Welcome to my first Swan Queen Story. It will carry strong mature themes as well as a Mistress/Slave relationship but it is also a lot more than that. However, as a warning this story will celebrate the shades of grey of our favourite couple as they find their way to each other and will deal with darker elements of their characters. Emma's history differs a little from canon but will be covered by the story but there is no Henry and she is an adult in this fiction.

This is my first fiction in this fandom but my third in total, both long with plenty of reviews and both of which have helped me hone my writing skills. I value comments and reviews and do take these on board to keep the feel of the story correct. I have around 60k words drafted so updates will be regular (daily for at least the first five chapters) until we begin to hit the later part of the story. I do have another ongoing fiction vying for my time but it shouldn't interfere too much.

For those following me from my other fandoms with no knowledge of Once Upon a Time the basic premise is - Emma Swan is the child of Prince Charming and a surprisingly bad ass Snow White, a child of True Love. When the evil (hot and extremely sexy) Queen Regina curses the land and sends all the people to a land without magic (our world), Snow sends her daughter, Emma, by magic to the same land as in 28 years time she will be the Saviour. The curse is cast and they live unageing and without any memory of who they really are, except for Regina who becomes Mayor of the town she created called Storybrooke and knows exactly who she was.

Emma grows up alone and without her family, bouncing through the foster system until one day she is brought to Storybrooke by her son Henry, who she gave up for adoption at birth (she was 19 and in prison). Emma becomes Sheriff of Storybrooke and constantly clashes with the Mayor aka Evil Queen, and also Henry's adoptive mother, until the curse is broken and magic comes back.

The show also has a pre-curse back story set in Fairy Tale Land where we learn about the different characters. Red Riding Hood, aka Red/Ruby features strongly in this fiction and my Twilight fans will be pleased to hear she's actually a werewolf and pretty bad-ass.

However, in this story the curse was only threatened but Emma was still sent to our world so it's much less complicated.

Before I watched the show and saw the constant chemistry between Emma and Regina I thought it sounded lame. How could fairy tales be cool? Well, my friends, it's all about the Swan Queen.

Trust me, it's me, you'll enjoy it ;0)

Lil'D x

P.S forthcoming chapters maybe a little shorter than this but I wanted to give anyone trying this a good feel for the story and my writing.


Emma woke with a headache. That was nothing new. She was also stiff. Again not a novelty. What was new was the rough hewn stone pressed against her cheek. She groaned and tried to move but it felt like she'd been run over by a bus. A good night then?

She cracked and eye and saw it was too dark to distinguish her surroundings. When she gathered the strength to push up into a sitting position she looked around in confusion. She was in jail? What the hell had she gotten up to last night? Where the hell was her phone? She patted down her pockets but the search was in vain. Where the fuck was it?

"You're awake, I see." A velvety voice purred out of the darkness.

"What the fuck?" Emma jumped at the sound and scrambled so her back was pressed against solid rock.

"Language!" She was rebuked but still none the wiser as to who was addressing her.

"Well, tell me why the fuck I'm locked up then I might find my manners!" Emma snarled at her invisible captor as she leapt to her feet and approached the bars, She was distracted again when her captor spoke.

"Oh, there seems to have been a mistake." The voice explained matter of factly.

"Well let me the fuck out then!" Emma ranted.

"No. I don't think that would be a good idea, dear."

"And why the fuck not?" Emma stood and came towards the bars, hoping to catch a glimpse of her jailer.

"Because there is no place for you here."

"What the fuck do you mean?" Emma was confused and a little worried now, this was no normal jail.

"Just what I said, " the voice was dismissive. "Are you incapable of speaking without swearing every time you open your mouth?"

"I wouldn't be so bloody pissed off if I knew why I was locked up, you bitch!" Emma growled, now getting seriously concerned. "Where the fuck am I? I mean, if this is someone's idea of a sick joke then 'ha, ha!"

"I can assure you, this is no joke. Just an unfortunate coincidence."

"Well, I can assure you that I am much more useful when not behind bars." The blonde flirted, hoping that if this was one of her client's idea of a bootie call then they would want to play and release her.

