Hello, fellow Hunger Games fans! :) It is I, the awesometasteaful and super bubbly KATIEROSEFUN! (Or, you can call me other things, but we'll get to that later. :)) So, this is my story, in which I will present to you the scariest Hunger Games that has ever been recorded...kind of. HIGH SCHOOL. Ok, so I guess I know what you're thinking. There's been tons of stories like this before, I think. But I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope that you readers will appreciate my work anyways. ) So, thanks for checking out this story, and don't forget to review! No hater comments please! :) Luv ya bunches, katierosefun 3

Chapter 1.


High school. What's more terrifying than that?

I took a deep breath as I walked through the doors of the high school where I would be whisked into hallways and classrooms filled with other victims such as me. I had a flip-flopping feeling in my stomach as I walked to my homeroom. I automatically groaned as my eyes scanned the classroom. Of course, I was stuck with the worst classmates ever.

At the far side of the classroom, right next to the clear glass windows, was the ever-so popular posse that created fear from everyone…or created admiration from everyone.

I do not admire them. Whatsoever.

Glimmer, Clove, Cato, and Marvel were laughing by the sill, pointing out at students who, in their opinion, are pathetic excuses for human beings. I felt my jaw clench as Glimmer looked at me and whispered something in Clove's ear. Clove burst out laughing and she shot me a smirk. I felt my face heat up and looked down at my hands.

'So it begins', I mused to myself. The awful feeling of embarrassment began creeping up on me again as Clove shot me another smirk.

"Tough day so far?" My heart leaps with joy when I turn around. Gale Hawthorne was looking down at me, grinning teasingly. "Please." I say. "It's barely begun." Gale sat down in the seat next to me. "It'll get better." He told me reassuringly. I rolled my eyes. "Right, because high school is all about things becoming positive." I say sarcastically. Gale bumped me on the shoulder. "That's the spirit!" He said with the equal amount of sarcasm in his voice. We began laughing and we didn't bother stopping until the teacher came in the room. "Take your seats." She says and there was a temporary moment of chair shifting and students yelling at one another to sit by them. "Quickly, quickly." The teacher chided. The noise just became louder until everyone found their seats…except for Glimmer, Clove, Cato, and Marvel. "You four, why can't you find a seat?" The teacher asked sharply. Glimmer put a hand on her hip and said, "Well, you see, there aren't many good seats for us…" The teacher raised an eyebrow. "There are many empty seats." She said coldly and gestured around the room. Glimmer popped something in her mouth and I saw a rubbery blue substance in her mouth which I assume is gum. "Yeah, well, I mean there aren't any good seats for us." She circled around her little group. "Maybe the other kids will be alright with this place," Glimmer looked around the classroom and smirked. "But it's definitely not suitable for us." The teacher raised an eyebrow. She walked over to Glimmer and said, "It does not matter if these seats are suitable for you or not. Right now, I'm thinking the place suitable for you is detention." Gale shot me an excited look and I grinned. This was just about to get interesting.

Glimmer's face turned pink and she cleared her throat. The teacher pointed at the empty seats behind Gale and me. "You four. Get into those seats right now." I groaned inwardly as they sullenly filed into the seats behind us. Cato sat behind Gale while Glimmer sat behind me. Behind Glimmer was Clove, and behind Cato sat Marvel. Gale sighed to me and I could almost hear his voice in my head.

Gale: I hate this.

Me: I hate it more.

Gale managed to grin before Cato flicked him in the ear. Gale winced and turned around. He gave Cato his best glower but Cato pretended to examine his nails. Gale turned back around and let out an annoyed puff of breath.

"Looks like someone has been at the thrift shop lately." Glimmer whispered in my ear. I flushed and glared at her. Glimmer slathered on some lipstick and pouted at me. "Too bad for you." She said in false sympathy. I felt my face flush again. "Is there a problem back there?" The teacher asks us. Glimmer shoots her a sweet smile. "No, everything here is fine." She chirped. 'Give me your definition of 'fine'.' I thought bitterly to myself. Our teacher wrote her name on the board. "My name is Mrs. Birch." She says delicately. "I plan on being a good homeroom teacher for all of you, but I will not tolerate any snarky attitude, bullying, late assignments, et cetera." Mrs. Birch began handing out our class schedules. I glanced at mine and felt my heart float a little. Gale and I had the same classes. Maybe today won't be so bad, after all.

