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"We're almost there, Master Ryuuga."

"There's a Blader that you want me to meet here?" asked the young Dragon Emperor at Doji looking at a bit doubtful.

Ai watched silently as she looked out the window of the Helicopter… outside all she could see was a vast land of sand and dried earth. In her mind the same question that Ryuuga asked also popped into her mind.

Doji smiled as he explained, "Merci hacked the world's computer and found him. I think he will be of great use to Dark Nebula."

All of a sudden something below caught Ai's attention, "Master Ryuuga!" She exclaimed "take a look down there!"

"Hmmm" Ryuuga then turned to look at the window. Below them there were numerous craters of various size.

The helicopter soon lands on a specific area. Doji stepped out first, as soon as Ryuuga stepped out he then notices someone from a distance. Ai soon followed and gazed to where Ryuuga was looking.

In a distance a silhouette is shown of a child. Ryuuga stepped forward to take a closer look at the mysterious blader.

"Sir Doji is that…" Ai began to ask. Doji smirked as he looked on, "Yes, that's the boy."

"Now then…" Doji called out to the Blader, " greet Master Ryuuga!"

The mysterious boy smirked before he pulled out his bey and launch it. "Let it Rip!"

Ryuuga's eyes widen as the Bey was heading straight towards them... the Bey hits the ground a few feet in front of them creating a huge tornado of wind and sand. Ai raised her arms to cover her face from the strong wind. As the dust clears Ai looks on in shock as the blast from the bey left a huge crater in front of them.

"What a tremendous power!" Doji exclaimed in awe.

Ryuuga smile grew and he began to laugh excitedly "That's a greeting?"

"Master Ryuuga?"

"Interesting." Ryuuga said, " We really should greet him, as well." He then took out his L-Drago and quickly placed it in his launcher. In an instant he then launches it shouting "LET IT RIIIP!"


I watched as Master Ryuuga defeated the young Blader with his Dark Move. I observed the boy, he was a small boy with blond spiky hair wearing a white sailor like suit. He looked surprised over the fact that he was defeated. But his expression quickly changed to pure admiration.

"That's so cool!"

The boy quickly rushed towards Master Ryuuga. When he was near he looked up at him with big starry –eyes. "That was the coolest thing I ever seen!" The boy cried excitedly, "You have got to be the strongest Blader ever!"

I couldn't help but softly giggle at the situation… Master Ryuuga looked shocked at the young boys reaction and hyperness. Our attention suddenly turned to Doji as he gave a slight cough. "Master Ryuuga… Ai… I would like to introduce to you both Yu Tendo!"

I stepped forward and crouch down to Yu's eye-level and gave him a warm smile. "Nice to meet you, Yu."

Yu looked at me and his cheeks were slightly tinged pink before his face changed to the same expression he gave to Master Ryuuga. "Wow! You're soo pretty, you look just like a princess!" I blushed at his comment (I never thought of myself to be that attractive), but what he said next made my face completely flushed.

"Tell me are you Ryuuga's girlfriend?" He asked innocently.

I was speechless… I don't know what to say at that point! All of a sudden I felt Master Ryuuga pull me up before wrapping his arm around my waist. He smirked as he looked down at Yu. "She's more than that, she is someone who is Mine and mine alone!"

I looked at Master Ryuuga with wide-eyes "M-Master Ryuuga?!" I mumbled embarrassed! I wanted to move away from him, but his hold on me was strong.

Yu was laughing in childish delight, "Ahhahaha! I knew it! It's pretty obvious that someone as pretty as Ai-Ai would be with someone as cool as Ryuuga!"

"Please stop Yu!" I shouted in my mind… Wait… did he just call me "Ai-Ai"?

Doji didn't seem to be amused at the situation. "Now then," He began, "before we begin with our next plan of operation, I would like to extend our invitation to you Mr. Tendo. Would you be willing to lend us your strength?"

Yu looked at Doji before looking at Me and Master Ryuuga. He smiled as he placed his hands behind his head.

"Sure! It'll be fun!"

I watched on the screen as Doji's plan came to effect… Yu winning the Survival Battle tournament and his wish is to have another tournament called "Battle Bladers."This may seem like something grand but this was all part of the Dark Nebula's plan of gathering more food for L-Drago.

Still the idea of competing in a National Bey tournament and collecting 50,000 pts just to be eligible for the semi-finals… something within my heart begins to stir…. I looked down at my Luminous Angelus, as if it was also feeling the same thing as me…. I know what I wanted! But for me to do that there is something I must do first…


Ai reaches towards the door nervously, her heart hammering away. Taking a deep breath before stepping forward, automatically the doors opened. She enters to see Doji talking to Yu about the Battle Blader tournament. Yu immediately jumped from his chair and ran towards her.

"Hey there Ai-Ai!" Yu said cheerfully. "What brings you here?"

"Yes, indeed?" said Doji. If one could hear it more carefully there was a distinct annoyance in his tone of voice.

"Sir Doji, there is something I need to discuss with you." Ai said, she looked down at the young blader before looking back at Doji. "something between only us."

Doji nodded to Yu who seems to understand that he needed to leave the room. "Well… I better go find Ryuuga then," Yu said skipping merrily outside.

As soon as the boy left, Doji looked at Ai who in turn was looking up at him seriously.

"Well then, Ai… what is it that you want?"

"I want to also take part in the Battle Bladers tournament!" Ai said.

Doji looked surprise at first before he became amused at what Ai just said. "Why the sudden interest?" he asked.

Ai continued, "All my life in the Dark Nebula, I have spent training and protecting Master Ryuuga. But ever since my battle with that Kyoya, something inside me awakened."

"Awakened?" asked Doji

"Yes.." Ai continued, her hand forming into a fist. "The thrill of fighting against the strongest, of seeing how far my Angelous can evolve and becoming the best in Bey Battles! I think…. This is what people are calling Bladers Spirit!"


Ai glared at him angrily and was about to say something when Doji continued.

"Very well then Ai, " Doji said, "I will allow you to participate in the Battle Bladers under two conditions!"

Ai looked at him suspiciously but asked, "what are the two conditions."

"If you happen to lose in any of the matches that you will participate in…" Doji began a nasty grin forming on his face, "You will leave the Dark Nebula and never return!"


My eyes widen and my fists tighten even more with anger. Soon doubts began to grow in my mind, even though I have trained a lot, I have no confidence if I can win all the way to the finals. If I lose, that means I will have to leave and I will never be with Master Ryuuga.

"The other condition…" Doji said delighted in seeing my anguish expression, "is that no one, except you and I, will ever know about this agreement!"

I blew a shaky breath out, before looking up at Doji. I was smiling but my tone was laced with pure loathing from this guy. "You really are something else, Sir Doji! What's the matter… afraid that Master Ryuuga will get mad at you?"

Doji merely smirked as he adjusted his glasses. "On the contrary my dear… I am all doing this for Master Ryuuga's sake! Filthy trash such as you, are nothing more than a tool for his entertainment. When he gets tired of you he will just throw you away! I am merely helping in doing the process faster."

I look at this man and was sorely tempted to slap him right there and then. But I controlled myself… and kept repeating in my mind that he is not worth it.

"Well my dear…" Doji said, "do we have an agreement?"

I close my eyes and think…. A part of me is screaming not to take it, but another part of me…. That one that started to emerge a few days ago is encouraging me to take a leap!

I opened my eyes and looked straight at Doji's face with all the determination and strength in my heart!

"I accept!"


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