Chapter 10.




"Neverrrrr! I will take you down Yoshi!"

It was really nice hanging out with PJ again. We hadn't seen each other for nearly two months so it was fun to play games and have a catch up. PJ was his usual bubbly self and even whilst playing Mario Kart he was coming out with the most imaginative things.

Despite my threat of taking PJ down, I failed miserably. As soon as his screen exclaimed "FIRST PLACE!" he jumped up in the air with one fist held high above his head.

"Horaaay! You shall now call me Superior Emperor of all things Mario related. Bow down to me peasant!"

Laughing, I bent forward and gave a bow.

When PJ finished laughing himself, he paused the game and sat back next to me on the sofa.

"So why isn't Dan with you? You two normally come as a pair!"

I smiled nervously, trying to think what to say. I had decided that I wasn't going to tell PJ about mine and Dan's relationship; it would have to be something we did together.

I settled on an excuse. "He's um, busy editing his latest video. He says hello though!"

"Cool cool" PJ said smiling. "So, anything interesting happening in your life?"

"Ummm, no not really to be honest. What about you?"

If only he knew the truth.

"Well" PJ began "As you know I've just graduated from University so pretty much right now I am going to relax and make the most of my time not stressing about exams! It's cool living near you guys though as we can hang out more"

"For sure!" I nodded. "Congratulations once again by the way"

"Thanks dude. So, what do you want to do to now?"

I bit my lip. "Actually PJ, there is something I would like to talk to you about. Something that I can't talk to anyone else about…not even Dan"

PJ pulled a fake surprised look. "It must be bad if you can't talk to Dan about it then! But go on, spill the beans. Just call me Uncle Ligouri! Ligouri's advice!"

He leaned back on his burgundy sofa and gazed at me with twinkling eyes. PJ had the kind of eyes that you could look at and know there is something going on behind there. It gave almost a magical look to him.

"Dan got mugged" I announced grimly.

PJ straightened up in his seat. "What?! What happened?!"

I went on explaining about how Dan got taken by those guys in their van, beaten, mugged and threatened. Throughout the whole thing PJ was staring at me wide eyed. I was trying hard not to start choking up and cry myself.

"Shit" was what he ended with. "So what did you need my advice on?"

I looked down at my thumbs and twiddled them nervously. "Ever since then he has been acting really strangely. I tried to persuade him to go to the Police but he plain down refused. He said he wanted to forget about it all but he doesn't seem to be at all. Every night he has nightmares and I can hear him shouting from his bedroom and getting in to a right state. We went to town the other day and he ended up having a huge panic attack and running back home hyperventilating! He always seems so anxious and on edge; constantly checking the windows for things to check he's safe. It's horrible to watch PJ it really is"

He frowned, obviously pondering something. I had evidently left out all the parts of mine and Dan's relationship yet I still worried he would sense me altering the story and guess the more accurate details.

"I can understand your concern, that's definitely not like the Dan we know. I guess it's to be expected though. Has he said anything to you?"

"Nope. He hides it and when he senses I'm around he tries to change. When he panicked in town he did reveal how scared he was but that was about as far as it got. He's always pacing around too, just walking continuously back and forth"

Something suddenly sprung in to PJ's mind. "It might be a little early to fully confirm, but have you ever heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?"

I frowned. "I don't think so"

"Google it when you get home. It's a mental health disorder that can happen to people after traumatic experiences and is a diagnosed thing. It has loads of symptoms and can actually be treated by counselling or even some medication. Perhaps you should keep an eye on Dan for a while to see if his behaviour gets any better, and if not, talk to him about it and going to the doctors"

It seemed to make sense. Could Dan really be suffering from a mental health issue?

"Thanks PJ, that's actually really helpful! I will keep that in mind and keep an eye on him. Thanks for that. It's good to talk to someone else about it because it's hard for me knowing how to support him and that. Please don't tell him I told you though"

PJ nodded. "Any time my friend! Your secret is safe with me. Now, are you ready for round two of Mario Karts?!"

Feeling better about everything I grinned. "You betcha'! Be ready to be eliminated from the throne Superior Emperor!"

We played games for a few more hours and even watched some anime before Dan text me to announce it was safe to come back home.

'Dinner is served! Come back soon, miss you ;-)xxxxx'

I smiled as I tried not to blush from his cute message. I quickly replied back:

'See you soon boyfriend xxx'

After a long farewell with PJ, I vowed that I would make more time to see him in the near future. I actually forgot how much good company he was. It made me grateful to have friends like him.

I pulled on my hoodie, zipped it up and dug my hands in to my pockets as I stepped outside. I couldn't help but imagine what on earth Dan had in store for me.

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