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I hear the thundering of his hooves from way behind us and gasp as panic grips me. I watch as Edward draws himself up, his wings opening out, trying to make himself as large and threatening as possible. He is a peaceful being, but he will not back down in this fight.

"Isssa!" His repulsive voice bellows through the stale air, it's the first time I've ever heard him shout and I'm terrified. He knows about Edward and me and he's furious. I don't dare think what will happen when he catches me. I'm frantically scanning my surroundings, looking for a hiding place. It's an automatic response, but one which won't save me, he can smell me too easily.

"Don't run." Edwards voice commands me and for a second I find his authoritative tone calming.

"But, he'll torture me." My eyes are swelling with tears as my fingers rake over the stubble on my head.

"He wants you to run. It will excite him. Stand your ground."

"But, Edward!" I throw him a desperate glance and gasp. He is poised at the edge of the drop, his head lowered but focused on me, his eyes burning with determination. His fists are clenched and his wings fully opened, stretching maybe twelve feet across. He is fiercely magnificent and I am momentarily transfixed by his graceful yet savage appearance.

"Isabella. Listen to me, I won't let him hurt you. I'll sacrifice myself first."

"No! You can't, not for me. I'm not worth it. Please Edward, no." I'm crying now, the tears streaming down my face and blurring my vision. He is too precious, he can't give himself up for me. I'll dive into the fire first.

He's getting closer. I can feel the ground vibrating under the force of his strides.

"Isa! You have betrayed me." I throw my hands across my eyes, kidding myself that if I can't see him, maybe he won't see me either. The shaking in my arms shocks me and brings on a fresh round of frantic tears.

"Oh, please God! Please. Oh, please God, no, no, no." I'm chanting, phrases which are meaningless in this kingdom. I know a merciful God won't be riding in to save me. I'm a worthless sinner. I've already been forsaken.

"Isabella," Edwards voice is still unbelievably calm. "look at me."

Sniffing back the tears, I drag my wrist across my streaming nose and turn to face him. My back to my assailant.

"I love you." His words are spoken in earnest, he means them. I look at him, preparing to sacrifice himself for me and I realize with absolute clarity that I love him too. This may be the only chance I get to tell him, so I take a deep breath.

"Edward, I. . ." I can't say any more as I'm hit from behind with the full force of a heavy, muscular body. The breath is forced from my lungs as I'm knocked to the dusty ground.

Across the divide Edward roars and it is the most primal sound I've ever heard, shattering the air around us, I can feel it reverberating in the soil beneath me.

"Leave her alone!" I'm stunned, he would seek to command the Devil. His bravery making my heart swell, loving him even more.

The devilish laughter vibrates above me and I try to drag myself away. He halts my crawl with a heavy hoof to the middle of my back.

"You're going nowhere. I clearly need to teach you some respect." He presses down a little harder and I feel a rib crack. The stab of pain making me cry out.

"I said, leave her alone." From my restricted position, I struggle to twist my head in the dust to look at Edward, the pain radiating through my chest.

"You think you may order me? Pariah. You hold no authority here. You are not your master."

"She is not significant. I am the prize you seek." I'm gripped by panic. Edward is going to hand himself over in the hope I will be spared. He is too naive. The Devil will lie, promise him one thing and take delight in refusing it later.

"Edward no, please, you can't do this." I can only manage a whisper, I'm struggling to get any words out under the weight of his leg, they don't reach Edward's ears.

"Quiet. You worthless whore." He slides his hoof further along my back, landing it on my cheek and pushing my face into the dirt.

"Let her go and I will cross." I can't speak. My face is being crushed. Tears streaming down my cheeks and pooling as mud in the dust below me. I can see Edward taking careful steps backward, preparing to jump. His mind is made up and I can't stop him. I can only watch in horror while he makes the leap that will cost him his freedom.

The repellent laugh booms above me and suddenly the pressure is released as he steps away.

"Isabella, can you stand?" Edward's voice. He doesn't look at me, his eyes are fixed on the devil behind me. I struggle to my feet, hugging my arms around my damaged ribs. "Good, now come to the edge, I might need you to catch me, if I can't quite span the distance."

My eyes widen, he knows his wings are fragile. What if he doesn't make it. He could be incinerated before my eyes and my heart would be extinguished with him. For the first time in my existence, I regret every wrong thing I have done in my life. All the small sins as well as the larger ones, everything which added up to an eternal sentence here. I shake my head and wring my hands, begging him to stop. "No! You can't do this, not for me I'm not worth it, please."

