Useless Knowledge by Layton Colt

Author's Notes: Finished at last! I want to thank my beta, Ali, for doing such a great job at correcting all of my mistakes. So thanks again, Ali, for putting up with all of my misused commas, excessive ellipses use and tense changing. I know it couldn't have been easy.

Also I wanted to say sorry about the formatting problem earlier. I was having trouble uploading it correctly.


So that was my trip. My *downtime*.

So much for relaxation.

I smile at the cute girl at the counter as I approach. I'm exchanging our return tickets for an earlier flight. Against my better judgment, I left Daniel in the waiting terminal reading one of his books.

The brunette hands me the tickets and I head back. When I return, I'm surprised to see Daniel is where I left him. No psycho pointing a gun at him. No knife held to his throat.

Things were looking up already.

I sit down next to Daniel, and he continues to read his book. He's so enthralled with it I doubt if he would have even noticed if one of the scenarios my mind had created had happened. God forbid anything interrupts his reading.

I get the feeling this is going to be a long flight home.

Our flight number is finally called and I hit Daniel to get his attention. He shoots me an irritated look, but at least he puts the book away.

As we reach our row Daniel sits next to the window and gives me a smug look, "Since this whole thing was actually your fault," he says. "I get to sit by the window."

I couldn't think of a counter argument that wouldn't make me sound like a total ass so I just grumbled and sat down. I *hate* aisle seats. I get my knee bumped by every person headed to the bathroom.

"Next time we go fishing," I say.

"Yea, except Sam and Teal'c will have to come with us."

"Why?" I ask. Not that I mind, but Sam and Teal'c are usually doing other things. They have lives.

"Oh, I called Sam while you were buying the tickets. She said we weren't allowed to go anywhere alone anymore."

I laugh at that, "Good, I could use a couple pairs of extra eyes to watch you."

"She said we weren't allowed to go without them because she wanted to keep an eye on *you*"


"She was pretty upset you involved innocent little ole' me in a bar fight."

Innocent? "I don't suppose you told her that you were the one who stole a car and drove it eighty miles an hour in a thirty mile zone?"

"I told her," he says, then he smirks. "She thought it was very resourceful of me,"

Of course she did.

"She thought you were immature."

Of course she did.

Time to change the subject, "So, what's the deal with Isabella Molina?"

"What do you mean?" Daniel asks vaguely.

"She had the eyes of a killer, Daniel," I tell him gently. Though I'm guessing he already knew that.

"She has a past, Jack. All of us do."

Couldn't really argue with that. I had a past myself; it wouldn't be right of me to judge Bell, but I wouldn't trust her, either. And I certainly don't want Daniel going on another dig with her. She's dangerous.

Yep, we're definitely going fishing next time. We'll have pizza, beer, and maybe even some fish. And it will be all of us. The whole team; the way it should be.

"Did we do the right thing?" Daniel asks quietly.

"About what?" I ask. We did a lot.

"About Garcia, I mean he is kind of crazy and we're just letting him off the hook."

Ah, that. I've been thinking about that myself. I have my suspicions that Garcia belongs in a nut house. But Daniel has a way of getting through to people and Garcia had seemed sincere.

"Yea, I think we did," I tell him. I'm not sure, because it was obvious Garcia was a few fries short of a happy meal, but I'm hoping he'll take Daniel's advice - stop obsessing about the future and start to live in the present.

"I think so too," Daniel says with a small smile. "I mean the guys nuts,"

"Oh, yea," I put in.

"But I think he'll be alright."

I smile at Daniel. At least that hadn't changed. At least he still wants everyone to be alright.

"So, Carter actually said she thought I was immature?"

Daniel gives me a sideways look, "Don't tell me that comes as a surprise."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I demand.

"*Everyone* thinks you're immature, Jack," he laughs.

"Yea, well at least *I* don't throw tantrums like a five year old!" I yell at him. A couple of people turn in their seats but I ignore them.

"I do *not* throw tantrums," Daniel growls.

"No you only start to yell and jump up and down every time you get frustrated. You're right, that isn't a tantrum, what was I thinking?"

The plane takes off and Daniel and I continue our banter. Maybe it won't be such a long flight after all.

"Thinking?" Daniel echoes. "You were actually *thinking*! Mark the calendar."

Oh he is going to get it for that one . . .

The End