BloodMoon: Howdy ya'll![unmistakable southern accent]

Yami: BM, I didn't know you were southern?!

BM: Oh I'm not, I was jes' havin fun! [For all you out there who are Southern, no offense or pun intended ;}]

Yami: Oh. okay.

Bakura: Can you please get on with the friggen story!! [Bakura passes out from rage]

Ryou: Man, he is so worthless. He can't stay conscious and yell at someone for more than five seconds before it's off to la la land!

BM: . . . Say where 'did' you come from?

Ryou: You of course! It's your fanfic!

BM: O.o

[Suddenly Yugi appears, holding a piece of paper]

Yugi: Umm BM?

BM: Yeah? [Glares at Yugi, he gulps and takes a step back]

Yami: Hey no one glares at my aibou like that! You shall pay!

BM: Yea, uh huh, shove it Yami. [Takes the paper from Yugi. Reads it and passes it to Yami]

Yami: What, what is this!

BM: Just say it Yami, it's too painful for me.

Yami: But-

All: [Including Bakura who had just woken up] JUST DO IT!

Yami: All right all right, *clears his throat* Amie or Blood Moon does not, will not, can not own Yu-Gi-Oh or anything affiliated with it. Except originals, which will be in the fanfiction, IF WE EVER GET TO IT!!

BM: Thank you Yami, and yes let's get to the story!

Yugi: Does anything unsettling happen to me, because it always does!

[Unexpectedly Wufei from Gundam Wing enters the scene]

Wufei: That's because you're weak, Weak, WEAK!

All: o_O

BM: Wufei, I think you're in the wrong fanfic!


Yami: And I'll get you for calling my aibou WEAK! [Chases after Wufei]

Ryou: Well it was bound to happen. Amie AKA Blood Moon does not own Gundam Wing either.

Bakura: Hey get on with it already! [BM nods and pulls out a magic wand]

BM: Yeah I'd like to start to. Okay ready START! [Everything goes whit and then the fanfiction words magically appear on the screen! Ummmm just scroll down or look down, it should be there. Gosh! I can't believe some people have no imagination at all any more. SHESSH]

\Yugi to Yami\ \\Yami to Yugi\\ |Ryou to Bakura\ ||Bakura to Ryou|| 'Thoughts'

Yugi walked through the halls of the high school. His trusty millennium puzzle hung proudly on his chest. He still wore his blue uniform and kept his hair spiked and definitely noticeable.

"Hey Yugi!" A familiar voice called out to him, it was Jounouchi Yugi's good friend. Jou had stuck with Yugi through the worst of times and the bast of times. And its now been about four months since the incident with Pegasus and his trick tournament. During that time Yugi came to terms with his darker half or Yami as he called him. Ryou Bakura had done the same as well, although Bakura was abusive at first they seemed to forgive one another as time wore on. It also didn't hurt to have some help from Yami and Yugi.

" Yug! Hey man your spacing out again." Yugi shook his head and brought himself out of his mind. " Sorry bout that Jou," Yugi gave one of heart melting smiles and the blond boy just laughed at him.

"What's so funny Jou?" Yugi had an almost hurt expression on his angelic face. "No, it's nothin. Besides Anzu, Honda, and Ryou are going hiking tomorrow, since it's the first day of summer vacation and all." Yugi immediately sprung into action

"Sure I'd love to come!" The tri-colored haired boy said. Jou immediately stepped in as well, "And how about Yami? I'd bet he would love to join us to." Yugi's face fell slightly as he thought to himself. 'Of course how couldn't I see it before, how could I be so stupid!"

"Well?" Jou asked. The shorter boy acknowledged him. " Hold on a minute let me ask him," but before Yugi could mentally ask his Yami, he was already out of the puzzle.

" I would be more than happy to come Jou," Yugi's counter part said. Watching the scene in front of him, Yugi almost hurled. His Yami and Jou were now walking away from him, deep in conversation. Yugi let out a long sigh. 'There they go again, Yami wont even recognize I'm not there until he gets home.'

