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"Do you have a double six?"


"Gold fish."

"Guys…Were playing dominoes…" I sighed, annoyed. It was the third time they've done it this night. Uzumaki and Hanabi both started laughing at my distress. I couldn't help but smile. How could I not? Hanabi was happy so I'm happy…that was until I got this nauseous feeling. It's been happing since I got here.

"Hey Hinata, you okay?" Uzumaki asks as I put a hand to my stomach. Hanabi looks at me worriedly and I sit up immediately.

"I'm fine…the hotdogs are getting to me." I say with a grimace and Hanabi chuckles nervously.

"Well you did eat them with radish and I know you hate radish…Why'd you eat it anyway?" she asked me confused. I just shrugged. It was really good. I stood up, albeit wobbly and rushed to the bathroom. I had to puke.

I heard Uzumaki and Hanabi call after me but I refused to stop. I wasn't about to puke on a floor that wasn't mine. I slammed the door behind me and barfed out that hotdog and radish.

"Hey, open up!" Uzumaki yelled, banging on the door as I continued to hurl out my dinner.

"Sis!" I hear Hanabi yell worried. I stopped barfing after I heard her voice. I sighed and rested my head on the toilet seat.

"I'm fine." I sighed out then flushed the toilet. What is wrong with me today? First I'm eating radishes now I'm barfing. Maybe it was time to call it a day.

I got up from the floor and turned on the sink. I got my toothbrush ( I had one here just in case I decided to stay the night) and brushed my teeth so I wouldn't have vomit breath while talking to Uzumaki or Hanabi.

After I was done I slowly opened the door to see the worried faces of my sister and Uzumaki.

"Sorry guys…I think it's time for me to go. I don't want to get you guys sick." I say and step around them.

"I told you it was a bad idea for you to eat that stuff." Hanabi whined and I give her a small smile.

"I'll make sure to listen to you next time." I say and ruffle her hair. I turn slightly and see what Uzumaki was doing only for him to frown at me.

"Are you sure you'll be able to drive?" he asks me and I snort.

"I'll be fine." I say then smile at Hanabi. "It's time for you to go to bed." I say and she pouts at me.

"Can't you stay a little longer?" she whined and I pinch her cheeks a little.

"You know I can't. Plus I don't want anyone to get sick." I say feeling nausea sneaking up on me again. I sigh and take a deep breath, not wanting to bother them.

"Alright Hanabi, you heard your sister." Uzumaki says from behind us and she sighs sadly before giving me a hug.

"You'll come by tomorrow right?" she asks me sadly and I nod giving her a little kiss on her forehead.

"Of course…I can't tuck you in tonight. I'm a little late and you know how Hiashi is." I whisper to her and she reluctantly lets me go. She gives me one last quick hug before rushing into Uzumaki's room.

"Are you sure you can drive?" he asks me slowly and nod.

"Yeah. I don't live that far." I say and walk towards his front door with him following closely behind me.

"I'm counting on you to come back for your sister. How am I supposed to bring girls home with a brat in my room?" he jokes softly and I roll my eyes and give him a small smile.

"I'll come back tomorrow, promise." I say and he walks me to my car, opening the door for me, then I drive off.

Few weeks later…

I've been throwing up constantly and it was driving me mad. At times I wouldn't be able to eat at all, while other times I just want to eat everything and everything. On the bright side, Hiashi has been leaving me be.

Hiashi hasn't been coming home lately, which is good news. He's probably been at a whore house, but who the hell cares. I've been able to visit Hanabi longer than usual and that's a plus.

"Hey Hinata!" I hear and I immediately tune back into the conversation I was having with Tenten. "Geez, I've been calling you for like five minutes." She says with a frown and I sigh.

"Sorry. I haven't been feeling well. I think its food poisoning." I said moaning a little bit and she frowns at me.

"You've been throwing up for more than a week. What did you eat?" she asked me worriedly and I moan again.

"I had bad radish at Uzumaki's place a few weeks ago." I say and she looks at me funny.

"I thought you hatted radish…" she says and I only nodded.

