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Chaotic: Lineage curse

Opening: Antiphona

Generation 1: Theb-Saar the sinner

Chapter 14: Preparing a song

Bastet was walking with her friend Christ in Al Mipedim and Bastet seems a little lost about the fact the Christ makes her walk in the city.

"You didn't tell me what the good news is." Says Bastet.

"You will see when you are there!" Shouts Christ.

Bastet sees Christ accelerate and she has no choice but to accelerate too until they reach a building. She looks at it and she sees it is a tall and circle one. Its exterior is made of the same stone as everywhere else but she remembers she's been gone there before. She asked to perform her song there but they refuse her because she never shows her talent to a public. She looks at Christ perplex. Christ grabs her harm and they go inside where a mipedian is waiting for them.

"This is Ventus." Says Christ.

Bastet looks at Ventus. He is a green mipedian who is the same size has her. He is still young but his eyes are very serious. He is someone who judges the talent of everyone when he asks them. Ventus has green pupil eyes color. He wears a blue loincloth. His long tail is unusually thin and seems has large as paper. He looks at Bastet and he smiles.

"Bastet...The mipedian I was waiting for." Says Ventus. "Let me welcome you in the theater. We haven't found an appropriate name yet so it is only theater. I am glad to welcome you in this domain."

"Well...Thank you." Says Bastet nervously. "So...Why do you want to meet me here?"

"I didn't know where to find you...So Christ here...Who was searching a place for you to perform your song, was passing by and I knew he'll bring you here." Says Ventus.

Bastet looks at Christ and she smiles and glaring angrily at him.

"So...That is why you drag me all along without telling me why." Says Bastet.

"True...I was sure you would have found out along the way. I've been searching a place for you for a while." Says Christ.

"You did that for me?" Asks Bastet who has given up a while ago.

"Of course." Says Christ.

"You are lucky too...I've heard you singing...I didn't want to interrupt when you were with the crown prince." Says Ventus. "You have a wonderful and sweet voice. So...I want you in this theater."

"Oh...My..." Bastet is nervous and her cheek turns red. "Well...I...I cannot say no...But..."

"I'm sure you want to say yes right?" Asks Christ with a smile and chuckling when she is nervous.

"Yes..." Says Bastet. Her tail smacks lightly the ass of Christ who whines in pain. "I'll accept...But...What do you want me to do?"

"Sing with your heart." Says Ventus. "This is why your voice was so beautiful. Try and compose a song. I'll guaranty that it will be famous. I'll prepare everything. 3 days and you'll be singing your songs."

"Well...Thank you...I won't let you down." Says Bastet.

She bows before leaving with Christ. Ventus looks at her and he smiles.

"You are born to be an artist Bastet." Says Ventus.

Bastet chamber

One day has passed and Bastet hasn't found any inspiration to write another song. Her mind is block and she tries to put words...But the page is still blank. The sun starts to go down and the page remains blank until someone knocks at the door.

"Come in!" Says Bastet.

The door opens and Bastet sees Christ entering in the room.

"I will leave soon to Chaotic but I thought I can give you a little visit my friend." Says Christ with a smile. "So...How's it going?"

"Bad...The paper is blank and remain blank...I don't have inspiration for a song to write." Says Bastet.

"Why?" Asks Christ. "Is something troubling your mind?"

"Well...It is true I have something in my mind for a while." Says Bastet.

"You mean you cannot stop thinking about Theb-Saar." Says Christ.

"Well...Yeah. Wait...I don't like your grin." Says Bastet.

"Maybe you should go see him...Maybe you are already inspired by a song...But you are not looking at the good source...You know song is about your heart, like Ventus says. Your heart is calling for Theb-Saar, so you should write something about him." Says Christ.

"..." Bastet cheeks turn red. "I...I think you are right...I'll go right now."

"Good luck." Says Christ while Bastet is walking away. "You don't need much."

Theb-Saar chamber

Theb-Saar and Bastet enter in the chamber together when the moon is high in the sky. Theb-Saar wonders why she is there and she looks at her.

