Authors note: Just a bit of background information before the story. I know it doesn't sound too interesting right now but it will become interesting as the story develops. It will be a bit different to other HG fanfics (well the ones that i have read anyway)

Hope you will enjoy

76th Annual Hunger Games

There was NO rebellion, Katniss and Peeta survived both of their Hunger Games because the rules were permanently changed to allow two victors to win as to not make the capitol look stupid or irrational and to make it look like what Peeta and Katniss did was part of the game makers plan and not to defy the capitol. Conditions in the districts have become slightly better as to keep the districts on their sides and prevent rebellion. One change in the Hunger Games is that the two tributes that are allowed to win do not have to be from the same district but MUST be allies, if the winning pair of tributes are not allies then both will be killed.