" I do…but it tasted so good." I say and she sighs and shakes her head.

"You're as weird as your cousin…" she trails off and my eyes narrow at the counter. "Why don't you just talk to him?" she asks me in a sad voice and I scoff, forgetting about my aching stomach for a moment.

"There's nothing to talk about." I say angrily walking away from her.

"Yes there is! At least let him explain himself to you." She says chasing after me slowly.

"I know you probably love the guy, but I can't find it in myself to forgive him." I say then go into the back room.

"Well you're not getting out of here until you both make up." She says and it takes me the second she closed and locked the door to realize she just locked me in this room to make up with my cousin, if I should even call him that.

"Tenten! Damnit, open the door!" I yell banging on the door.

"Hinata." He calls my name and I angrily turn toward him.

"I have nothing to say to-" I growled out furiously.

"Just listen to what I have to say!" He yells out causing me to jump and I curse myself for it. I glare at him and wait for him to continue.

"I just want to explain my side of the story." He says in a quiet voice. I just continue to look at him and he takes the time to continue. "Father and I…we thought you were dead." He stated and had a look of confusion on my face.

"We thought you died in the same car crash your mom died in." he said.

"Why didn't you try to attend our 'funeral' then?" I spat out and he shook his head.

"Hiashi said that he didn't hold a funeral. He said that he cremated you guys and before we could get the address he hung up and skipped town." He spoke bitterly and I could tell by the look on his face that he was telling the truth and it made me nauseous.

"I hate that man so much." I mumble under my breath.

"If I knew that you two were alive I would have come sooner. I just got out of school and wanted to visit her…I didn't know that you were the friend she would always talk about." He said earnestly and I nodded as I sat on the ground trying to wrap my mind around the thought of Hiashi not allowing me and Hanabi to live with Neji and his father.

"I believe you." I said after a few minutes of silence. Neji looked at me surprised then sat down next to me. "I'm sorry for being rude. Its just…-sigh- I was angry for you not being there." I say as I look up to him and he nods.

"I wish I was there for both of you…Tenten told me…What Hiashi does." He whispered and I visibly stiffen.

"Why haven't you called the cops? Why didn't you at least tell somebody? What he's doing to you is wrong and he needs to be put awa-"

"Don't you think I know that!?" I interrupt him angrily. "I know what he does Is wrong and I know he should be put away but where would me and Hanabi go? I'm still a minor. They'll put us in a foster home. Who knows what would happen to us then." I say and I finally realize that I was crying. Crying, why? I had no freaking idea and it irritated me. Neji put his arm around me to try to comfort me.

"I know and I'm sorry for not being there-"

"Stop saying sorry!" I yelled angrily pushing him away. "I'm tired of sorries." I whispered, angrily wiping my tears.


"I think I'm gonna be sick." I say as I feel bile rising up from my gut. I rush over toward the trash can and throw up whatever was in my stomach and Neji's by my side in an instant.

"Are you alright?" he asked me worriedly and I nod only to throw up again. He holds my hair and rubs my back soothingly till I finish. God, what was wrong with me?

Few moments later…

"Why didn't you tell me you were claustrophobic?" Tenten yelled worriedly before pointing toward my direction.

"I didn't know." I whined after she handed me a water bottle. She went back to the front of the store to help the customers who started to complain.

Neji stood off in the corner staring at me intently and I looked back at him. "What?" I ask and he sighs before answering.

"It's nothing. I just want you to know that we're getting you out of that house." He said and It takes me a while to comprehend what he said.

"W-wh-what?" I asked surprised. He shook his head and gave me a small smile before walking over to me and taking my hand.

"I said we're getting you out of that house. We're going to get most of your stuff today and we're going to take it to my place tonight." He says and I open my mouth before closing it.

"I don't want you in that house any more than you do." He says and I respond by hugging him tightly. I could tell he was surprised at first but then hugged back. I let go and whispered a thank you.

"What about Hiashi? Won't you get in trouble? Can't you get arrested for kidnapping?" I panic and he chuckled.

