Warnings: violence, angst, Dark!Naruto, change to a lot of Canon Naruto, time travel, Shounen-ai, and sexual content (that follows fanfiction's rules. The full scenes will be posted on ao3).

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Blue eyes narrowed. Tense teeth clenched. When he woke up and saw that Sakura was holding a kunai against his throat, betrayal flittered through his mind.

"What's this all about?" he asked, slowly taking in the situation.

This was an ambush, and yet no one else was with her. He scanned the room; no other sources of chakra were detected. Did she really think she could kill him herself?

She stood, hushed by an anger that started to define more and more on her features. Her hand shook and her gaze sharpened as she straightened her back. "You've ruined everything."

Ruined...everything? He couldn't even recall the last time he even talked to Sakura. Let alone how he "ruined everything."

"This is the first time I've even heard of this." The kunai was now biting into his flesh. Blood trickled from the wound.

"Get off of me or I will hurt you," he said calmly.

She ignored his warning as she continued to rant. "I have to kill you before you ruin all of our lives. First, you take Sasuke, and now you want to push out the elders. No one messes with the new elders. No one." Her voice was so cold.

This was all so out of character but it didn't surprise him. He had a sneaking suspicion on who was really behind this. He knew that this was bound to happen sooner or later.

After a pause, he realized where he left his ninja tool last night. Slowly, he reached under the pillow for his hidden kunai as she continued to talk.

"And to think Sasuke chose you. It's insulting - "

When the kunai was in his grip, like a flash, he slashed upward and disappeared, leaving feathers in his wake. Sakura gritted her teeth in frustration as he hopped out the window.


He would need more manpower, but he couldn't risk Sasuke getting hurt. Hopefully, the focus would remain on him and not Sasuke. Worry etched into his face. He had to get to the Uchiha district regardless.

He knew that if there were a bunch of chakra sources in one place, Sasuke would investigate. Naruto couldn't let that happen; he had to warn him to stay out of it. But would Sasuke actually heed his warning? Naruto shook his head. It was better than the latter that was for sure.

Channeling his chakra to his feet, he jumped from building to building. Even if they make the slightest scratch on him, Naruto knew he wouldn't be able to hold back. His eyes tapered to slits. He'd kill them all.

The air whistled behind him. He quickly turned around and knocked the shurikens out of the air. About ten men circled around Naruto wearing ANBU masks.

"By order of the high elders and the Hokage, you are hereby under arrest."

Under arrest, his ass. They weren't just going to confine him to imprisonment, and he knew their game. Maybe it was the whole betrayal issue that made his head feel as if it had its own pulse, or maybe it was his hate for the ANBU, but flickers of Kyuubi's chakra magnified the feeling ten times over. His betrayal conformed into anger, and anger fleshed out into high levels of rage.


His rage was palpable and unbridling as he venomously spat those words out before making 20 clones. They all had a kunai and he followed them into the attack. Focusing all of his chakra into his ninja tool and forearm, Naruto went for the one with the weasel mask first. He used his wind chakra to give the strike an extra push to slice all the way through his skull.

"Eat shit…!"

More wrath fueled his jump to the next attack. All he saw was red. Moments passed before he realized he had summoned his Rasengan fifteen times, tearing each victim's body to shreds.

He needed to stop his anger from getting a hold of him. This wasn't the first time this happened though. And he certainly didn't report it to the higher ups when he was on a mission and someone was stupid enough to go for Sasuke.

He placed a body down before going lax, unfurling his fist.

All he's ever done was strive to help the village. Protect it and keep it safe from all who wished to harm it. Did they not see his effort? Did they not appreciate his sacrifice?

"What did I tell you, kid? The village was never going to accept you. It might be a little inappropriate, but I did earn the right to say I told you so." Kyuubi's cynical voice startled him.

His anger burned bright once more.

"I know, I know!" Naruto snapped. "You were right and I was wrong."

"You don't need to get snarky, but, yes, I'm glad you recognize it. Why don't we go and kill everyone while we're at it? I feel up for a little more blood-shedding. How about you?"

"We need to warn Sasuke first."

"The Uchiha? Why? I'm sure he can fend for himself."

