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Moonlight Reflections Chapter Fourteen Aftermath By: NightElfCrawler

A day and a night had passes since the X-jet had touched back down at the mansion, and shortly after doing so, the Seftons had left to go home, finding it best to put some distance for now until things calmed down a bit. Everyone pretty much wanted to leave Kurt to himself, since he seemed pretty worn out and upset from the whole situation.

Rogue was walking by his door one morning before breakfast, and paused hearing something. They had been leaving meals at his door, since he didn't seem to want to come out. Xavier had told them with some re-assurance that Kurt was fine, simply trying to adjust to everything, and he would come around in time, but they couldn't help but worry. Even Amara had been concerned for the 'fuzzy peasant', which was the closest she'd ever come to being nice to him. But as Rogue paused in front of Kurt's door, she heard music. She blinked, and pressed her ear to the door to listen closer...it was one of Kurt's favorite bands, she realized, and she could hear singing, bad singing, along with it. Hiding a smile, she knocked once, then opened the door and peered in. She stared with an open mouth at the sight.

Kurt was hanging upside down from the light fixture on the ceiling, swinging back and forth, headphones on his head blasting the music loud, and he was singing, off key, to the words. But that wasn't all..He was dressed in a bright orange t-shirt, and bike shorts with some shades over his eyes. Rogue had never seen him wear such. clashing colors before. "Um.. Kurt?" She asked, leaning on the doorframe as she watched his odd antics. "Helloooo Kurt?" she snorted as he didn't hear her. She glanced around, and saw a partially eaten donut in the trash, picked it up, and threw it at him.

That certainly got his attention. He stopped swinging, and must have opened his eyes, hard to tell behind the glasses, because he promptly let go of his grip in surprise, and landed head first on the bed below with an 'oomf'. The CD player he'd been holding turned off as he landed, and he was left staring at her hanging half off the bed upside down, with shades falling off his nose. "Um.. Rogue.. Hi!" He finally managed.

Rogue couldn't help herself, and let out a giggle, very uncharacteristically. "What in the world are you doin' Kurt?"

He rolled over on his stomach so that at least he was upright, but remained on the bed. "Cheering up." He replied with a shrug.

"Wearin, that? Dear god I hope you don't decide ta make that you're usual attire.." She was still smiling.

To her relief, he returned the grin. "Nah, I wouldn't be caught dead outside like this." his face turned a darker shade of blue. "Um.no one really knows about this. so could you.."

"Sure thing." She folded her arms with a grin. "Not a word."

He grinned with relief. "Thanks." He slid off the bed, taking the headphones and shades off. "So.is everyone worried?" He asked, sounding a bit more quiet, asking that.

"Yeah a bit.. Ah mean, ya haven't' been outside of yer room for a while..'n it's not like you."

He looked down. "Ja, I know. I don't mean to worry anyone.I just. have things to sort out." He explained, looking a bit embarrassed.

Rogue stepped into his room a bit more, closing the door behind her. "Yeah, Ah guess it's a lot to soak in, ain't it." she walked over to his balcony, as the doors were open, and stepped out onto it, leaning on the railing. She was glad when she felt him lean on it next to her. "Ah mean, yer only girlfriend ends up being someone entirely different." She glanced at him. "What're you gonna do about it?"

He stared out at the gardens below with a look of longing. "I wish I'd never found out.. I loved Amanda so much." His voice shook a bit. "I mean. she cared about ME..who I was..not what I looked like." He fidgeted with his hands a bit, but Rogue didn't interrupt him. "But Amanda wasn't real..she didn't ever exist, it was always Jimaine.." He sighed a bit. "And while we were friends long ago.. I don't think I could continue a relationship knowing that Amanda is Jimaine. and I couldn't have a relationship with Jimaine.. There's. too much there to constantly remind me.." He trailed off, looking sadder than she'd ever seen him.

Having caught a very personal glimpse into his life, she understood more than most. Her power forced her to understand people when seeing something that was important to them. She put a gloved hand over his on the railing. "Ah understand." She said quietly. "Ya can't live a lie.." She watched the blue fuzzy one with a sad look. "But that also means you don't have a girl to spend time with anymore.."

He nodded slowly. "Ja..but if Jimaine sticks around. maybe we can become friends again.. I'm not sure though..I don't know if I want to.." He glanced over at her, and she was startled seeing a new wisdom in his eyes. "I've accepted what happened. I thought I had before. but then I realized that acceptation was based on a false conclusion..but now I know the truth..my soul is much lighter knowing that."

Rogue was stunned by this personal intrusion into his thoughts. "Ah see..." She finally managed, wondering if he'd ever be completely the same. no, probably not. something in him had changed. she only hoped it wasn't for the worst. "Well, ya'll find someone else.. I mean there has to be another person who is like Amanda out there somewhere, right?"

Kurt looked thoughtful. "Maybe.but what if I never find her. what if I'm destined to become . I don't' know, a priest or something.."

Rogue choked. "Don't joke around now, that's not gonna happen." She snickered a bit more. "A priest? You? Nah, ya like to chase and flirt with girls too much, you'll find someone, trust me.. there's millions of people out there in that world." She spread a hand to indicate. "And out there somewhere, is someone who's just right for ya.. You just have to find her.that's all."

