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Chapter 4

Harry's last month with the Dursleys was interesting. Both Petunia and Dudley were even more terrified of him now that he knew the full extent of his abilities. If it were not for the rigorous studying Harry was doing to learn everything he could about magic before heading to Hogwarts he would have spent some time toying with the Dursleys. But as things stand now they were mere insects to him, an inconvenience certainly however not one of any significance. So they settled into a routine of completely ignoring each other for the month of August.

Packing his belongings quickly with the help of his now traceless holly and phoenix feather wand, he ensured that the books and items of a more sensitive nature were hidden in the secret specially warded compartment of his trunk. Usually 11 year olds do not get such trunks from a normal magical luggage store, however when you are the boy-who-lived and are accompanied by Lucius Malfoy most shop owners cave to the pressure.

Thinking about Lucius Malfoy, Harry pulled out the book on Wizard Genealogy he bought and looked up the Malfoy Family tree. He had already looked up the Potter tree and was surprised to find that he was distantly related to the Malfoys via Narcissa Malfoy nee Black as Harry's own Grandmother was a Black before she married a Potter. Now he was looking to see who the current Head of the Black family was and if they had any children studying at Hogwarts, Harry knew that Voldemort already had his hooks in the parents so it would be hard to woo them to his cause, however he would take their children. His search led him to Sirius Black who is currently incarcerated at Azkaban and has been for the last 10 years. Seeing that he had no heir and thus there were no Blacks currently studying at Hogwarts Harry shut the book and packed it with the rest.

Before leaving for the station Harry popped into the Living room smiled at his aunt and said "Well Auntie I'm off to Hogwarts."

Looking a little shocked at being spoken to by the boy Petunia just quivered and nodded nervously.

"Come now auntie no tearful goodbyes for your dear nephew, no hugs and kisses?" mocked Harry.

"Well I don't care if you do not have any presents for me because I've got a present for you." Said harry in a sing-song voice, eyes glinting with malice he pulled out his wand.

Seeing the wand Petunia's face lost what little color it had left and Dudley just squealed and hid behind his mother.

Pointing the wand at Petunia Harry calmly intoned Petrificus Totalus, and petunia was frozen below the neck.

Pointing his wand at the Door and window's Harry cast a quick Silencio so that the neighbors do not interrupt his going away present.

Then he summoned Dudley and bound him to the Coffee table. Looking directly into the terrified boy's eyes Harry started pulling on his blood, he had learnt earlier that month that his ability to manipulate blood was something normal wizards could not do, quite similar to his ability to speak to snakes, while further reading had come up with the fact that Voldemort could speak to snakes Harry had yet to find another Wizard who had so much control over blood. In fact the closest match he could find was a water elementalist as blood was comprised mainly of water, however Harry knew he was not a water elementalist as not even they could control water with the finesse that controlled blood with.

Harry snapped out of his thoughts at the first of Dudley's screams, looking down he saw the boy was starting to bleed from his nose and ears. Satisfied that the boy was in enough pain Harry looked up at Petunia and removed the silencing charm.


"Anything you say?" mused harry with a thoughtful look on his face.

Seeing that the boy was considering it Petunia renewed her pleas, "Yes anything!, please don't hurt him anymore."

"Hmm well, no." With that Harry pulled out his knife and quickly made two incisions on dudleys right wrist, not deep enough to be fatal but deep enough to put the boy on suicide watch.

"Oh dear, looks like poor Dudley was having suicidal thoughts better get him to the hospital quick Petunia…." Said harry in a tone that would have been sincere if not for the silly grin on his face. Then before walking out the door he looked over his shoulder and in a nonchalant voice stated "Oh and the paralyzing charm should wear off in about fifteen minutes."

Psychological torture was always something Harry preferred to physical torture, not because he did not like the sight of blood and bones quite the contrary in fact he liked the sight of blood so much he always ended up killing his animal test subjects before satisfying his desire. However with psychological torture he could ensure that they live and still have all the fun in the world, it was like getting to have the cake and eat it too.