"You heard the ANBU. The Hokage and the elders issued the arrest order. Do you know what that means? Everyone in the fucking village is gonna have to fight. We can't have Sasuke going to check it out when everyone is out to get me. I'm sorry, but Kakashi and the Hokage are gonna be tough opponents. We can't have him trying to defend us. He coulddie." The thought left a sour taste in his mouth.

"...whatever you say. But we need to go soon. They're probably on their way."

Naruto jumped and sprinted towards the Uchiha district. It would only be a few minutes until he saw Sasuke one last time.

Then, appearing like a flash before him was Sakura, attempting to punch him in the stomach. He flipped Sakura's arm towards her, propelling the force back. She stumbled away from him in a daze before attempting to attack him again. His grip on his kunai tightened before going for her head. She dodged.

The fight sounded like a bunch of clashing metal. He attacked, she dodged—roles constantly reversed. Their dance of anger continued until Naruto performed his Clone Jutsu. Unable to dodge in time, Sakura was knocked to the road. Her head slammed into the ground hard.

"You're not getting around me," she said, her breaths coming out in short pants.

Naruto stood across from her. Sakura was out of his league.

"Sorry to cut this short, but I've got somewhere I need to be."

He needed to end this in one blow, but he didn't want to kill Sakura. She was his childhood friend and he still held her dear to his heart. However, she was no longer his; she was no longer the Sakura he once loved like a sister.

The hands signs came naturally but felt out of place. He wasn't on the training grounds or dueling with Sasuke. This was Sakura, not Sasuke.

"Shadow Style: Dragon Plaque!" It was a jutsu that Sasuke taught him for a quick kill or, at least, a distraction.

A tiny shadow-clad dragon zipped around before landing on Sakura's skin. The effect was immediate. Her skin began to slowly blacken as the dragon swirled like ink, spreading quickly all over her body. She swatted at the dragon, but the effort was futile. The paralyzing poison was already starting to take effect. Her eyes started to glaze over and her body stiffened.

"What did you do to me?"

Her voice came out nothing more than a squeak despite her attempts to yell; it was only a shadow of her former voice.

He said nothing despite the urge to do so. He turned back to the task at hand.

He just needed to see Sasuke. He neared the gates that led to the entrance of the Uchiha district and pushed the squeaky frame open before sprinting to his house.


Yelling into the stillness felt wrong, like he was disturbing the dead. Sasuke still lived here but his presence seemed almost nonexistent. He yelled once more, this time screeching his name. Coming closer to his room, Naruto's yelling became more frantic, adrenaline surging in his veins and desperation clawing at his insides. He hoped Sasuke was alright. Naruto slammed the doors open.

Sasuke was sitting up on his bed, tense with aggravation. He pinned Naruto with a glare. A "what?" staggered through clenched teeth.

"They finally did it," Naruto huffed out.

"Did what?"

"You know—it."

Impatience quickly replaced confusion.

"So they finally did it, huh? I didn't expect for it to happen so quickly."

"Just please, don't come. This is my fight. I just came here to tell you before you would sense it."

Sasuke's fists gripped his blanket so hard his knuckles turned white. "Are you telling me that I can't help my best friend, that you want me to stay in this shit hole without helping you?"

Naruto gave a weak smile. "Yeah, I know, but trust me. Please don't come. I don't want your death on my hands."

"That's complete bullshit." Sasuke was seething. His face was blank but his jaw was clenched tightly and he could heard his teeth grinding from within.

A moment of silence passed by until Sasuke pushed the blanket away from him and hopped onto his feet. "Yeah, right, like I would let you do this without me. I'm going."

Naruto grimaced and tried to plead with his eyes.

Sasuke shook his head in response. "I don't care. I'm going."

"Why can't you ever listen to me?" Naruto sighed. "I guess I had no choice either way, did I?"

Sasuke gave a curt nod before briskly rummaging through his closet for his stealth gear, but a light tapping made them both freeze on the spot. They were here.

He motioned to Sasuke to hurry up and pressed his ear against the door. The tapping stopped but he knew they were there. He heard a sharp intake of breath and jumped back from the onslaught of shuriken.

Naruto looked back at Sasuke's half naked body before throwing a flurry of chakra-charged kunai at the intruder. The intruder evaded the attack and Naruto's fist connected with his stomach. The masked assassin's body fell to the ground. Naruto grabbed the kunai and slit the man's throat.

"You ready? he said.