"Really? I find that hard to believe." There was a laugh, it was musical but carried a darker undertone. "Whoever you are, you are not the person I wanted to retrieve."

"Retrieve? Who did you want?" The blonde questioned with a scowl. There was a silence and Emma thought her captor had left. Great! She had been locked up by some deranged serial killer.

"Not you, dear. Come into the light," the voice commanded and there was a hiss and a lantern lit up, just outside the bars of Emma's prison.

Regina had been severely disappointed to find that her spell had failed. Instead of the six year old girl she had wanted, a random woman had been pulled through the portal she had created. A portal designed to find the daughter of Snow White and her Prince 'bumbling idiot' as she preferred to moniker the poor excuse of a man.

But no! Instead of the child they had magicked away six years ago, when she had threatened to curse the whole of the Land, she had ended up with a twenty something year old woman.

"I said, come into the light!" Emma flinched at the harsh tone but was curious about her captor so stepped forward, straightening up as she presented herself at the bars.

Regina found herself staring at an attractive blonde. High, well sculpted cheekbones and intense green eyes stared back at her.

"How old are you?" She was questioned but could still not see who she was being questioned by.

"Twenty four, nearly twenty five."

"A little old, but you'll do," Regina was pleased to see that at least she could find a use for this one.

"Do for what?" Emma still hadn't caught more than a fleeting glimpse of the woman who was holding her prisoner. She didn't sound very old and her voice -, Well, Emma found it quite intoxicating. Like dark treacle spiked with arsenic.

"Never you mind, dear," it went dark and as footsteps walked away Emma threw herself against the bars.

"Who the fuck are you?" She yelled into the darkness but was answered only by the heavy clang of what sounded like a metal door closing.

"That's Queen Regina," a soft voice spoke from the darkness.

"Queen who now?" Emma asked. "What kind of sick joke is this?" She muttered to herself, nobody had tried to hurt her, yet. But, she'd heard horrific stories of young women being kidnapped and sold to sex rings, hooked on drugs so they couldn't escape then sold to the highest bidder.

What if that was what was happening to her? Hadn't the 'Queen' told her she was a little old? A shudder went through her body. Now she was really worried.

"Oh, it's no joke. You'll be down here as long as she pleases." It was a female voice, also young, which reinforced Emma's sense of foreboding.

"How long have you been here?" Emma dared to question. Terrified of what the answer may be.

"Too long, and not long enough," was the ambiguous reply.

"What's going to happen?"

"Well, I think she was pleased with you." Emma frowned at that. "Which means that you'll probably be taken to her chambers where she will use you and throw you away. Broken and in pieces. You'll be lucky to last more than one night," there was a pause, "or unlucky, depending on your perspective."

"And you?"

"I have stamina," she chuckled but the sound was without mirth. "Rest, you're going to need it." Was the ominous warning before she fell silent and no amount of pleading could coax any more information out of her.

Hours passed but in the pitch blackness but there was no way to tell exactly how long had passed.

Emma let herself drift off to sleep, knowing that whatever was out there she would be better equipped if she'd had some sleep. The ground was hard but not too cold and she managed to form a make-shift pillow from her jacket.

"Up!" What sounded like a sword clattered against the bars and Emma stumbled to her feet, still sleep fogged and stiff from hours laying on the ground. "Her Majesty wishes to see you." Emma screwed up her eyes against the harsh light of the lamp. It was a man who had come for her, dressed in leather pants and vest, it had been a sword that had woken her and it was now hung at his side.

Instead of making her more afraid, his attire gave her hope that this was indeed an in depth role-play set up for her, rather than a deranged psycho or vice lord. If it was, she had to give them props for authenticity. The girl in the next cell had been a good touch, she mused.

But, as the cell door opened and Emma saw the damp, roughly hewn stone tunnel and the flickering torches something didn't feel right. As she obediently followed she tried to catch a glimpse of the occupant of the other cell. She thought she saw a flash of yellow as the torch bounced off something hidden in the darkness but by the way it glittered it was not human. Another shiver as Emma thought about the likelihood that a place like this harboured rats.