"I'll deal with it. My father's a lawyer." He said with a smirk and I smile slightly at him. "Come on lets go now. The sooner the better, right?" he declared and I nodded happily. I haven't been this happy since Mom was alive. I was finally gonna leave that monster's house. Hanabi's safe…and maybe I'll be safe too.

Naruto's POV

She was late.

She was 23 minutes late. Normally I wouldn't be as worried. She would come in late all the time, but this time it felt different. Something was wrong.

"NARUTO!" the high pitched squeal brought me out of my thoughts. I looked to see a very annoyed Hanabi glaring at me through the mirror. I grin sheepishly at her. "I've been calling for you the last 3 minutes! I asked you to braid my hair not twist it." She pouted and I chuckled a little.

"I'm sorry…I was thinking." I replied and she rolled her eyes.

"Sure you were." She said sarcastically. "It's hard to think when there's nothing up there to use." She said nonchalantly. Wow. This brat has some nerve.

"You brat." I mumble and she only grins and sticks her tongue out at me.

"I wouldn't have to be a brat if only you braided my hair right." She said as she untangled her brunette locks.

"I'm a man. Men don't learn to braid in their lifetime." I say and she scoffs.

"Man my butt. You screamed when I brought a lizard into the house." She grinned and I frowned at her.

"I had a bad experience with lizards back in the day okay. I wasn't prepared to live that experience again." I said seriously and she giggles a little. I smile at her and we both exit the bathroom to sit on the couch.

"So what were you thinking about in there?" she asks suddenly and I'm brought back to the worried feeling I had moments ago. She was now 31 minutes late. Something was definitely wrong. "Something's wrong." I hear Hanabi whisper next to me. I turn to her and she's paler than usual.

"Yeah…I feel it too." I whispered to her before abruptly standing up. "I'm going to go get her." I say and she stands up too.

"I'm coming with you." She says determined and I shake my head.

"No. You're going to stay here where it's safe. Hinata would kill me if you got hurt." I said already putting on my jacked and snatching up my keys. She follows me toward the door and I turn toward her. She looked so worried and scared. " I promise that I'll bring your sister back." I whispered to her and she nodded before hugging me.

"You'll come back too, right?" she whispered into my stomach and I chuckled a little.

"Of course." I say and I was out the door in a flash.

Hinata's POV

We parked in front of the house and I felt my stomach drop. I think I was going to throw up again.

"This is it?" Neji asks from besides me and I nod hesitantly. "Alright, you stay in the car-"

"Hell no. " I cut him off immediately, reminding me of Uzumaki's and my conversation all those weeks ago. "You don't know where you're going. He's not supposed to be here at this time." I say and before he could protest I opened the car door. He followed behind me quickly.

I opened the door slightly only to flinch at the sound it made. I quickly got in and motioned Neji to follow. Once we were in I noticed the mess. Yes, the place was always a mess, but this time there were dishes broken and on the floor, smashed vases, broken picture frames.

"What the hell happened?" I asked and turned around to see Hiashi, beer bottle in hand, behind Neji about to deliver a killer blow. "Neji look out!" I screamed but he seemed to already know for he ducked causing Hiashi to miss and break the bottle on the wall, spilling all of its contents.

He pushed Hiashi back with sheer force before knocking him into the counter in the kitchen. I've never been so terrified in my whole life.

"Hinata get out of here!" he yelled out and I shook my head. I wasn't leaving without him.

"I'm not leaving without you Neji!" I yelled back angrily only for Neji to be pushed back into me. I did my best to catch him, but him being to large fell on top of me.

"Hizashi…and…Hitomi…I knew…I knew yu boft likeded eachover." Hiashi slurred angrily. He must be real drunk. He just called me my mother's name. He was delusional.

"You…" he said pointing at me. "You was alweez tooooo nice to hims…" he said angrily before walking over toward the fridge and opening up another beer. Neji helped me up and he stood protectively in front of me. I was really glad for that.

"Hiashi…I'm taking Hinata out of this house-"

"YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING!" he yelled on the top of his lungs. It sounded surprisingly sober but it scared the shit out of me.