Sasuke came out of the room while adjusting his ninja pouch to his hip.

"If you're really coming along, we have to go now."

Sasuke gave a noncommittal grunt before nodding.

They both looked at each other as the sound of several feet heading their way permeated the house.

They nodded at each other before Naruto moved towards the back exit. They started to run. Judging from their noisy entrance, the intruders weren't experienced enough to mask their presence from them. He could've taken them down, but their forces would probably lock them inside the Uchiha district. It was too confining and performing huge jutsus would be difficult.

They barreled through the village with no one in their way. However, Naruto knew something was brewing. The village was too quiet, too empty for someone they wanted dead.

"A lot of chakra up ahead."

Naruto knew what that meant; he expected no less from the new Hokage.



"If we die, or if I die, I just want to thank you."

Sasuke gave him a curious look. "For what? We're not going to die. I doubt they could kill us."

"We could be the best in the whole universe, but a force of a hundred could deplete our chakra— not to mention Kakashi and the Hokage are somewhere in the mix."

Sasuke never replied, so Naruto continued. "I want to thank you for always being there for me. I, uh…never told you this before, but…I love you."

Sasuke inhaled sharply before exhaling.

Naruto knew it was a lot to put on Sasuke, especially considering this could be the last time they could ever talk freely again, but he had to say it. He'd die in contentment knowing that Sasuke knew his true feelings.

As they closed in in the chakra mass, anticipation for the upcoming battle skyrocketed. All thoughts of the love confession had to be cast aside. Despite this, Naruto was relieved.

"And our two favorite ninja finally arrive!" Kakashi presented them sarcastically.

The others behind him giggled, but he glared intently at the two. Naruto didn't know when Kakashi started to hate them. Maybe when Iruka died or when the new Hokage put false thoughts in his head. It was probably the latter.

Several questions burned at the forefront of Naruto's mind. Yet he brought forth only one from his lips: "Why assassinate me now?"

Kakashi paused. "Because we know what you were up to. No need to play dumb. You know perfectly well what I'm talking about."

He didn't know what exactly set them off; there were so many things he could be talking about. He held his tongue. It didn't matter anyways. This battle and making it out alive was the only thing he should focus on.

Naruto took a deep breath.

"Let's cut the chit-chat. It's a little too boring for my taste." This was not the Kakashi they once knew. It hadn't been Kakashi since he went insane from his life partner's death. They weren't mad at him though. Everyone seemed to be underneath some sort of spell when it came to hating Naruto. Could this be from the Hokage or someone higher up in the chain of command?

"I agree!"

Naruto appeared before Kakashi and kicked his head. Kakashi dodged before flipping backwards. Naruto didn't give him a chance to land. He was right beside him and summoned two clones that each made a Rasengan.

Kakashi slashed one and dismissed it, but failed to get the other. It crashed into his side and he landed hard. Naruto's hand met Kakashi's face, pounding it further in the dirt.

Not even a complete second passed.

"You think I'd let you kill me so easily?"

Kakashi's voice came from 20 meters behind him. He looked down and saw his fist broke a substitution doll.

Naruto could sense him coming at high speed and dodged the attack by ducking to the side. Before Kakashi could retract his fist, Naruto threw a kunai. A fluid dodge by Kakashi allowed Naruto enough time to form hand signs.

"Wind Style: Two Swords!"

A wind-like sword appeared in each of his hands before he ran towards Kakashi's direction. Kakashi performed the hand signs to his Lightning Blade. The two of them clashed, wind against lightning, and they fizzled out on impact. His instincts automatically went on the offensive and he sliced Kakashi's left arm.

It made Kakashi drop to the ground and scream, clutching at his empty arm socket. He tried not to feel bad, but he couldn't help feel something stir in his stomach when blood spurted out.

His eyes darted away from the wound. Kakashi was still his teacher. Naruto berated himself for thinking about it too much. He was trying to kill him and those thoughts didn't belong in a battle.

Kakashi glared at him, rage scaling from the depths of his eyes. The unarmed man got to his feet again and barreled towards him. He took his kunai out and, blinded by rage, started the feral attack. There was no rhythm to it and Naruto found it difficult to predict his movements.

This went on for a while. With only one arm hindered Kakashi immensely. The force behind his attacks were deadly.