As he walked down the driveway Harry whistled to himself while subtly flicking his wand at his Aunt's car all four wheels immediately went flat. This combined with the fact that the petrificus totalus spell he cast should not wear off for at least half an hour should push his aunt a step or two closer to insanity. Pity he could not be there to witness the whole ordeal unfold but such was the unfairness of life.

Getting to Kings Cross station was fairly easy, however it was here that Harry ran into a problem. Looking at his ticket for the first time he realized he had no clue on how to get to platform 9 and ¾. Walking up to platform nine he looked over to the next platform and was not surprised to find the number 10 displayed on a big blue plastic sign. Closing his eyes Harry focused on listening to the people around him figuring that there had to be other people looking for the train. It was 10:40 am right now and the train is supposed to leave at 11 so Harry figured that if worst came to worst he would just go to the leaky cauldron and use the floo address Lucius had given him and request a favor from the Malfoy Lord. This of course was a last resort option as Harry did not want to be in debt to anyone, especially not Lucius Malfoy.

As Harry was contemplating going to the Leaky cauldron he heard the words "so many muggles, now what was the platform number again dear?"

Snapping his eyes open he looked in the direction the voice had come from and spotted a large family of red heads, they looked so out of place in the muggle world that Harry was sure they were a wizarding family.

Growing up in an abusive environment had honed Harry's ability to detect the smallest of details in a person's emotion, voice and tone and the first thing his instincts told him about the woman's tone was that she was throwing out words like muggle on purpose and that the whole thing screamed of a setup. His mind catching up to his instincts then pointed out that at least three of the five children in that family seemed to be older than Harry himself so it seemed very unlikely that a woman who has made this trip to the station multiple times before would forget the name of the platform.

Thus deciding to follow what both his instincts and mind were telling him, Harry stepped away from the platforms and observed the family.

Looking at them he noticed the tallest red haired boy walk with his cart towards the barrier between platform 9 and 10 and just as he was about to crash into the wall simply walk through it.

Understanding all he needed to know from the first observation, Harry simply decided to wait until the rest of the red head clan went through the barrier before going himself.

After what seemed like an eternity the mother and the daughter walked through the barrier with ten minutes left on the clock, Harry noted that the mother was looking around as if she was searching for something, this just confirmed his theory that the woman was sent her to keep an eye out for him.

With a confident gait, knowing that most magic was based on intent and belief Harry walked through the barrier. On the other side he was greeted by a scarlet steam engine and a lot of adult wizards and witches seeing off their children.

Quietly weaving through the crowds Harry made it onto the train and found an empty compartment to sit in. He knew that Draco would eventually find him and so settled down, pulled his trunk from his pockets and removed a book on transfiguration to read.

His peace was broken a few short minutes later by the sound of the door opening, looking up from the book Harry saw that it was the youngest of the red head males.

"Is it ok if I sit here, everywhere else is full." Stated the boy nervously.

Looking at that the boy for a few seconds Harry simply nodded and went back to his book. A few more seconds of silence ensued before the boy opened his mouth again to speak.

"Thanks and I'm Ron…Ron Weasley by the way."

Again Harry simply nodded without looking up from his book. The train started moving and this allowed for a few minutes of silence before the boy spoke again.

"What's your name?"

Snapping his book shut loudly Harry looked up into the eyes of Ronald Weasley and spoke in a soft tone, "Ronald Weasley, hmm I remember reading about your family. All red heads, male for the last three generations until your sister Ginerva, poor as dirt because your grandfather and namesake Ronald Weasley was stupid enough to oppose Abaraxas Malfoy."

Seeing the boy's face go through a myriad of emotions Harry continued, "Your mother Molly Prewitt was the sole heir to the Prewitt line as her two twin brothers Fabian and Gideon died in the last war, Crucioed to Insanity before being hit by Avada Kedavras cast by Antonin Dolohov. They were foolish enough to think they could take on Voldemort and his inner circle on their own."

