Kayyy! New story! I really need to update others… my bad sorry fans! This story is a little sad at first and kinda wrong in a way so if you don't like sexual abuse…don't read it.(of course I'm not gonna describe it but it is implied) But yeah…I don't own Naruto!

I hear my bedroom door open and I immediately stiffen. I hoped that he was not having one of those nights again. The nights where he is too drunk to realize that I am not his wife but his daughter. The nights where he muffles my screams and tells me he loves me. The nights where he threatens to kill my little sister if I don't comply with his every word. Yup, I always hated those nights.

But hey, I'd rather it be me than my little sister. She's all I have in the world and I plan on keeping her safe, even if it hurts me in the process. I live for her as she does for me. You see, my mom died when we were very little and left us with that man. I once used to call him my father but ever since I turned 12, he was now my worst nightmare.

My uncle and cousin left as soon as my mom died. I don't know where but they just did leaving me and my little sister in this hell hole. I never understood why because me and my cousin, Neji, were like brother and sister along with my little sister. We played all the time and uncle, when he had time, did as well. But as soon as my mother dies they left without a trace. I don't think I'll ever understand.

So here I am in my room laying down waiting for that man to come and harass me like he always does. I'm not afraid anymore, like I used to be. He's done it so often that I'm immune to the fear and the pain. So I wait patiently.

"S-Sis?" I hear my 12 year old little sister whisper as she stood in the doorway. I immediately bolt out of bed toward her pulling her into the room and locking the door, not before checking the hallways for that man.

"What are you doing here Hanabi?" I hissed at her as I walked us to my closet and sat in it. If he were to come in here when Hanabi was in here he would be pissed and hit her too. I couldn't let that happen.

"I-I had a dream he killed you. It was too quiet so I wanted to check if you were alright." She said as I closed the door. I looked at her and sighed sitting down next to her bringing her into a hug as she whimpered a little.

"Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. I'd be damned if I left you alone with him." I said to her as I angrily thought of the things that man would do to my darling little sister. She was too young and I would die before I let that happen. I hated how that man brought fear into her young heart. I could not let what happened to me happen to Hanabi.

All of sudden we hear the front door open and slam closed and some muffled shouts. We knew that instant that he was home and not surprisingly drunk. I hear my sister whimper and I turn to her with a look of all seriousness.

"You know the deal. Since he's here don't move, close your eyes, and ears. I don't want him to know you're in here, okay?" I say the last word softly knowing my sister hatted what he did to me. She nodded slowly with tears in her eyes and I immediately wipe them away.

"Come on now be strong for your big sis, and I'll be strong for you." I whisper to her and kiss her forehead and stand up. I walk out the closet and took one look at my little sister closing her eyes tightly and placing her hands over her ears as tears flowed down her face, then closed the closet door.

I immediately rush over to my bed and act like I'm sleeping then realized that I locked the door. Damn. He hates when I lock the door. I hoped up and hurried to the door before he realized it was locked but I was too late. He already tried opening the door to find it locked. He started banging on the door.

"Damn it Hinata! Open this damn door before I break it down!" he yelled and I open it after taking a deep breath, readying myself for the pain I will receive in a few seconds. I open the door slowly and he then slaps me across the face. I yell out in pain knowing that if I don't he will continue to beat me till I do.

"Damn slut!" he yells as he kicks me in the ribs. "You know I hate when that door is locked. Do you want me to go check on your sister?" he asked angrily knowing that I would do anything he wanted at the mention of harming of Hanabi.

"NO!" I yell then noticed my mistake. Never yell at him he'll only get angrier. He kicked me in the same place again and I yell out in pain again.

"Who do you think you're yelling at!?" he asked me then pulled me by my waist length hair to my feet. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!?" he yelled and I looked at him trying my hardest not to glare at him and to look weak. He hates when I defy him. I do it once or twice a month which results in him beating Hanabi. I of course intervene before he could strike her more than once then he takes his frustration on me without even knowing it. What the power of sake does to a person.

He sighs then let goes of my hair and I fake a whimper. He pats my head and leans his head on the crook of my neck, taking in my scent. It takes all of my will power not to show my disgust. I fail though, shivering at how close he was and he of course takes it as anticipation.

He slowly starts to kiss my neck as he pushes me over to my bed. I hate this man. This man who I used call father. I hate him so much it hurts. He brought pain to me and my sister and I could never forgive him. I will always hate Hiashi Hyuga.

I let him ravage my body knowing that if I didn't he would inflict pain on my sister. I won't allow that to happen. I close my eyes and shut down all my senses and wait for him to grow tired. It didn't take too long since he was drunker than usual. After he was done he slapped me calling me a 'dirty whore' then stormed out of the room like it was my fault. I sat there starring at the door and waited till I heard the door next door slam and the creaking of his old bed.