Right, because high school, again, is all about making things become positive.


"You know what I can never understand?" I say under my breath as we file into our seats for history class. "What?" Gale muttered. I put my books on my desk and sat down. "I don't understand why they bother teaching us all of this stuff if it's not going to be, well, USEFUL for us in the future." I say. Gale grinned. "That's an excuse for you to stop education altogether, right?" He says teasingly. I rolled my eyes and grimaced. "But it's true! Think about it, I mean, people should be teaching us how to push away dimwits and morons like them," I shoved my chin out at Glimmer and Cato, who, yay, were also in this class. "Instead, what do we do? We have to learn about stupid Rome and Greece." I finished and slumped back, satisfied with my argument. Gale opened his textbook and said lightly, "Rome and Greece were actually great empires that are admired and looked upon to start a civilization." I groaned and shut my eyes. "Well, none of us are going to start a civilization, I know that for sure." I snorted. Gale let out a whoosh of breath and he glanced at me smugly. "Maybe YOU won't, but I will." He said loftily. I began laughing and punched him on the shoulder. "Right." I say sarcastically. Gale shrugged and turned back to his textbook. I twiddled with my thumbs and stared into space while the history teacher began talking while Gale sat there, rapt with attention and taking notes as furiously as he could. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

Sure, Gale was amazing and fun and the best friend anyone could wish for, but of course, he was always paying attention to his studies when he can. He doesn't like it much, but he's always preparing for his life. He needs to focus on what life has stored for him, and other mumbo jumbo like that. Of course, Gale was mischievous, reckless, and sometimes the most stubborn person in the universe, but that's what I liked about him.

Besides, he's the only one who can take in my temper and have the courage to strike it back at me, which is just what I need sometimes.

I was just about to doze off when the door creaked open and a boy with blond hair peeked in. The teacher raised an eyebrow as the boy walked in and I felt my heart clench. Why was he here? Why, of all people, was he here?

"Sorry I'm late." The boy said apologetically and handed the teacher a pass. The teacher pointed to a seat next to Gale. "Sit there." He said stiffly and returned to the board. The boy nodded and walked over hesitantly to Gale. I took in a sharp intake of breath as the boy flicked a glance at me. He gave me a shy smile and sat down.

I closed my eyes, trying to keep myself calm. 'Don't look up.' I thought to myself. 'Don't you DARE look up.' Of course, I looked up and faced those bright blue eyes that the boy had. His eyes crinkled as he grinned playfully and I felt a flush crawling up my cheeks. I looked back down and cursed at myself.

I guess I should begin explaining why exactly I'm acting like some sissy who can't even look at a boy in the eye.

Peeta Mellark had been a classmate of mine for the longest time. I can't ever explain it. Every year, he's in one of my classes, or he and I always end up being together for school projects. Of course, Gale was always in every single one of my classes, but that was understandable because well, Gale was my friend. But Peeta? I barely know that kid. I guess he and I are on neutral terms, but ever since last year, I've noticed how my voice shook slightly around him, and how sometimes my heart would skip a little beat as though it was doing some sort of tap dance, and epically failing. I didn't want to believe it at first, but it was true. I liked Peeta Mellark.

I don't know exactly WHY I liked him. Maybe it was the way how his eyes jumped out at me, or maybe it was the way how he smiled, or laughed, or how he talked. I guess I just felt…safe around him. I don't know.

"Katniss, are you copying this down?" The teacher called up from his desk. I turned red as the class began snickering. "I will." I replied shortly and flipped open my notebook. I shot a glare at the back of Peeta's head. Why did he have to distract me?! Of course, it wasn't his fault, but honestly, why did he have to just BE there? I groaned inwardly and started on writing down the notes that were scrawled all over the board. The bell rang and I was rescued from complete boredom and the noise of scratching pencils.