Enjoying the sickened look on Ronald's face Harry kept going, "Finally your father Arthur Weasley, magically average, physically weak and politically insignificant, if not for the support of Albus Dumbledore he would not even have the job he currently holds… not much of a man to look up to I'm afraid."

Half-way through his monologue Harry had known someone was coming towards the compartment as they tripped his proximity wards. So timing it right just as he ended his speech on the history of the Weasley family the twins walked into the compartment no doubt to check on their little brother and instead found the same little brother attacking a poor unarmed seemingly muggle born student.

Jumping on their brother and holding him back Fred shouted, "Ron, what are you doing!"


Putting on a hurt look while at the same time allowing the blood on his face clot, thus making the bruise on his cheek look worse than it really was Harry spoke in a nervous quivering voice. "I..I'm sorry Ronald, I..I was told I would be famous in the wizarding world, I.. I ne..never realized that people would hate me for who I am here too."

Seeing the black haired boy on the verge of tears both Fred and George smacked their brother on the head and said in unison "Explain"

Harry cut in and with a little more confidence, "He asked me if it was ok for him to sit here and then introduced himself. I thought the polite thing to do would be to introduce myself in return and so I did. However after hearing my name Ronald just attacked me, I'm sorry again I should have known that my name would cause such extreme reactions and I do not blame Ronald for his political views."

Puzzled at the political views comment and assuming Harry was someone like Draco, Fred stated "There's no need to apologize to this prat, he should not have hit you… I'm sorry what's your name again?"

Breathing in as if preparing for another attack, "Harry…Harry Potter. I thought the Weasley family were firmly against the dark lord in the last war but I suppose just because the head of the family was against him does not mean the rest of the family have to follow in his stead." Said Harry with a nod towards Ron clearly implying who the "bad apple" of the lot was.

The look on their faces was priceless, Fred and George were horrified at the fact that their brother attacked the Boy-Who-Lived and as a result of which now THE Harry Potter thinks Ron has aspirations to become a dark wizard. Ron could not believe that Harry Potter was such a cruel, sadistic person and he knew that now no matter what he said his brothers would not believe him.

It was to this scene that Draco and his friends walked into. Harry looking at Draco quickly modified his plan to include him. He quickly gestured Draco to be silent. The Weasleys who had their back to door did not see the new arrivals.

Sighing dramatically Harry continued, "The first wizard my age that I meet decides to punch me in the face, this is going to be a wonderful year." He knew Draco was smart enough to pick up the hints from that one statement and improvise from there and he was not disappointed as Draco walked into the compartment and spoke with a haughty voice, "What is this I hear about Weasleys getting into fights with respectable wizards using filthy muggle methods?"

Harry turned to Draco and told him the same story he told the Weasleys before "Introducing" himself.

Draco convincingly putting on a fake look of concern said, "First off I would like to apologize on behalf of the Wizarding world for what this Weasel did, you will find that some Wizarding families are better than others Harry and I can help you with that, Draco Malfoy."

With a look of gratitude that could have won the Oscars Harry took Draco's hand and shook it reverently.

Fred and George watched this exchange with growing horror as they saw the son of a Death Eater befriend Harry Potter savior of the wizarding world.

Realizing they have to do something Fred pulled his wand out and stated, "Oi, Malfoy no one wants you here, get out."


Looking a little shocked at the screaming George started stammering, "Mate, Harry… you..you don't understand, Malfoy is bad his Father followed You-Know-Who, he does not want to really be your friend."

"Oh and I suppose Ronald I-hit-people-to-greet-them Weasley wants to be my friend?" shot Harry sarcastically.

"Thank you for pulling your brother off me before he broke my nose or did something worse but I can choose my friends." Continued Harry as he rubbed his cheek.

"Now please take your brother and leave" he stated in a tone of finality.

Seeing that they cannot convince Harry to go with them the twins drooped their shoulders in defeat and walked out dragging Ron with them for a sound scolding.