Yugi wanted to cry, but he had already spent too many tears on his so- called friends. It has been at least a month now since they all started to forget about him. First Anzu would only talk to Yugi if Yami were out. Second, Honda just didn't ever notice his presence, and had actually tripped over him twice! Jou wasn't as bad, but he rarely talks to Yugi as it is. But worst was Yami himself, he wouldn't notice Yugi either. And he leaves without telling him. But worst of all was, Yami didn't sleep with him anymore. Yugi always looked forward to having Yami there, holding him, and protecting him. Now he would fall asleep on the couch, and go back into the millennium puzzle every morning and usually cut off their connection.

The small angel sighed again and headed off towards home.

Bakura had a disgusted look on his face. Ryou had started shaking his head in disgust as well.

"I can't believe the nerve of that Pharaoh! The way he treats his hikari is despicable, why if I were Yugi I'd give mind a piece of my mind!" The silver haired Yami punched the wall hard enough to draw blood, which it did.

" Calm down Bakura, we need to think of a rational way to solve this. Although I must admit that punching Yami in the face sounds tempting." Bakura looked at his hikari with surprise, he looked almost exactly like him, pale silver hair, chocolate eyes, it was unmistakable. The two pondered for awhile. | Yami? | Ryou asked.

" What is it aibou?" They were still looking at each other. "I think I have the answer to solving this problem, but it may be a bit risky." Bakura looked at his lighter side with eagerness.

" I'm listening," he flatly stated.

Yugi walked in to the Turtle Game Shop and saw a familiar face smile at him. " Hey Raku!" A curly black-haired woman stepped out of the storeroom to greet the boy.

" Yugi, how was your last day of school? How are your friends doing?" Raku Hajime was the one who ran the game shop now. Yugi had hired her after Sogoroku died and Yami wasn't very good at it. "Everything and everyone is good thanks." Raku nodded at Yugi as he began to head up to his room.

Throwing his book-bag in his closet, he plopped down onto his bed and closed his eyes, trying to remember happier days.


"Yami I'm home!" The violet eyed teen yelled. Yami looked up from the newspaper he was reading.

"Oh Yugi, did you have a good day at school?" Running over to his Yami, Yugi jumped at him. Yami caught him in mid air and pulled him to the floor for a giant tickle war. " I take that as a yes." Yami said still tickling his light.

" Ha ha ha Ya..mi, s..t..oop.ple..ase.," The taller boy ignored him though, and kept it up until he was also too tired to go on. They both were now lying on the floor, in each other's embrace.

"Aishiteru aibou, and I'll always protect you," Yami smiled and looked at the beautiful boy in his arms. The angel gave Yami a big grin and snuggled closer to him.

" I love you to Yami, always and forever.," were the last words before he dozed off in to a dreamless slumber.

************************End Flashback****************************

Closing his eyes, Yugi could feel tears stream down his face, 'it's been awhile' he thought. ' I wish I could get rid of this pain I feel,' Yugi got off his bed and went into the bathroom. Now looking at his reflection, Yugi could only think of three words.




He repeated these words over and over again until he felt satisfied. Then he walked his way downstairs and into the kitchen. Raku would be gone by now, and Yugi now really didn't care when Yami would be back, he knew what he was to Yami. Searching through the kitchen Yugi found what he was looking for, a large cutting knife. 'I shall now brand myself to what I truly am, forgive me Grandpa' And slowly Yugi began to write the words.



"Unworthy" On the underside of his left arm.

When Yugi finished, he put the knife back and walked up his room, arm bleeding all over his uniform. He bandaged his freshly cut arm so that blood wouldn't get all over his bed, which he abruptly fell asleep on. He was so tired and pain struck that he didn't notice the dark shadow that watched him from the window.

End of chapter one!

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