"Bastet...Why did you want to be here?" Asks the crown prince nervously. Since Theb-Saar though to be alone in his chamber, he was only wearing a purple loincloth.

"I need to be with you...I need a source of inspiration." Says Bastet.

"About the theater...How can I be one source?" Asks Theb-Saar.

"With all you have lived recently...There is plenty to write and sing about." Answers Bastet.

"I guess it is true." Says Theb-Saar with a little hint of disappointment. "You want me to say something?"

"No...I just need to see you." Says Bastet. She looks at Theb-Saar.

"Anyway...When you are finish...You can stay here if you want...I don't mind." Says Theb-Saar.

Bastet looks at him and she sees his muscular belly under his blue scales. She then looks at his powerful chest and she feels a little hotter suddenly. The details of his body were very attractive but also beautiful for her. She then looks at the face of the crown prince and meets the eyes, red and burning with life; the life of someone free of an immense weight.

Words are appearing in the mind of Bastet when her love for him rises like rain. The words are put in the paper naturally like it was meant to be there.

Theb-Saar watches her writing for a while before sitting on the bed when exhaustion is present in him. He devours her with his eyes. Her body, which he always sees is a little different. It is more beautiful under the ray of the moon and more appealing for him. Now that his soul is in peace, he sees her differently. He loves her but he doesn't have the courage to tell her.

He feels his body calling for her and joining him on his bed. He remembers all the small sweet time together. He remembers the 2 times their mouth was so close for uniting into a kiss, when she just puts her head on his shoulder when she tries to console him, when she touches his body. His body wants her like in a recent dream he has.

Bastet is now haunting his dream with passion. They were together in this very chamber but both naked. He remembers taking her and dragging her on the bed where she puts her head on his chest. He remembers putting his arms around her body and his hand touching her butt and dragging her closer to his mouth where they exchange a long kiss. He then starts acting with her and uniting their body like their soul.

It was a wet dream and he remembers waking up with sticky liquid on him. He was nervous about it.

He looks at her and he can feel his body preparing to receive her, but he forces his instinct in silence. He can only look at her and dream about it. Bastet continues writing and the crown prince eventually falls asleep and joins the dream world.

Bastet has finished her song after an hour and it was late. She looks at Theb-Saar and she moves her fingers hesitantly at the direction of the sleeping prince after putting the song on the table. She walks closer and her fingers are close to the muscular gut of Theb-Saar. She wonders how it feels like but she hesitates. She sees the crown prince sleeping peacefully and she touches the stomach. She can feel the solid muscles and soft blue scales. She likes the feel of the touch when the crown prince suddenly grabs her hands and moves her on him. She tries to free herself but it was useless. She pushes the chest but Theb-Saar his hugging her in his sleep. She eventually gives up and will tell him what happen in the morning if she is still on his chest. She feels herself lift up higher in the air. He then feels the face of the crown prince sniffing her hair. She can hear the heartbeat of the prince and once again, she falls asleep very fast and her eyes closed, reaching the dream world.

When the sun starts rise in the sky, Theb-Saar awakes first. He can sleep something delicious that he cannot describe. If he was in the human world, he would know he smells vanilla. He opens his eyes and he sees that he smells the hairs of Bastet, resting on his chest. He feels nervous and delicately puts her besides him when he releases some hairs out of his nostrils. He looks at her and the smell never leaves his nose. It was so exotic for him.

He looks at the papers she has written for the song and he wonders what it is. He walks at the direction of the paper and he takes it to read it. He reads the words and he feels like it is calling for him. He reads again and again. It was written well and he devours it. He puts it back on the table and he decides to say nothing about it.

Bastet slowly wakes up and she sees that she is not on the crown prince. The 2 doesn't talk about it and they say good-bye when the sun shrine in the sky. Theb-Saar says he'll be present for the moment she will sing the song, with a plan in his mind.

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Chapter 15: A song that reach the heart