Closing the door Harry turned to the students in the compartment and smirked as they all let out the laughter they were holding in. After that he spent the next ten minutes telling them what really happened, this led to another round of laughter and finally introductions were made.

While pulling childish pranks like that was not something Harry particularly liked doing he knew the benefits of doing so. He had started insulting the Weasley family only to drive Ron out of the compartment however the arrival of the twins allowed him to set up the situation in such a way that the twins would from now on take his word over their own brothers, this itself was a great bonus to driving the boy out of the carriage. But with the arrival of Draco and friends the childish prank he had started reaped much greater rewards, now Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle all showed him a measure of respect where before they would have nothing but disdain.

Eventually things in the compartment settled down and Harry studied his new companions, Draco was clearly the smartest of the lot and the rest looked to him as some sort of a leader. Nott and Zabini both seem to be of average intelligence and magic. Crabbe and Goyle were defiantly the stupidest of the lot. While planning on what he could do with the assistance of the boys Harry's proximity ward went off again. His wand was already in his hand by the time the door slid open to reveal a bushy haired girl with large front teeth.

"Have any of you seen a toad, Neville has lost his." She said in a bossy tone, then noticing Harry's wand in his had she continued, "Oh, going to do some magic are we, well let's see then."

Looking from his wand to the girl and then back to the wand Harry simply tucked the wand in and said, "No, we have not seen a toad."

Once again in a bossy tone the girl said, "Well don't know any real spells then?, It's ok I didn't either, I didn't even know I was a witch until a few months ago but after that I read all my books from cover to cover and practiced all the spells for the first year at home."

Looking at Draco to silence his retort Harry simply pulled his wand out and spoke in a slow measured tone, "Just because some of us choose not to flaunt it does not mean we do not have it, you still have a lot to learn about this world." Then he waved his wand causing the girl to get roughly pushed out of the compartment while at the same time closing the door forcefully. His wordless casting only raised the level of respect his peers held for him.

After that the rest of the journey was uninterrupted, getting off at Hogsmead station Harry heard a familiar voice calling out for all the first years and headed in that direction.

"Hiya Arry, good ta see yer." Spoke Hagrid in his booming voice.

"Hey Hagrid, hope you are doing alright." Replied Harry in a polite tone.

Seeing Draco's raised eyebrow Harry simply mouthed later to him.

As the boats turned around a corner Harry got his first view of Hogwarts and he could feel the magic of the Castle rub against his own. It was truly a beautiful sight, so much power concentrated in one place. Continuing to drink in the sight of Hogwarts Harry decided that one day the castle and all its power would be his.

The boats arrived at the edge of the lake after which Hagrid led them on foot across the grounds to the doors of the castle.

"The firs years professor McGonagall" said Hagrid to the rather stern looking woman at the entrance.

"Thank you Hagrid."

The woman, then looked over all the students before turning around and leading them into the entrance hall.

"Good evening first years, before you go take a seat in the great hall you will be sorted into a house. There are four Houses, Gryffindor, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin each one has its own noble history and repertoire of notable alumni. Here at Hogwarts your house is like your family, you will sleep in house dormitories and spend your free time in the house common rooms. Good behavior will earn your house points and vice versa rule breaking will lead to a loss of house points. The house with the most points will win the house cup at the end of the year."

Then looking over the first years once more to make sure they were all presentable McGonagall nodded once and walked into the great hall.

As soon as she left muttering broke out among the students on what the sorting process was going to be, Harry heard hilarious rumors of fighting trolls and acromantulas as part of the process. While he was certain he could take on a troll or acromantula and survive the rest of this sorry lot would not.

Harry was the first one to notice the ghosts, he was quite fascinated by their presence as he knew for one to become a ghost they should die an untimely death, possess magic at the time of death and not have been ready to die. As a result of which most wizards who became ghosts died horrific and gruesome deaths at the hands of dark wizards and Harry definitely wanted to learn more about these deaths.

Noticing the ghosts now one of the other students screamed drawing their attention.

