it rather dully, not even bothering to unfold it. "I just found out that.."She took a deep breath and seemed to shudder a bit. "Well, it's a long story really.."
"We've got time."
She smiled gratefully at him and leaned back, seeming to gather her thoughts. She sat in silence for a while, and he finished up his soup as she sat thinking, waiting patiently for her to be ready to tell him what was on her mind. If anything, he was a patient listener, though he didn't know how good of advice he could offer, he was always willing to be there for others.
"My mom was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago". She told me and I like, was so scared, but she said the doctors could like, remove it and stuff and she'd be fine."
Kurt bit his lip, feeling sadness for her, but smartly remained quiet as she continued.
"So, I got this letter yesterday from her, and it turns out the doctors can't do anything about it..and like, when my sister found out she freaked, and ran off."
Kurt blinked. "You're sister? I didn't know you had a sister.."
She shrugged slightly. "She's not really like, my sister, I mean she's adopted. My parents thought they couldn't have children, and they adopted her, then my mom got pregnant with me. She like, had issues and stuff, and went off to live with some friends of hers, but she still cared about us. I mean she'd visit me a lot and we'd go and do stuff, she's like only a few years older than me, and we were pretty close, I guess my mom getting sick reminded her of her own mom, we never really talked about her family, she didn't really want to, ya know." Her eyes lowered again to the soup bowl in her lap, where the contents were cold by now. "But though she didn't really get along well living with us, she still cared a lot about us, and so hearing about our mom, she like lost it, and well, that's not all."
Kurt raised an eyebrow, still waiting to see what this had to do with him, so far it wasn't anything that she couldn't share with anyone else...
But Kitty broke the news. "When she lost it, she changed into something else, Kurt." Her eyes lifted up. "She panicked and ran off when that happened, but my mom saw it, she knew that she was like me.. like us...but she doesn't know where she went." She fidgeted. "She wants me to come and help look for her, calm her down and like, talk to her and stuff. I guess my parents tried to tell her earlier where I'd gone, that I was you know, a mutant and stuff, but she just laughed and didn't believe them. Now she's one of us, and knowing her, she's probably hiding somewhere I know of, we used to go there together to just like hang out away from our parents you know."
Kurt scratched his head. "Well, you should go and help her out then, but I'm confused, why didn't you go to the professor about this? I mean, why me?"
Kitty squirmed a bit. "I dunno, I mean I know the professor would wanna help, but somehow this just feels like more of a family thing." She glanced up. "I wanna keep it a family thing for now, and I wanted you to go with me there, since you know more or less what it's like to look different, and according to my mom, she's not looking, well, herself anymore, you know what I mean?" She blushed faintly. "Plus you're my friend, and well, my parents kinda want to meet you."
He blinked. "Meet me?" He felt his cheeks redden, though who could tell with the blue fur. "But how do they..." He trailed off seeing her face redden more. "Ohhh I get it!" He grinned. "You've been telling them ALL about the fuzzy dude!"
"Knock it off Kurt!" she said flushing. "You're a great friend! Of course I tell them about you. I tell them about all my friends here n stuff." She looked up, smile fading a bit. "Will you go with me? And help me out?"
He smiled and leaned forward putting a hand on her shoulder. "Of course, I wouldn't be a friend if I didn't. But I can't teleport us all the way to Illinois you know, that's just a wee bit out of my range. We're going to need another ride there."
She nodded. "I know, I'll ask the Proff if we can go and like borrow the X-jet or something. I guess I should tell him, he probably knows though anyway with Cerebro by now."
Kurt nodded a bit. "Probably, but he likely guessed you'd wanna contact him about it first, huh."
She nodded and stood up. "Ok, I'll go ask him now."
Kurt stood up as well, a bit surprised. "Now? But it's like, late at night. You're not going to leave now are you? It's pretty bad weather outside still."
She glanced at him, grinning. "You're not scared are you? Big blue fuzz ball like yourself?" She brushed a finger under his chin teasingly.
He gulped a bit. "No, of course not, it's just that...uh.. well.." He broke off not sure of what he was trying to say. "Um, never mind."
She grinned a bit. "Come on, let's go ask him."
An hour later, they were flying over the land, the institute behind them on their way to Kitty's home. The professor had agreed, and as they'd though he'd known about the new emergence of a possible mutant, but had waited, knowing Kitty was thinking over how to approach the issue of her sister. He'd let them take the jet on one condition, that Logan go with them. And he was there, silently flying the jet with that familiar grim 'lets get this over' attitude on his face. Not the best way to have a chaperone, but they weren't picky at the moment.
Kurt adjusted his holowatch so that he appeared normal, as Kitty stared out the window at the rapidly approaching lights of Chicago beneath them. Kurt glanced over at her. "Uh, trivial question, but do your parents know what I really look like?"
She glanced back his way. "Um, I kinda described you in my letters, but they probably have no idea what to expect. I mean you're so unique and all, you know?" She grinned at him.
He smiled back. "Just to be safe, I think I'll go in like this to start with."
She nodded. "Yeah, no sense freaking out the hospital staff and all, no offense Kurt."
"None taken." He replied back, but felt a twinge of regret that he couldn't just stroll into the hospital like he really was. Again, there was that bitter feeling of wanting the world to just get with the program and accept them all as they were, not as freaks. But he knew that wasn't about to happen for a while.
"All right squirts, strap in, we're landing." Logan's gruff voice cut into their individual thoughts as they touched down on the hospital roof. It was the easiest landing point, and Kurt could teleport them down to the ground from there.
They packed up some bags with overnight stuff, and walked down the ramp way onto the roof. Logan stood at the top watching them with a look of 'you'd better not screw up' on his face. "If you need me, call. I'll be scoutin the bars in the area. I'll check up on ya in a while."
They waved to him, and Kurt took Kitty's arm and they vanished with a puff of smoke and an implosion of air, and re-appeared on the ground level, in an alley out of direct sight. With a quick glance to make sure they appeared to be normal, and no one had seen them magically appear out of thin air, they stepped out onto the main street and walked into the main lounge of the hospital.

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