Naruto dodged almost all the hits and punched him back. It was him thinking too much again.

"Naruto, hurry up! I'm almost out of chakra." Sasuke's voice jolted him out of his naïve mindset. He had to finish this battle—and quickly. There was no sparing him; Kakashi had to die. He was reluctant, but he motioned the hand signs anyways.

"Earth and Ice style: God's Wrath!"

Rocks leapt from beneath him and attached themselves to Kakashi. After a moment, the jutsu did its job; ice spiked up at the ends of the rocks and pierced his body. Naruto watched as Kakashi fell limp.

Kakashi Hatake was dead. He tried to take his mind off of it, but his eyes were glued to his dead body. He had to let go, he thought as he turned to Sasuke. He couldn't dwell on the past; he had to refocus on the present.

Sasuke was holding them off rather well. To the untrained eye, Sasuke did not look exhausted or almost out chakra; but, to Naruto, the Uchiha looked tired.

He rushed over to his side and combated alongside Sasuke. They fought and fought until they couldn't go on any longer.

Sasuke was the first one to run out of juice. He collapsed, but Naruto was there to fight for his best friend. The people surrounded him in a circle. He tried to fight all of them and protect Sasuke, but there were too many. He even resorted to tapping into Kyuubi's chakra, though, there were still too many.

Something fishy was going on. It was more than the Leaf's forces. He knew he and Sasuke defeated more than a thousand ninjas, yet there was no end to them. Who did the village go to for help?

Naruto's body ached terribly. The never-ending wave of ninjas didn't stop. He slashed and slashed, yet the rounds never changed even after all his efforts. He couldn't move anymore. After a day and a half of fighting, he couldn't do it anymore.

Sasuke woke up that very moment. He probably sensed that these would be his final moments. Naruto stood, frozen by the haze of ninja stars thrown at him. They were biting into his skin. Time stood still. A ringing started in his ears as Sasuke screamed his name. He couldn't hear it but smiled anyway. At least, Sasuke was alive. That was all that mattered to him.

Heavy eyelids slipped. It felt as if the ground beneath him caved in. Blackness darkened his vision. As he fell towards death "Sasuke…" was whispered ever so softly.

His friend was crying so hard for him that the other ninjas just looked on—said nothing, did nothing. It was just him they wanted.

Naruto couldn't finish the thought. He could only embrace death.

Life wasn't linear. It was like a circle that never fluxed and never broke. Kyuubi knew that she would be reborn again as another Tailed Beast in a different universe. Her nine tails wouldn't be guaranteed in the trade between universes though. She didn't want to be Ichibi again.

However, this world wasn't all that bad. She liked her host and she didn't have to socialize with the other Tailed Beasts. It was perfect. That is until Naruto had to go and die on her. Stupid human. Just like all the hosts' deaths before him, Naruto appeared before her. Only this time she actually liked this one. Sanbi always did like to say there was a first for everything.

"You're going to die." She didn't feel like beating around the bush this time. She had to convince him now.

"Yeah, I know." His voice was meek.

"Do you want to live?"

He looked at her as if she was stupid. His look said, "Who wouldn't want to live?"

"Of course I do, but it's impossible..." His voice trailed off.

His pathetic voice. It annoyed her. "Of course it's not impossible. Well, it would be for anyone except me."

Hope made its way into Naruto's eyes. "Of course! I could tell Sasuke, and we can move before they attack."

"Not that kind of time travel."

Naruto looked confused. "Then what kind of time travel are you talking about?"

"I'm going to undo your time book. Or in simplistic terms, your body's age and the events that came with it."

"But then I won't remember anything and might die again."

"No, dumb-ass. I'll absorb your memories and give them back to you when I am sealed inside you again."


"Hurry up and give me your permission. This pesky seal won't let me do it without it."

"I give you permission to go back in time…?"

Kyuubi felt her belly burn before the cage opened. Naruto stepped inside and she gathered all of her energy into a ball before sealing them. She grimaced as she dreaded the notion of undergoing all that recovery from energy loss.

All would be well though. She would have her nine tails and wouldn't have to be stuck with some other human she didn't like. It was a win in her book. As she guided them to their destined point in history, Naruto's body started to change. They both disappeared to their designated places. She, in Kushina's chakra core, and Naruto, in her womb.

It was going to be a long eight months.