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"You need to keep a lower profile."

Dark eyes lazily glanced down to the owner of the voice and he raised a brow with not much concern, "What the hell for?" He asked, watching as Baby Beel cuddled into his chosen mother's rather ample chest.

"Your... antics are starting to attract attention," Kagome answered, staring at the text she had just received before pocketing it in her skirt, "I can assure you that you do not want to meet my Onii-san."

She had already warned him a few times about Sesshoumaru.

"I think I do want to meet him with the way you talk about him," His proceeding smirk was sharp and his fists clenched eagerly, "I bet it'll be a hell of a fight."

Kagome frowned as Beel began to cheer in her arms, obviously sensing Oga's mood, "He'd wipe you out in a second flat," She said bluntly, giving him a look and rolling her eyes, "I've told you that he's even stronger than Beel-chan's father."

Oga shrugged, "Isn't Beel's Pops the lord of Macau or something?" Still, the idea of a bout with the Sesshoumaru dude Kagome kept yapping about did heat his blood and sparked his urge to fight.

Also, he had no idea why, but the way Kagome spoke about Sesshoumaru with that idolizing tone always sent a wave of irritation through him for some reason.

"You mean Makai?" Kagome corrected with exasperation, blinking when Oga suddenly turned to her with a smirk that would send most running away in terror.

"C'mon, you're gonna take me to your 'Bro' so I can put a fist in his face!" The feeling only got stronger when Beel wiggled excitedly in Kagome's arms as he responded to his blood lust.

Kagome let out a sigh, seeing that she wouldn't be able to persuade Oga with words. Suddenly, a different sort of smirk stretched across her face when an idea abruptly hit her.

"What the fuc–!?" Oga cursed when she unexpectedly grabbed the front of his shirt and forcibly pulled him down to her height with a surprising strength for a girl of her small size. His eyes widened when he realized what she was doing when he felt a soft pressure against his lips, and any and all thoughts of fighting were swiftly erased from his mind.

She... she was kissing him!?

He was utterly speechless when she pulled back only a second later and her blue eyes twinkled mischievously up at him, "What's wrong, Oga-kun?" She asked teasingly, spotting the very slight tint of red on his tanned cheeks, "It was just a little kiss."

"You...!" Oga began, wanting to yell something to the laughing Kagome, but his brain seemed to have momentarily shut down. He huffed instead and turned away from the snickering Miko.

Kagome realized something when he didn't go some testosterone-fuelled rant and her smirk only widened in victory. Beel cheered at the sudden closeness his chosen parents had just experienced and she couldn't help but to tease him a little more.

"Did I just steal Demon Oga's first kiss?"