Kurt smiled then, the first genuine smile of happiness she'd seen him give since they'd return. "You know. I think you're right." He glanced at her and then quite suddenly gave her a tight hug. She stiffened out of an automatic response, but relaxed when she realized he was being careful. "Thank you. Rogue." He pulled back, and she saw gratitude in his eyes.

Rogue suddenly felt a twinge inside. She knew so much about him now, and she felt guilty at him not knowing much about her in return. so she offered something she hadn't offered to anyone yet. "Marie..ya can call me Marie.." She held a finger up in front of his face. "But if ya tell anyone else, Ah'll get really mad at ya."

He grinned wider at that and then *bamf*, he was gone, and she waved a hand in front of her nose with slight disgust at the smell, before *bamf*, he was back with a rose in his hand, held out to her. "My lips are sealed." He said, eyes twinkling merrily behind the flower.

She grinned, and took it graciously. "Wha thank you kindly, sir." She mimicked a proper southern belle. "Ah do declare you have earned the privilege of escorting me to breakfast."

"It would be my honor, Madam." He replied, putting on a badly imitated version of Rhett Butler. "Nothing would give me more pleasure, than to escort a beautiful lady to her meal."

Together, noses in the air, they both stepped out of his room, and down to breakfast..except seconds later, there was a scramble, a bamf, a tossing of clothing, then one more bamf, when Kurt remembered what he was wearing.

Once he had returned to the hallway with Rogue, they continued down the stairs slowly. She suddenly paused. "Kurt. Ah have ta ask ya something before we go on.." He paused, and glanced at her as she turned to him. "All of this..Ah mean, tha four of us know something really personal ta ya..What do you feel about that.. ah mean, it's kinda really personal.."

He looked thoughtful, then finally spoke in a calm thoughtful voice that Rouge had rarely heard coming from the jokester himself. "Well. I can't say that I am happy about everyone knowing...you're right..it is personal. I don't want pity from anyone because I've been through hard times.pity does no one any good." Rogue nodded in agreement, she thought the same thing. "But I suppose it is good that it helped me get past it." He looked up at her, and smiled, only with a hint of sadness. "We all go through tough times, especially mutants. But if we learn from it, and become better people from it instead of letting it ruin us, then we win."

Rogue smiled and patted his shoulder. "Right on...ya know, ya give good advice, fuzzy."

He smirked and waggled a finger in front of her face. "Careful, Marie.." *bamf* "..or you might make a habit of running to my arms!"

She snorted once and gave him a playful shove backwards onto the stairs. "Right, lahk that'd happen...Sorry, but while yer mah friend Kurt, ah don't think yer quite my type."

He grinned, taking no offense at that. "You have your eyes set on a certain..tall handsome guy in shades."

Rogue flushed a bit. "Wha, Scott? Ah am SO over him!" She protested. "And besides.he and Jean are inseparable...ah figured that out finally."

Kurt folded his arms. "Well then, we single people will have to go hunting for dates some time!"

Rogue snorted. "Yeah, you know Ah'd love ta see ya get into a goth club sometime Kurt. yer pale enough, you'd wear black well."

Kurt scratched his nose a bit. "I don't know about that. I don't think I'm the 'walking dead' type.."

Rogue laughed. "I'd love ta get ya dressed up just once.."

Kurt got an evil glint in his eyes. "All right, I'll do it if you agree to take off that make-up and get into normal jeans and a shirt."

She looked a bit shocked. "Wha? Like Kitty's clothes?" He grinned. "Rogue sighed putting a hand to her head. "Man. all right, deal. We take pictures too, then we don't gotta ever do it again."

Kurt chuckled. "Blackmail photos?"

Rogue smirked. "More like..a one time memory."

He snickered. "Deal. Now hurry up, I'm hungry!"

Rogue laughed again. "When are ya not?" But she started walking again, next to him, and they entered the dining room, where Amara and the Professor were already waiting for them.

Xavier smiled in relief seeing Kurt enter the room. "Ah, welcome back. Feeling better I take it?"

Kurt gave him thumbs up and took a seat. "Ja, thanks Professor.I'm 100% back to normal!"

"Hmph..pity.. we were enjoying the silence in your absence." Amara said with a rather aloof expression, reaching for a sweet bun.

Both Xavier and Rogue exchanged looks, but Kurt surprised them both. He smiled, and replied without any malice in his voice. "Why then, I'm sure you're rearing and ready to resume being the recipient of my plans."

Amara gave a quick startled look of fear at the possible plotting devious ways of the Elf. "I would advise you to keep your filthy hands off me."

"Certainly!" He chirped back perkily. "I won't lay a hand on you."

Rogue had to hide a smile..oh dear, she was beginning to think like him now. he wouldn't touch her with a hand. but the princess might find some ice cubes in her bed, or have her perfumes filled with bubble solution..Kurt always found a way around things.

They ate breakfast in that manner, cheerful banters from Kurt, and steamed responses from Amara..It left the three others at the table, Xavier, Hank, and Rogue smiling and trying to keep from laughing.

It seemed things were back to normal.. For now anyway.. Once the rest of the students returned, it would be a different kind of normal, one filled with explosions, slippery surfaces, and more. Chaos was certainly the center of activity at the mansion..

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