Summary: Theb-Saar wanted to save his wife...He wanted her to come back alive. So he goes to the Cothica lands to resurrect her; but the cardinal refuses his demand and Theb-Saar kill him. He becomes a sinner and he and his descendant are curse. Will the curse end? Discover it in a 3 generations story: Theb-Saar, Iflar and Iflar son. Will be rate M for mature because of sex scene.

AC: This is a story where love will be very important. To situate in time, Theb-Saar is young and he hasn't have a son yet. Iflar isn't born for now but he will appear as a main character later. It will be M for sex scenes that will happen.

There will be lots of marriage in the story. You will have to choose between 3 potentials bride for Theb-Saar to marry but only one of them will be cannon for Iflar physical appearance. You will also choose the one for Iflar and that will modify the appearance of the child and also his power. Chaotic player will be there and help the creatures since they are not bound to destiny. I hope you'll give some review and encourage it.

Chaotic: Lineage curse

Opening: Antiphona ( watch?v=knMQH3vocuU)

Generation 1: Theb-Saar the sinner

Prologue: Sins of Vengeance

Sacred temple

2 beings were close to a temple long forgotten by the 4 tribes. No one knows the purpose of the temple anymore. One being was walking on the solid ground of sacred wood and starts climbing the stairs until he reaches the summit. He pants of exhaustion since its very high but when he sees something waiting for him. He hides his exhaustion.

"You are sure you want to do this." Asks the thing.

"Yes." Answers the other one.

"If it is what you wish Theb-Saar." Says the thing.

He is a tall and imposing mipedian. His eyes are red and it shows his determination on his mission. He is a mipedian with blue scales covering his body. He wears a purple armor with golden lines around it. Under his armor appears to be a black cloth covering his muscular body since its winter. He also has a purple cape on his back that gives him prestige. He also has a black belt made of tissue around his heist. He has golden bracelet around his wrist. He also has gold plate on his knee. He wears a gold crown on his head with a pure blue sapphire on it. He has behind the crown black horn. He has blue vine scales on his head acts like hair with golden bracelet thing on each of those. His head appears to be blue. He has black teeth in his mouth. His ears appear to be like fin at each side of his head. He has a blue tail at his back which is in the air.

"Seth...Before we go there...Why are you helping me?" Asks Theb-Saar.

Seth looks at him silently. He moves his head to the side and he moves it back to the vertical. Seth is a human with peach skin. Theb-Saar cannot see his eyes covered with black headband covering his eyes and his ears. He has long dark hair on his back. His lips are also black. He wears only a dark shorts covering him only the higher part of his legs and the pelvis section. He also has some a tattoo on his throat but Theb-Saar doesn't understand the meaning.

"My reasons are not of your concern...So...Are you ready?" Asks Seth.

"Yes." Says Theb-Saar.

"I'll open the gate." Says Seth. He walks away and Theb-Saar enters in a circle with ancient symbols that no one knows the meaning anymore. Seth starts giving a chanting spell and the circle starts shining and Theb-Saar can't see anything.

"Happy 21 years Theb-Saar." Adds Seth.

Holy ground

Theb-Saar reaches the holy ground and he looks around. He sees a golden mechanism rolling around them. He does nothing until he hears a sound behind him.

"We are here." Says Seth behind him.

"You've come?" Asks Theb-Saar.

"Yes...I am...however...Not here to help you. I am the watcher and I'll watch the consequence of your action." Says Seth.

"Alright." Says Theb-Saar.

They both walk for a while and they pass a door. On the other side, a gold and silver sword was trap under big silver chains. Theb-Saar walks closer and he looks at it. The sword was in gold and symbols were on it. He recognises the symbol of the butterfly...Rebirth. Theb-Saar puts his hand on the golden sword and he pulls it out. The chains break into pieces and it disappears. The sword is now on his hand and he looks at it. The ground trembles and light appears. A shadow of gold color is now present in front of Theb-Saar.

"Who dares take the sacred sword?" Says the shadow.

"Are you a habitant of the Cothica?" Asks Theb-Saar.

"I am one of the 4 cardinal rulers of the Cothica. Answer my question now!" Orders the shadow.

"Theb-Saar." He answers. I already found one of them. He thinks with a smile.

"Seth! Why did you let him enter in my domain and take my sword?!" Asks the shadow.

"Because I am the watcher. My purpose isn't to stop him." Says Seth with a small smile.

"You little! You are lucky you father is a respected one!" Shouts Shadow.

"He is here for a reason." Says Seth. "You never ask him why he is here."

The shadow figures grunt furiously.

"What do you want inferior being?" Asks the shadow.

"I know that you have the power to bring back the dead to the living world...I want you to resurrect my wife." Says Theb-Saar.

"Resurrect a lowly life?" Asks the shadow form. Theb-Saar looks at him and he shows that he is furious.

"Why do you refuse it?!" Shouts Theb-Saar. "You have the power to do it!"

"It is the flow of life. I shall not go at the opposite of this flow...Especially for a low life like the tribes. I'm already enraged that those...Chaotic players come in our world...Forget it...Accept the dead of your love Theb-Saar. She dies and she will never be back." Says the shadow without compassion and a high voice showing superiority.

"You...YOU WILL BRING HER BACK!" Screams Theb-Saar.

"Never!" Replies the shadow figure. "That stupid female is dead! Be lucky I do not kill you right now!"

He acts without thinking. He runs at the direction of the shadow being and he points his blade at the chest of shadow. The blade pierces the chest and dark liquid falls on the ground.

"Argh! Impudent fool...You...have...kill *Keuf*...punish...Punish!" Screams the shadow. " Perim...too..." He then disappears like a fog.

"This is not what I was expecting." Says Seth closing his eyes.


In the sky of the mipedian territory, a symbol appears on the sky. A light beam appears on the sky and it charges on the ground. A part of the desert starts melting into small pieces and the ground crack into pieces. A part of the desert breaks...falls...Until it disappears in the underworld. 12% of the territory has been destroyed and Theb-Saar father is now worried.

"By the Cothica...What is going on?" Says Theb-Saar father.

War will soon begin...The mipedians will be tormented for a long time.

Theb-Saar great mistake was to open the gate that links to the Cothica.

Old parchment

Long ago...Perim was an empty world...It was known as the virgin world. Nothing exist...No life...And no dead.

Everything changes when the Cothica cardinals decide to create life on this virgin land. The 4 rulers of the Cothica create the tribes that now live on the lands of Perim. They create this world where they govern...But the true purpose was cruel.

The creatures were create to be used as a chest game...They are all use in a game where the 4 cardinals use them. They use them and create wars between the tribes to see who the best between the 4 cardinals is. The creatures, one day, rebels against the cardinals and they seal the Cothica lands...But before they seal it...The cardinals, furious...Destroy and kill one of the 6 tribes, the 5 others fear it. After they have sealed it, they search and destroy any proof of the existence of this land. They now believe they can live peacefully. But they are wrong.

The 4 cardinals control indirectly the 5 remaining tribes by controlling their destiny. They are still their toy...And forever will be...Until the humans appear and disturb the control the cardinals have. They try to convince the tribes to exterminate every human they meet.

Are those writing real or not?


Theb-Saar...You have committed a grave sin...You have been curse by the cardinal...You and your tribe are curse. Pain awaits you...If you want the curse to be lifted...You have to obey the commands of I...The center cardinal. I shall send her to guide you for redemption.

Generation 1 opening: Jewelry Halation ( watch?v=rJorjb6VGe4)

AC: I hope you like the prologue.