Beauty and the Beast

(A Metal Fight Beyblade Fanfiction by Lady Storykeeper)


Okie dokie…. Here's what happened…. Ever since I started watching Metal Fight Beyblade on toonami I soon got hooked and this story kept popping up in my mind. So I've decided to do this story too….. I'm going to write the first chapter while it is still fresh.

Also Ryuuga is my favorite characters, I'm just sad that he died in the final season of Metal Fight Beyblade 4d L But I hope that he'll come back at Zero.

Hope you enjoy this fanfic and I really hope that I don't make Ryuuga ooc or anything. Also I am not much all familiar with Beyblade the game but I'll do my best to understand it and give my all for this fanfic.

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I have no name…. no home…. No family…..

I was only a baby when I was abandoned by the doorsteps of an orphanage. The place I lived in was simple and good. The nun who took care of me and all the other children was a kind and loving person. At that time I was really happy living there.

But fate is truly cruel, one night a fire broke out within the orphanage. Nobody knew who or what started it, but what happened afterwards was heartbreaking. Only a few of us managed to escape, but the good Sister and most of my other friends perished in the fire. I was only five when this happened.

There was no kindness given to small and dirty orphans like us… soon afterwards Me and the rest of the children spent our days rummaging through the junk pile hoping to find anything we could sell for a small meal. But it was difficult, and soon one by one all of my friends passed away from hunger and sickness…. Until only I was left.

One day I was wandering through the piles of junk when I saw something small and shiny. I looked at it and realized that it was a bey (like the ones I saw on the giant television screen). Although it looked old and tarnished, what attracted me to it was the emblem on the bey. It was a small white angel. For some reason it gave me a warm glow inside my heart. I decided to keep it. Soon after, I searched high and low for scrap parts to help put it together. Soon I was able to find second handed parts. I was able to learn how to fix and reassemble them by watching other beybladers as they fight on the streets and through the shops.

Soon I even tried to learn how to play it, but I was always careful as the streets is not safe for a small child like me. For me this Bey has become my little treasure, it gave me comfort and happiness even when I get hungry or cold at times. It even gave me a small bit of hope that someday my life will truly be changed.

It was on one rainy day, where it all began.


"Sure little girl, but first how's about you give me the money you have with you."

It was on that day I was lucky to find something good in the junk pile and I was given a good amount for it. It was enough for me to buy some bread and maybe even some candy. However some street thugs saw me and decided to take the money from me.

" Please…" I said weakly, trying so hard not to cry, " I need this so that I can eat."

" Well too bad, kid" laughed the tallest of them " you see I need to replace the bottom of my bey and I need the extra money for that. And yours is enough to cover it."

One of his pals suddenly noticed my bey that was strapped by my side. He whispers to the tall kid while pointing at it. The tall kid smirked and quickly grabbed my bey. I panicked and tried to retrieve it but one of his other companions kicked me to the ground.

"Well, well, looks like this filthy little kid thought she could become a beyblader too eh?" Said the tall kid; holding my bey while looking at me with a taunting look, "Ha! Dream on kid…. This trashy looking thing isn't even good enough to be called a bey at all…."

To my horror he then drops it and starts to raise his left foot.

"it's just plain garbage!"

"NOOO! DON'T PLEASE!" I cried. Quickly I pulled the money from my pocket and threw it at them. "Here take it… I don't care, just don't break my bey!"

The tall kid smirked and looked at his companions, all of them also giving him the same look. Some even snickered. The tall kid then looked at me, his foot still hovering over my bey.

"Well now you should have given us the money from the very beginning…. So this will teach you not to mess with us kid!" He said as he is about to stomp on my bey.

In an instant I huddled over my bey and felt the harsh kick on my back. Soon all his friends started to stomp and kick on me…. I remained in my position enduring the antagonizing pain my body felt.

"Well now what do we have here…."

The boys stopped kicking and looked over to whoever said that. Even though my body ached greatly I turned slowly to see who it was.