"This will be quite a show." The evil one steps further away, his laughter mocking my precious angel. I want to launch myself at him, scratch at his eyes and bite him as he has done to me, but I know I am nothing more than a fly compared to his strength.

Edward shifts his eyes to me. "Do you trust me Isabella?"

"Yes, absolutely." I don't hesitate.

"How touching. The doomed lovers." Sarcasm is thick in his tone.

I hold my breath as Edwards rocks back on his heel before running to the edge of the precipice and launching himself into the air. His wings beat and he soars upwards with perfect grace. I follow his path with my eyes and he calls out.

"Isabella, Jump to me!"

I don't think, I just do as he did, launching myself off the edge of the drop and close my eyes as I hurtle towards the burning lava. I grimace, expecting to feel the burn of the flames, but instead I am grasped firmly by a pair of strong arms.

The heat is intense and the fumes sting my eyes as Edward struggles to lift us both with his damaged wings. I cling to his chest, wincing against the pain of my broken rib and wrapping myself tightly around his warm flesh.

The Devil is incandescent with rage; dancing on the edge of the precipice, screaming curses to the dusty sky and hurling small stones at us. He has wings, but they are more for show, they could never lift his bulky frame more than a couple of inches off the ground. He knows he can't reach us. But worse, he knows he will be a laughing stock for allowing himself to be tricked and by an angel at that.

"I told you I'd think of something." Edward struggles to support us both, his battered wings beating slower as his muscles strain to keep us airborne.

Realization dawns, he's taking me across the river, to his side. I didn't stop to think what he would do with us, but he can't take me there, I will be incinerated. In panic I cry out.

"Edward, I can't stand on your soil."

He grimaces with the sustained effort of flying, we are just feet away from solid ground. He manages to grunt out."I asked you to trust me."

He touches down, keeping me held in his arms, a safe distance from the floor. I tighten my grip, terrified he might set me down. "You can't hold me up forever."

"I don't plan to." He is getting his breath back and stands a little straighter, stretching his back His wings curve gently forward, enveloping us behind a private screen of white plumes. I can't see the other side of the river or the snarling beast I've left behind. I can only see Edward. He looks deep in my eyes and the intensity of his stare mesmerizes me. I could happily bask in the depth of his eyes forever.

"Isabella, are you sorry for the wrongs you did in your past?"

"Yes. I wish I could go back and change everything bad I've ever done. But I can't." He nods, his lips pursed.

"You know that I love you." I gaze up at him and nod, my sweet and precious angel. "How do you feel about me?"

He closes his eyes, preparing himself for my response and I feel his fingers tighten their grip on me.

"Oh, Edward, I love you. So much." He drops his head back and laughs in relief. I frown, not understanding his questions. He loosens his arms and I start to slide down his body.

"No! Please, don't let me down! I can't stand here, I'll burn."

Still laughing he shakes his head and even though I am desperately scrambling against his legs, trying to keep myself in the air. My feet touch the ground.

I don't burst into flames. In fact I don't even warm up.

"How?" I'm astounded, stamping my feet and gaping at him, was it all a lie? Edward rubs a slender finger along my jaw, brushing away the remnants of the foul dirt from where I was held down, removing the final traces of my past.

"You repented. Granted, a little late but it still counts," I'm still confused and my scrunched up face reflects it. He chuckles softly. "And, you love me. Love is pure. That's what saved you. We will never gain entry through the gates, but we will be free to exist together here."

"Free?" I whisper the word, afraid to speak it too loudly in case I jinx us.

"Yes, free." He is beaming, radiant and I just want to kiss him all over.

"Edward?" He raises his eyebrows to urge me to go on. "Have you ever been kissed?"

He looks away and blushes. I take it as a no. I smile, he has been to heaven and got himself kicked out, risked himself over a pit of boiling to save a sinner and pulled a fast one on the Devil himself, but he's never been kissed. I need to put things right.

"Would you like to know how it feels?"

He looks at me shyly and nods. Ignoring the pain in my side, I slide my hands over the hard planes of his smooth, naked chest and upwards, tangling my fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck. Throughout it all, he keeps his arms rigidly at his sides, his hands balled into tight fists, but he does lean down a little and I raise up on tip toes to meet him. My lips press gently against his and I sigh at how right it feels to finally be with him. It's sensory overload for Edward. I feel his whole body trembling against me. I take pity on him and break away, keeping it simple and chaste. It is enough for now. Edward has an eternity to discover the joys romantic love has to offer.

So here, in a barren and smoky wasteland, an outcast and a repentant sinner found each other, fell in love and managed to save themselves. An eternity of time stretches before them, enough to see if they can make this place their own little piece of heaven.

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