I did my best to stand up, as I was sore all over, but failed falling back onto the bed. Hanabi, noticing that he was done with me, came out and immediately started helping me to the bathroom. She usually did this if she was hiding in the closet. He would have his way with me, I would be soar from the sex and the beatings, and Hanabi would help me bathe. Hey, what were sisters for?

"Why don't we leave? Why can't we tell someone?" Hanabi asked as she filled the tub up. She decided to jump in as well feeling dirty herself knowing what her supposedly father did to her sister.

"We will leave…when I turn eighteen, I'm going to take you way from this place and we'll live happily." I said to her as I washed her hair. She sighed.

"You don't turn eighteen for another two years." She mumbled and I sigh as well.

"Then I'll live this out for another two years then we'll leave." I said tiredly sitting back in the tub. Hanabi turned toward me, bringing her legs up to hug them into her chest.

"Thank you for loving me sis." She whispered to me and I feel a small smile turn up on my lips.

"You don't need to thank me. I'm your sister. I'm supposed to love you." I said pouring some water on her head causing her to pout. She smiles at me and we play in the tub for a little while longer. It was times like these that got me through the abuse. It just made my will to protect her grows stronger.

After a few more minutes of playing, we dried off and I walked her into her room. Sadly he separated us and I didn't want her to be in my room when he woke up. He would beat us both and as I said, I don't like him beating on my sister.

"Can you stay till I fall asleep?" she whimpered and I smiled at her.

"You know it." I say and she smiles back at me. I start humming a song our mother used to sing to us when we were little as she drifted into sleep.

"I love you Hinata." She whispered before she went to sleep and I smiled again then kissed her forehead.

"I love you too Hanabi." I whisper then with one last look, I leave her room closing the door quietly. I go down stairs to clean up the mess that he made knowing that if I don't, I'd get a morning beat down. Knowing how I felt now, I wouldn't make it after the second or third blow. As I said before, I'm immune to the pain, but it still does take a lot out of me.

After I finished, I look at the clock and see that it is six in the morning. I sigh knowing that it was pointless to go to bed now. I get up at six thirty. It usually ends up like this and I'm always late for school, I have to drop off Hanabi for I refuse to let her stay here alone with him. It was nice for my uncle to leave his old car with us. Hiashi still surprisingly had his car and is paying for it. My uncle's old car is being paid by him so I was glad I didn't have to worry about it. It is the nicest thing he's done for me since he left.

I get my clothes ready and since I already showered, I changed. I decided to go make myself coffee, to wake myself up. I sat down at the table and decided to read one of the school magazines that was sticking out of the magazine rack.

"Wide receiver gets recruited to play at Konoha University", Was the headline. As soon as I saw his picture I snorted and through it in the trash. It was no other than senior Naruto Uzumaki. He is an annoying blond haired, blue eyed, popular boy who messes with people. He sleeps around with girls and flaunts it. He picks on others and doesn't care about their feelings. I would know because he picks on me first handily.

You see, I am actually really smart so I skipped a grade. I'm a senior when I should be a junior. For that reason he picks on me because I'm practically a nerd. I honestly don't care for I have better things to do than to be one of his little toys to play with. Like getting a good education to get my sister out of this hell hole. That is my first priority and nobody is going to stop me.

I sigh and finish the rest of my coffee then wash the cup. I look at the clock and it's already seven forty five. My school started five minutes ago. I sigh again then decide to wake up Hanabi. She's probably tired but I cannot afford for her to stay home alone with him. I walk back up the stairs and enter her room and wake her up.

"Hanabi…I know you're tired but we have to get you ready for school." I whisper to her and she nods sleepily. I smile at her and go down stairs to make her breakfast. About thirty or so minutes passed and she was up and ready.

"Good morning Sis…thanks for breakfast." She said sleepily as she sat down in front of me. I placed a plate of eggs and toast in front of her and poured her a glass of orange juice.

"No problem…when you're done I'll drop you off. We don't want you to be late." I say as I start to was the pots in the sink. She looks at me as she continues eating.

"What about you? You're always late." She mumbled with her mouth full and I glare at her.

"What did I say about talking with your mouth full?" I asked sternly and she only smiles which causes me to smile also. "And for me being late…I'm way ahead so I don't think they mind." I said dismissively waving my hand. She nods and I smile then go to get our backpacks. I hand her hers then grab my keys as I walked toward the door.

We quickly arrived at Konoha Middle School and I stopped then turned to her with a small smile.

"Be good…and be careful. I'll pick you up then we'll go to work okay?" I say and she nods and gets out of the car. "Love you." I say under my breath and she obviously heard me because she called back saying 'I love you too' before she rushed into the school. It made me smile. I shook my head and decided it was time for me to finally get to school.

Hope you enjoyed!