Genesect is on a road trip to Orlando and Genesect wants to borrow Keldeo's Nintendo 3ds. But Meloetta said "No, you cannot borrow Keldeo's Nintendo 3ds!"

But Genesect feels jealous that he dosen't have any portable devices.

They finally parked to gamestop for Genesect's Nintendo 3ds. Meloetta Bought her own money to buy a Black Nintendo 3ds for Genesect. Genesect thanked Meloetta for buying the Nintendo 3ds for Genesect.

Genesect trasfered his mii from Keldeo's Wii and copied to his Nintendo 3ds and made another copy to the Wii U. "My mii is transferred on Keldeo's Wii, My Nintendo 3ds, My Wii U and the Wii menu mode on the Wii U." Said Genesect.

Genesect walks to Keldeo and he said. "Hey Keldeo do you accept my Mario kart 7 challenge?" Keldeo accepted Genesect's match.

Keldeo and Genesect begins to insert their Mario kart 7 3ds cards. Meloetta begins to watch tv on the living room watching nbc news while Genesect and Keldeo starts to race.

Genesect sees the blue LED color on his Nintendo 3ds. "I got spotpass Keldeo, I will check the notification after were finished with Mario kart 7." Said Genesect. Keldeo and Genesect finished Mario kart 7 and Genesect checked the notification on his Nintendo 3ds and he got a message from Mewtwo via swapnote. Genesect begins to read the note and he said that he needs to accept his challenge of wifi Mario kart 7.

One of the players are online. Mewtwo, Genesect, Keldeo, Tornadus, and Arceus. Arceus voted rainbow road (3ds), Tornadus voted Coconut mall (Wii), Keldeo voted rainbow road (SNES), Genesect voted rainbow road (SNES), and Mewtwo voted Maple treeway (Wii). Keldeo is disappointed that Mewtwo was selected by the roulette and raced at Maple treeway. "I hate maple treeway!" Said Keldeo jealously.

Meloetta is at the hair salon and reads magazine and called Keldeo on her Iphone to tell them how are they doing. Keldeo is doing ok and Meloetta is done with her errands and decided to come back home.

Meanwhile back with Genesect and Keldeo playing Mario kart 7 and Genesect had a blue LED color on his Nintendo 3ds. Keldeo won the race and Genesect gave a good sportsmanship . Genesect closed the software and checked the notification and realized that the e3 2013 is scheduled at June 11th 2013.

Keldeo and Genesect placed their own Nintendo 3ds on the charging cradle. Meloetta came back home and Meloetta had brown grocery bags with a milk carton, a baguette, and a carrot.

Meloetta, Keldeo and Genesect had dinner and had a good laugh.