Stepping out of the shadows of the alley, was a boy around my age. He had spiky white hair, though there was a strand of red on it. He wore a black sleeveless shirt with black pants. A gold crown in the shape of a dragon was adorned on his forehead. His eyes reminded me of a monster that Sister always told us about in her bedtime stories. When our eyes met I felt something funny at the pit of my stomach but at the same time I was scared. He looked at me for a long time before he turned his attention at the street thugs.

"You losers didn't have anything better to do than beating up little girls? That's just pathetic!" He said giving them an arrogant smirk.

"What did you say!?" The tall kid said a bit annoyed. As if it was a signal his companions quickly took out their bey and they looked ready to attack the young boy.

The young boy didn't even seem to be scared, in fact his smirk grew wider as he also drew out his own bey, "if you lame-o's wanted to do a bey battle, then I'll gladly give it to you! LET IT RIIIPPP!"

What happened next, I couldn't explain, there was a great flash. I couldn't see anything, only hear a lot of screams and a cold cruel laugh. When I opened my eyes I saw all of the street thugs lying on the ground. The only one standing was the young boy. He then recalled his spinning bey then walked slowly towards me.

Both my heart and mind were screaming for me to run away, but my body just stayed frozen. He then fiercely grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him straight into his eyes. What seemed like forever he then let go of me and muttered "pathetic waste of my time.".

He then noticed my bey and took it from me. I suddenly snapped out of my frozen state and tried to get it back from him. He examined my bey for a bit before tossing it back at me.

"So this is the piece of crap you were willing to lose your life over?" He said looking at me mockingly. "These losers were right, that piece of garbage isn't good enough to be even called a bey."

He then turned around preparing to walk away.

He just repeated what those punks just said, but for some reason it made me mad as it came from his mouth. I didn't know why but I grabbed a piece of empty can and threw at it aiming for his head.

He must have had good reflexes as he quickly caught it. He then gave me a piercing look, a look that can frighten even the bravest of men. But it seems my anger was even greater than my fears as I continued to shout at him.

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE SAY OR THINK! BUT I WONT LET YOU GO AND INSULT MY BEY AND CALLING IT GARBAGE! THIS BEY IS PRECIOUS TO ME AND IT IS WORTH PROTECTING OVER! " I was shaking with rage as the boy suddenly walked back towards me. In an instant our face were so close our nose was almost touching. I could feel a bit of blush coming on to my cheek as he looked at me. Suddenly he grinned and then started laughing. I just stared at him wondering if he has suddenly lost his mind.

"That's more like it!" The boy cried grabbing my chin and making me look at him again. "I like how your eyes flare up with so much anger and hatred!"

"I like you…. I've decided I'm going to keep you!"

I just stared on in pure shock… Did I hear him just now? He wants to keep me? Like a pet?

"Master Ryuuga…. There you are." Me and the boy (now I know is called Ryuuga) turned to see a tall man approach us. He had black spiky hear with a strand of gold haid in the front part, He wore glasses and an expensive suit.

" I have been looking all over for you Master Ryuuga. It seems you have been playing again." He said looking at all the unconscious thugs. "And who is this now?" He asked looking at me… I don't know why but I didn't like this man one bit. He was looking at me the same way other people would look at someone like me… pure disgust.

Ryuuga grabbed my arm, and looked at the man whom I later found out was named Doji. " She's coming with us! She's my new pet!" I looked at him and was about to protest that I was nobodies pet, but his glare made me shut up.

Doji didn't seem pleased but his frown quickly turned into a false smile. "Of course, master Ryuuga." He then turned and looked at me. "A pleasure to meet you my dear, I am Doji, head of the Dark Nebula…. May I ask what your name is?"

I felt numb…. All this years of being alone I never thought about it…. Yes I was named when I was placed in the orphanage, but I have forgotten what that name was. Then I remembered something… a word that the Sister always used and taught us, saying that it is one of the most powerful things in the world.

I slowly looked from the man Doji and then to the golden eyes of Ryuuga….

"Ai…" I whispered "My name is Ai."


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