"I knew…I always knew-hic-I always knew of yours relaship…You didn't hide it…you didn't hide it good enouf." He slurred and walked toward us.

"Go upstairs and get your stuff. I'll deal with him." He ordered and I immediately bolted up the stairs, ignoring the sounds of flesh hitting flesh and Hiashi calling my mother's name.

I ran toward my room and pulled out a duffle bag from under the bed and started to stuff my clothes into it. I ran to the closet and took out a box of hidden pictures and stuffed it into the bag before rushing down stairs only to find Neji being held at gunpoint. Where the hell did Hiashi get a gun?

I dropped my bag on the ground. He was going to hurt Neji…hurt Neji. My legs moved on their own and all I heard was a gunshot.

Naruto's POV

I heard a gunshot come through the house and I hopped of my bike and sprinted toward the house without thinking. Hinata could have been hurt. I went toward the door and rammed into it without thinking. Without caring.

"This wouldn't have happens H-Hitomi if only…if only yo've stay loyal." I heard Hiashi in the kitchen and I immediately rush into it. Hinata was on the ground bleeding. Hinata's been shot. I didn't care for the Hyuga kid who called her name or the drunk bastard who pointed the gun at both of them. There was blood coming out of her stomach. I didn't even know us humans had that much blood in our bodies.

I slowly looked towards Hiashi who kept on blabbing on and I looked back to the bleeding Hinata and I felt something snap. With a battle cry I charged at Hiashi, pushing him to the ground all while knocking the gun out of his hand.

"Get Hinata the FUCK out of here!" I yelled angrily glaring at the Hyuga than continued to beat the living SHIT out of the bastard beneath me.

The bastard who shot Hinata.

The bastard who installed fear into Hanabi.

The bastard who beat and RAPED Hinata.

All my anger bottled up from the times Hanabi would cried herself to sleep wishing that her sister was there, from the times Hinata would show up to school with a new bruise. All that anger was channeled into the punches I threw to his face.

My knuckles were bloody but I paid them no mind.

He begged me to stop. He had the galls to beg me to stop. Did he stop when Hinata or Hanabi begged him to stop? I wasn't stopping anytime soon. I heard sirens outside but I continued to smash his face in. It wasn't until I was forcedly removed from him that I stopped. I yelled and cursed at the bastard and struggled to continue to KILL the bastard.

"Your girlfriend is in the ambulance. I'm sure you'd want to go with her." One of the police officers said over my yelling and it snapped me out of my rage fit.

"W-what?" I whispered and he repeated his sentence and I rushed over toward the truck before they took her away. I hopped in and sat next to her as they did their best to stop the bleeding. I held onto her hand and squeezed it hoping for her to squeeze back but her hand was limp in mine.

I didn't know when we arrived at the hospital. All I thought about was Hinata. All I could think about was Hinata and how she was injured and could die. All I could think about was her.

"I'm sorry sir. This is where you'll have to stay." The nurse said as I tried to enter the ER. I wasn't' having any of that.

"I want to be there when you do the surgery." I say and she shakes her head.

"You'll have to wait for her here. I'm sorry." She said then she disappeared behind the ER doors.

Few hours later

The police officers had come to ask me questions and I refused to answer any questions until I knew that Hinata was alive and well. He told them his address and told them to get Hanabi. She needed to know what was going on. After they left the Hyuga came and I snap again.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask with so much venom in my voice it gave me chills. He glared at me and continued to walk. I reached out and grabbed the collar of his shirt and pushed him into the wall. "I asked you a FUCKING question!" I yelled in his face and before he could retort, the ER doors opened to view the nurse who held him back all those hours ago.

"Sir." She said with a crestfallen look and my stomach dropped. It was silent for a few more moments and I used those moments to build up the courage to ask her the question that I dreaded to ask from the beginning.

"Is…Hinata…Is Hinata…dead?" I ask her and she shook her head and I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding until I saw her face was still grim. "What's wrong?" I ask and she sighs.

"She was pregnant…and the bullet killed the baby."

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