"Follow me," the man, guard? Instructed brusquely and Emma obeyed, not wanting to cause herself any more problems. As she followed she took careful note of her surroundings. The walls were stone, tapestries covering them. At first the floors were bare but as they climbed up through the castle the floor coverings changed from rush mats. As they climbed the last flight of stairs Emma's soles of her boots sunk into rich rugs.

They came to a stop outside a pair of ornate doors. A dark wood, heavily carved with a stylised apple tree, the fruit depicted with ruby red stones the size of Emma's fist and the whole design highlighted in gold relief. It was exquisite but she had little time to admire it.

The man rapped on the door and stepped back.

"Enter!" What Emma now knew to be the Queen's voice called out as the doors swung open, seemingly of their own accord. Emma turned to the guard for an indication of how to proceed but when she looked around he was already nearing the end of the corridor they had just entered. She was alone.

So, with some trepidation Emma straightened her shoulders and stepped over the threshold.

Regina didn't turn around when her 'guest' arrived. Instead she pondered on what to do with her. She sniffed, nothing before she had bathed.

Emma stood awkwardly, the woman before her practically thrummed with power and Emma had enough experience to wait patiently, anything else would more than likely provoke her hostess's ire. A quick glance around the room showed a set of doors open, onto a balcony where the sun streamed in; a desk, covered in what looked like scrolls and parchment. There was a seating arrangement comprising three chairs by a man sized fireplace. The floor was stone but covered in thick fur rugs, it looked like bear skin.

"So." The word abruptly broke the silence. "What are we going to do with you?" The woman turned around and Emma's breath caught, she was stunning. All dark eyes, full red lips and such a powerful aura, it was intoxicating. The blonde had always been drawn to power and this woman exuded it. A tight black leather corset and long sleek black skirt that fanned out on the ground at her feet. It looked impractical but suited the 'Queen' as Emma now knew her.

"Well, I have a few ideas," her guest purred and Regina narrowed her eyes, studying the woman in the light of day. She was tall but not unfemininely so, she was slim and moved well. She also had long, slightly curly blonde hair, that when washed, would be almost golden. Overall a very attractive specimen. One who, very surprisingly, seemed prepared to play.

"I imagine you do," Emma stood still as she was approached, then circled, she was on show and she held herself tall, showing she was not afraid, she would not lose any slight advantage she may have.

"Bathe." A flick of her wrist and the door at the other side of the room crashed open, exposing a luxurious tiled bathroom with a bathing pool in it's centre. Emma jumped, the action startling her.

"How? Wha -?" A chime of laughter bounced off the walls. "What the fuck?" She gasped, staring around in astonishment, tinged with a little fear.

"Oh, you have so much to learn!" Emma frowned at that. Where the fuck was she? "Now get that stench off you. Now!" The last word purred with such sexuality that Emma felt her body react. She might not know where the hell she was but she did now how to gain control of such a situation. So, without further argument she confidently strode towards the bathing chamber, stripping as she went. Emma was a very sexual woman, she was proud of her body and knew it was perfectly toned and proportioned. She had no qualms about showing if off

Regina stared as this foreign woman first removed her jacket, which appeared to be made from some kind of red leather. It was tossed to the side, landing on the back of one of her chairs. Next went the soft cotton short sleeved shirt she was wearing. That uncovered an intriguing undergarment that covered her generous breasts, she only caught a glimpse as the blonde's back was turned but it was enough to titillate her.

Regina was stunned when that was rapidly removed and dropped to the floor. The boots came off quickly with what looked like years of practice. The woman took a little more time removing the figure hugging pants, made of a thick blue material, which left only her sex covered.

It wasn't until Regina flicked her eyes upwards, away from the scrap of silk that covered so far undiscovered delicacies and over a tantalisingly toned stomach, then firm, well proportioned breasts that she met those green eyes which held a seductive, knowing look that belayed the tenuousness of her situation.

