They were surrounding me; leaving me nowhere to escape to.

I held my hands clamped over my ears to block them out.

They wouldn't stop jeering.

Stop teasing me.

Stop mocking me.


Closing in on me in unison as if they planned this long ago.

The darkness formed over my eyes was blackening my sight.

Pain overwhelmed me as each hit rained down on me like thunder.

It was time to die.

"DAN" they screamed viciously at me.

How did they know my name?!


Stop jeering…


Stop mocking me…


I can't take this anymore.

*AUTHOR'S NOTE* Hello! So I thought it would take me a week or two to come up with another Phan fic, but apparently not. As I was cleaning earlier on today the plot for a new story burst in to my head and surprised the crap out of me. I instantly went to my iPad to write down the outline of the plot and I've managed to summarise two chapters so far. I know this prologue won't make much sense, but that was the plan. I was hoping you'd all take a guess at what was happening! Please follow this story because I am SO excited to get it started. I am really pleased with the idea that I came up with and I can't wait to see everybody's reactions. Let the fanfic writing commence!