Theodore kept his distance as SEES circled around him. He frankly didn't care about any of them. He could simply kill each of them in just a single attack. His attention was only on Hamuko. He so craved her screams and he wished to hear her do just that through the whole night.

Hamuko bit back her sobs and eyed the forest. She hoped that Minato would pull out a miracle and just walk back towards them. But it was well over ten minutes, and there was no movement.

"Damn you…" Hamuko muttered as she clutched her naginata tightly, her knuckles turning bony white.

"Is he… gone?" Akihiko asked quietly.

Mitsuru stayed silent for a moment before replying, "Yes. I can't sense him."

"Tch. How dare you?!" Junpei growled at Theodore, who merely gave out the same, condescending smirk.

"Because I simply could," Theodore shrugged.

"We'll show you," Yukari swore, holding back tears. She couldn't believe that Minato had died.

"Come," Theodore sighed. "I've already wasted my precious time on that blue vermin." Hamuko barred her teeth, hissing venomously at Theo. "I'll be quick with the rest of you."

Junpei snapped and charged towards Theodore with his sword, aiming a vertical swipe which found its mark. However, Theodore didn't budge an inch, as the metal didn't even manage to tear his clothing.

"Pitiful…" Theodore clicked his tongue in annoyance and only a few moments after, he smashed his head onto Junpei's. He howled in pain as he felt his forehead split. It did, and blood started trickling down Junpei's forehead.

"Junpei!" Akihiko shouted, charging at the two. Theodore effortlessly smacked Junpei to the side and tilted his head to avoid Akihiko's fist.

Theodore grinned as he caught Akihiko's fist into his palm and squeezed it, making him cry out from the pain, feeling his fingers getting cracked and ground, bone by single bone. "Hmph…" Theodore gripped his wrist tightly and flung Akihiko around, slamming him right into the nearest pole. His injured form slid down it.

"Ziodyne!" Theodore shouted, launching a vicious blast of electricity at Akihiko. The attack consumed the boxer and even though his Persona was resistant to electricity, Akihiko still felt every bit of agony as the volts coursed through his body and burned his insides.

Theodore held his hand out and released a scorching ball of fire, blasting the oncoming Mitsuru back unconscious.

"Tch!" Hamuko cussed as she watched her comrades fall one by one.

"Screw you!" she growled, before charging ahead. Theodore grinned and edged her to come closer. Hamuko did so and closed the distance between them. "Rhadamanthus!" Hamuko shouted, shooting herself with her Evoker. The blue mist flurried around and gave rise to one of the judges of the underworld. Rhadamanthus dug one sword out of his back and aimed a swipe at Theo.

Theo gave a 'tsk' before he sidestepped the blow. His hand shot up and tore right into the Persona's body, effortlessly. Rhadamanthus roared and dissipated into a mess of static, mist and glass. However, Hamuko gritted her teeth and valiantly shrugged the pain away. She had to avenge Minato.

"Just die!" she demanded, aiming a thrust right for Theodore's gut. The psychotic teenager hurriedly avoided the blow and grabbed the naginata by his hands. Hamuko held onto the weapon desperately. Theo smirked and pulled the weapon closer, also bringing the redhead closer. Hamuko snarled as Theo widened his smirk.

"Why do you resist?" Theodore asked.

"Go to hell!" Hamuko spat, before kicking Theodore right in the nads, making him flinch from pain for the first time. Hamuko snatched the weapon away and slashed Theodore right on the cheek, cutting it open. She followed it up by smashing her foot right into Theodore's face, smashing him into the ground. Theodore snarled and kicked Hamuko right in the gut, sending her a good distance away.

Hamuko regained her balance and gave a smirk which greatly resembled the twisted and vicious ones that Minato used to give whenever he fought. Theodore stood up and roared furiously, making Hamuko back away shakily. He clenched his teeth and expelled another blast of Almighty energy that blasted everyone around him, knocking everyone down again.

Hamuko stood up again and looked around for her teammates. All of them were still on the ground... And there was no sign of Minato. Hamuko scowled and growled, "You mothercanucker!" Theodore grinned again, before bolting to a stop right in front of her. Hamuko yelped and backed away quickly. Theo stepped forward again, and Hamuko took another step back.

"You're making me really angry, Hamuko-sama," Theodore gave out another crazed grin.

"Go fuck yourself!" Hamuko snarled and she couldn't believe she said that. She had never before. Theodore sighed and walked forward again.

"Persona!" Hamuko shouted, summoning immediately. Orpheus burst onto the battlefield, aiming a strike right at Theodore's head with her lyre. Theo gritted his teeth and caught the incoming strike with his bare hands. He snatched the lyre away and smashed Hamuko right on the ribs with it, causing her to release a shriek of pain.

Hamuko reeled from the attack but quickly regained her balance. She wiped the blood from her mouth and taunted him to come over. "Is that all? Pfft! My grandma hits harder than you!" Hamuko taunted. Theodore fell for the taunt and the next second, he dug his fist deep into her gut.

"Hamuko!" Junpei cried, finally getting up and charging. He jumped and tried to rip Theodore's head off but Theodore hastily threw Hamuko to the side and caught Junpei mid jump. He grinned sadistically as he smashed the capped teenager right into wall, not once, but twice. Theodore drove his knee right onto Junpei's face, finally knocking him unconscious.