Regina was transfixed as thumbs hooked into the waistband of the garment and teased it over prominent hip bones, slowly revealing the smooth skin beneath. The material then fell, tracing the long length of the blonde's legs. A splash as she stepped back into the sunken pool broke Regina's reverie.

Emma had felt the queen's eyes on her so had decided to take what little power she could and it seemed as though it had worked. As she sank into the deep water those dark eyes appraised her.

Then it happened. Emma felt her airway tighten as though someone had a hand to her throat. Mocking eyes watched from where the queen had taken a seat in a high back chair, legs crossed as the blonde realised that she was beginning to lose the ability to breathe. Even though she was terrified, not understanding how this was even possible, she didn't let it show.

"Careful, dear." The queen warned as Emma began to see white dots before her eyes as she started to black out. However, the Queen was extremely impressed with how calm the blonde remained. Holding her eyes but not struggling or gasping, just submitting to the inevitable.

For her part, Emma knew how this worked. It was about power, to gain some you often had to lose the first round. So, she let go of any control she had, in order to satisfy the woman she suspected would soon become her mistress. This was nothing new to the blonde, the invisible strangulation maybe, but not the game itself. Although, the roles were usually reversed and she was used to a more familiar environment.

She had a bad feeling about where she was and had no clue how she'd got here but things weren't adding up. To be cliché, she had a good idea she wasn't in Kansas any more. Or Boston, for that matter. But, Emma was a survivor and despite all that she would do whatever she had to do to come out alive. After all, wasn't that what she'd been doing all her life?

Regina was impressed. Very impressed by the stranger. She had never met anyone who didn't struggle. Who would have thought that the stranger would be so accepting of her role, who didn't require breaking first? But, Regina frowned, the breaking was half the fun. With a sigh she released the blonde who took in a gasp of air but otherwise remained relatively un-phased, cool green eyes never leaving hers.

Nothing else happened as she recovered her breath so Emma put it behind her and began to wash, using the soap she found in a dish on the side. She made a show of soaping her body, hands running over her soft skin, standing up so her breasts crested the water and on full display as she lathered up her hands and took her time rubbing the soap onto them, weighing them in her hands as she watched the queen's pupils dilate when she rolled her nipples between her fingers.

Emma didn't draw it out too long, it would lose it's effect so she ducked down under the water and rinsed, pleased to see that the tub constantly drained and refilled, ensuring the water stayed clean. She stayed under and rinsed her hair, only then surfacing and looking around for a towel.

Regina had been transfixed by the show, this woman knew exactly what she was doing. But, it was her calling the shots, her with the power and this woman needed to be reminded of that. Emma screamed, totally shocked as she felt herself being lifted out of the bath, arms raised above her head as though they were bound together, until she was suspended and good two foot above the water.

"Now," Regina purred, not moving from her chair. "I will inform you of the rules." Emma stared down from where she was being held, completely immobile. "You do not speak. You do not question me. Your only aim is to pleasure me and I will use your body in any way I see fit. You are nothing and if you displease me I will punish you. If you please me I may punish you. I enjoy causing people pain and I can because I own you."

"Yes, mistress," Emma murmured respectfully, keeping her eyes down as she spoke. The acknowledgement both excited and concerned Regina. The thought that someone else had trained her new toy disturbed her. Regina did not like the idea that someone else had broken and touched her property.

Emma suddenly found herself released from the invisible bonds. 'Magic' her brain whispered and normally she would have dismissed the thought as crazy but she was one to believe what she was seeing, there was only so much her pragmatic mind could ignore before it faced an unlikely truth. But, there was currently no other explanation for what was happening. The blonde crashed to the floor, the impact taken partly by the soft fur rug and the rest by her knees.

The blonde remained where she was on the bathroom floor, adjusting her position slightly so she was kneeling with a straight back, knees slightly apart and eyes focused on the floor.

Regina was astounded. It seemed that wherever this woman had come from had trained her well.

But, she wanted answers.


Next on The Collar

"Did you love her?" This was getting interesting.

"No," Emma replied honestly and without hesitation. "Love is weakness." She took the words right out of the queen's mouth.