"That was intense." Gale told me as we walked to our lockers. I shot him a look. "How was that intense? I found that extremely boring." I say with a huff. Gale raised an eyebrow at me and began laughing. "Maybe if you paid any attention to the class, you would find the lesson a bit more interesting." He told me. I rolled my eyes. "Please." I snort. "The only faintly interesting thing that happened today was Peeta coming in late." Gale pressed his lips tight together and looked down at me sharply. "Why would you say that?" He asked. I felt my cheeks flush. "What? All I said is that it was interesting that he came in late." I say. Gale sighed, disgusted and went over to his locker. I shot him a questioning look but he ignored me. 'Fine, give me the cold shoulder.' I thought snottily and opened up my locker.

Gale's locker was fairly close to mine, because we were organized by our last names. Just three lockers to the left from mine would be Gale's. I smiled to myself, thanking heaven that I wouldn't be completely alone.

The good feeling didn't last for long and the locker next to mine opened. "Well, well, well, if it isn't for Katniss Everdeen." A cold voice says from behind me. I felt my heart sink and turned around to look at Glimmer and Clove's sneering faces. "Glimmer." I say shortly, trying to fight the urge to scream. "What do you want?" Glimmer flipped her hair. "I want a lot of things, Katniss, but right now, I think I want you to move out of my way." She said and dabbed on some lip gloss. I rolled my eyes. "Glimmer, I'm not remotely close to your locker and trust me, I wouldn't want to come near it anyways." I snapped back at her. Glimmer raised an eyebrow and sneered. "Just go see a psychologist, why don't you." She says and looks at her reflection. I felt as though someone was kicking me in the chest. I clenched my hands, trying VERY HARD not to slap that girl silly. "Why don't you go see one?" I say angrily. Glimmer brushed her hair-honestly, it doesn't DO anything, her hair looks EXACTLY the same-and shoots me a sly glare. "Mm, I don't really need one, and I don't want to see one." She said and put the brush back. I grit my teeth, feeling annoyance and anger boiling in my veins. Thankfully, Gale came up from behind me just in time before I could smash Glimmer into a Glimmer-sized pancake. "Glimmer, get lost." Gale says swiftly and he leads me to our next class. I lost my cool the second we were out of ear shot from Glimmer. "Gah!" I screamed. "What is the matter with that b-" Gale slapped a hand over my mouth before I could let loose all of the words that popped into my head. "Relax, Katniss." Gale hissed at me. "Do you really want to be in detention on the first day of school?" I grit my teeth. "Gale, I can't stand her! Everywhere I go, she's in my face, trying to make me feel like a big pile of crap!" I say indignantly. Gale rolled his eyes. "Katniss, quit being such a drama queen and ignore it, like you usually do." He says. I crossed my arms and pouted. "I am NOT being a drama queen." I say stoutly. Gale had the nerve to crack a smile. "Suit yourself." He says and the rest of the class walked in. Our teacher, who called himself Mr. Baker, began droning on about the fascinating world of mathematics and how it will affect our future life. I translated this message into a way of saying, this lesson will bore you to tears but you will have to listen because if you don't, you are making a very bad mistake.

Grudgingly and reluctantly, I took down the notes and began listening to the lesson. By the time the class ended, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with equations and variables and exponents.

"I can't wait for this school day to end." I groaned as I picked up my books from my locker. Gale raised an eyebrow. "Why would that be?" He asked, closing his locker. I sighed. "Isn't it obvious?" I ask. Gale shrugged. "Come on, you, we've only got another class until break." He said and tugged me along. I sat down next to him and I felt a familiar heart-skipping feeling in my chest again. 'Oh my god, Katniss, don't think about it.' I thought to myself. I looked up, ready to copy down anything that the teacher had written onto the board when I realized that I was looking straight up at Peeta's face. He smiled shyly at me. "Is this seat taken?" He asked quietly, pointing to the seat that was on the other side of me. I felt Gale stiffen next to me. I force myself to grin. "Nah, that seat isn't taken." I say cheerfully. Peeta thanked me and plopped down beside me. Gale nudged me on the shoulder and hissed, "What is he doing here?" I shrugged. "Gale, it's fine." I say. Gale stood up. "Forget it." He said flatly and walked off to another desk. I cocked my head, wondering what the hell I did wrong. He glowered at me and didn't say anything to me for the rest of the lesson.