"Fuck off!" Hamuko snarled, slashing Theodore's back with Minato's sword, making him drop to a knee. Hamuko grinned and grabbed him by the head, before smashing it right into the wall. She stomped right onto his skull, sandwiching his face into the wall. Theodore released another wave of energy, blowing Hamuko back.

"Are you okay?" Yukari asked, quickly supporting Hamuko to stand.

"Not until he's lying dead at my feet," Hamuko swore, clutching Minato's sword again.

Theodore released another roar and bolted towards Hamuko. He grabbed the two females by their heads and smashed both of them together.

"Imbeciles!" Theodore snarled, dodging Akihiko's punch and delivering a vicious uppercut that sent Akihiko a few inches into the air. Theo conjured up a small ball of Almighty energy and shoved it right into Akihiko's gut. The ball exploded and Akihiko was blown backwards, before he was finally knocked unconscious by hitting his head into the wall.

"Raaargh!" Theodore shouted as he summoned Uriel, spitting hell fire everywhere. Hamuko pushed Yukari to the side and avoided the flames. Mitsuru soon passed out from the exhaustion and the burns.

"Mitsuru-senpai!" Fuuka cried. "It's over. She's fainted."

"Shut up!" Hamuko shouted. "It isn't over. I'm still standing."

"Not for long," Theodore shouted in rage, before taking off towards the defiant Hamuko.

"Come on, you persistent little bastard," Hamuko smirked, dodging Theodore's punch. She aimed a kick in his nads again. He bit back the pain and launched another bolt of electricity at Hamuko who took the attack, shrugged the pain off and charged once again, aiming a swipe.

"I'm done toying with you!" he declared, grabbing Hamuko by the wrist, and twisting it viciously. Hamuko screamed her lungs out, as moments later her wrist was crushed in Theodore's grip.

Theodore floored Hamuko and gave out vicious laugh. His eyes widened in madness and he grabbed the blade and aimed right for her throat. Hamuko could see it very well. The end was coming, and Theodore's crazed eyes told her that he was ready to kill.

She tried to power her way out, but she was just so exhausted.

She was going to die…

"Die!" Theodore shouted, ready to ram the blade in her throat.

But, it all stopped with a roar.

"Death!" A mass of darkness exploded from the forest. Hamuko gasped as her heartbeat doubled and a black blur bolted toward the two in a flash. Theodore barely had time to turn around and observe, before Death itself was behind him. Theodore turned around and released a scream of hate.

Thanatos gave out a soul piercing scream, and grabbed a hold of his massive sword. He swiftly dug it right into Theo's back, burying it deep into his flesh, before quickly disappearing. But the damage was done.

"Raaaagh!" Theo gave a roar of pain. Hamuko quickly stood up and grabbed the sword. She charged and drove it into his back. Theodore smashed her right on the face with his fist, knocking her backwards. Theo screamed out in a mixture of rage and pain. His crazed eyes scanned for anyone he could kill. And they finally locked onto someone.

Minato clutched his busted stomach with his hand and panted, locking his eyes onto Theodore's. Minato leaned against a tree and jerked his head at Theo, taunting him to come on.

"You persistent little bastard!" Theodore snarled, aiming to charge at Minato, but it was stopped.

"Take that," Hamuko said, launching her naginata right towards Theo's leg, throwing him onto one knee.

Minato closed his eyes and did his best to ignore the ridiculous amount of pain he was going through. "Fusion…" he muttered, as bright light began to emanate from his palm. The glow materialized into a weapon; a spear. Minato smirked and ignited the weapon with a deadly flame, aiming for Theodore who was still struggling to his feet. "Go heat, bitch," he whispered, throwing the spear right for Theodore's heart.

Theodore barely managed to move, and the spear hit him in the shoulder instead. But, that didn't stop Theodore from feeling the pain as the flames spread and scorched his entire body, making him roar out in pain.

Minato collapsed onto ground, as his vision slowly began to blur.

Hamuko slowly got onto her feet and watched as Theo kept screaming and shouting profanities at Minato.

"Your heart will be mine, Minato Arisato!" Theodore swore, before his body exploded into mist. Finally, the psycho had departed, but he didn't die.

"Next time asshole, next time," Minato smirked, slowly standing up and wiping the blood from his face.

"Minato!" Hamuko cried.

"Hello there," Minato waved, leaning against the tree and taking deep breaths. He looked down towards his wound and wondered about how he was alive, but he quickly shrugged the thought off.

Hamuko ran and hugged Minato tightly. "You're alive!" She cried.

"Yeah. And I dunno why or how," Minato replied.

"Shut up!" Hamuko grabbed Minato by the cheek and kissed him deeply. Minato's eyes widened in surprise and he sky rocketed towards heaven. He slowly pulled Hamuko closer by the waist and kissed back.

However SEES began to stir.

Hamuko pulled back and blushed. Minato smiled a really goofy grin at that; his first in a while. "Geez, you really drained all of energy," With that, his vision faded again and he collapsed.

Hamuko gasped and caught him, despite her own wounds. "Nope, you ain't gonna be hurting anymore," she swore, smiling through her tears. Minato was still alive…

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