"Ah, first years, they seem to be getting smaller every year." Spoke the fat one in a jovial voice.

"Hope to see some of you in hufflepuff, my old house you know!"

At this Draco muttered, "If I were sorted into that house, I would leave for drumstrang before the night was out."

Harry simply hummed and nodded for he did not really have any preference on the houses though he acknowledged that getting sorted into Slytherin would be the most beneficial as most influential families were tied to Slytherin house in some way.

McGonagall returned and led them all into the Great Hall, looking up Harry laid his eyes on one of the most complex pieces of magic ever wrought, the ceiling of the great hall. It was indeed an impressive sight. Looking down once again his eyes narrowed in on the sorting hat, he had read about that artifact as well and wondered if his magical shields would stop the hat from looking into his head. Deciding that he would not know until his head was under the hat he put aside the issue for now and walked forward with the rest of the group to get sorted.

/Insert hat song from book one here/

McGonagall unfurled a scroll and read our loud "Abbot, Hanna"

A nervous looking girl went up to the stool and sat down as McGonagall put the hat on her head.

A few seconds later the brim of the Hat opened once more and shouted out "HUFFLEPUFF"

The table clad in yellow and black burst out cheering.

This went on for a while Sally ann-perks, ravenclaw, Susan Bones, Hufflepuff, Lavander Brown, Gryffindor and so on.

Some sortings took a long time like that bossy girl, Hermione Granger and the chubby boy Neville Longbottom, both gryffindors. Upon hearing the name Longbottom Harry's eyes sought out the boy, he remembered reading about the torture of Neville's parents at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange and wanted to finish the set for her by ensuring Neville joined his parents.

Eventually McGonagall got to the P's and finally his name. She paused for a second before reading out "Harry Potter"

The hall went silent before the whispering began with a renewed ferocity. "Is it really him?", "The Harry Potter"

Harry simply ignored all the whispering around him, walked up to the stool and sat down.

McGonagall placed the Hat on him and now he no longer had to suffer watching four tables of fools trying to stare at him.

Feeling a presence brush against his shields Harry quickly made an opening in them, pulled the presence into his mind and closed his shields up again. If anyone was observing the hat and not Harry they would have noticed it slump ever so slightly almost as if it were no longer alive.

Within Harry's head the soul of the Hat if it can be called a soul was trying its best to get out and failing miserably.

"Mr. Potter release me at once, if I am not reunited with my physical body in a few minutes I will fade away." Screeched the hat.

"Hmm, well you were trying to read my mind without my permission so I should just let you die.." mused harry.

"You cannot, if that happens then the magic of Hogwarts itself will pull me out of your head and restore me."

"That is a lie." Stated Harry calling the hat's bluff, for if that was the case then the hat would not have been so worried about being released.

In a defeated tone the presence spoke "Very well Mr. Potter what do you want in exchange for my release, a house of your choosing?"

Laughing a bit Harry mentally replied "Well I want a house of my choosing but if you think you get off that easy then you are quite foolish for a thousand year old artifact."

"Now I know you were created with secrecy oaths as part of your magic so you cannot reveal what happens during each sorting however you can tell me all the secrets Hogwarts has to offer. That is my price for your life."

The voice replied after a few seconds of silence, "Very well Mr. Potter, I will leave a part of my presence in your mind which will tell you all the secrets Hogwarts has to offer, now please release me."

As the voice said those words a small portion of the blueish white orb that represented it in Harry's mid broke off and drifted towards Harry's mental self. Absorbing so much knowledge into his own mind would take some time so Harry instead decided to store it within his mind and sort through it later.

With an angelic smile on his face Harry said "Well Hat, it was a pleasure doing business with you, Oh and sort me into Gryffindor, can't let too many people know about my true nature now can I?"

Knowing full well that the Hat would most probably sort him into Slytherin as petty revenge Harry released the presence from his mind.

The Hat regaining its life once more perked up on Harry's head and screamed out "SLYTHERIN!"