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Chapter Fifteen

When an Angel falls to earth they are forbidden to be sought out or to come back. These angels which have made that unfortunate trip are know as 'Forgotten Angels.'


Amethyst eyes opened slowly and quizzically, the child awoke to the sound and feel of warm winds.

"Where am I?" The little one asked himself. Looking up to the sky Yugi was amazed at the brightly lit sky that sat in a sea of stars, and the silver sliver of the moon, which glowed equally forceful. The cosmic light illuminated long golden grass, and Yugi stared at the endless chain of mountains that surrounded him in the divine like valley.

'Could this be heaven?'

Taking a few steps forward Yugi could feel the long grain like grass run through his fingers, and the wind warm his porcelain skin, no, he was definitely not dead. But if he wasn't dead, then where was he? There was only one way to find out, so the small angel started walking.


"He's been like this ever since he came back from the demon realm, Raze and Arali can only force him to eat so much." Ryou, with downcast and saddened eyes explained to Bakura. "Did either you, Krizten, or Kaiba find anything out about Yugi's whereabouts?"

Shaking his head the older boy crossed his arms and closed his eyes, feel a little more then frustrated.

"We know that Yugi is alive but," he paused, "there's no way any of the demons can get to him. Apparently," he growled in anger, "Krizten can 'feel' our little ones spirit, but it's in a realm that is untraceable and impenetrable." Brown eyes widened in disbelief.

"And what kind of place would that be!?"

"I DON'T KNOW DAMMIT!" Although he didn't mean to yell, the Tomb Robber couldn't help but vent his frustrations for his adopted child. Suddenly Bakura was pulled into a fierce hug, he could hear his lovers sobs and feel his body shaking with grief. Crystalline tears began to soak his shirt and Bakura couldn't help but embrace his love back.

"I just, I just don't know what to do anymore Bakura! Yami's falling apart and soon so will the others, why did this have to happen to Yugi, what's he ever done to anyone else! He's always so kind, so gentle, even to those who hurt him, why..." Ryou felt comforting arms rub his back, and before he knew it his lover had carried him to the bedroom, where he gently laid him on the bed.

Pulling up the covers, Bakura sat beside him and lovingly kissed Ryou on his lips. "Our child has done no wrong, and I assure you we'll find him, or there will be hell to pay." Ryou gave a small smirk through his tears.

"Oh? And just WHO will pay this hell Yami?"

"Doesn't matter, as long as I get to kick some ass." 'That's my Bakura for you,' thought Ryou, 'always ending with some sort of violence.'

"Now you sleep, and let me deal with The Pharaoh, okay?" Nodding Ryou obediently closed his eyes and snuggled into the soft velvety blanket.

"Night yami."

"Night love," Bakura whispered before turning off the light and closing the door softly. 'I'll get our boy back, one way or another, I swear it."



A purple-eyed child sat alone in the rain, barley illuminated the lights of the small park, and although you couldn't tell because of the rain, the small girl was crying. Her once beautiful silk white garments were soaked to the bone, which sent shivers through her lithe frame.

She didn't know where she was or how she got there. The last thing she could recall was her mother and her were running from some bad men in white suits. They were such bad men, they hurt her and her mommy, and always hurting they were. Until one day they escaped from that place of shiny unkind tools and endless white walls. She remembered her mommy telling her to hide, and that she would come back for her; but she never came back, and soon the child had fallen asleep.

When she had awoken rivers were falling from the sky, and as desperately as she called out for her mother she never answered back. The few people she came across she ran from, afraid they would take her back to the awful place.

Now, cold, alone, and crying the young girl felt that all was hopeless until a figure appeared before her. The person touched her drenched golden hair caressingly and tried to smooth away her tears.

When she looked at the mysterious person she could tell that 'he' could not be much older than her, and deep crimson eyes were the last things she saw before darkness came.

Taking the child into his arms they boy looked at the beautiful rain soaked girl with gentle eyes. 'Who would've thought?'

With once last look he took her to the nearest house and knocked on the door, leaving her at the mercy of someone who would love her and take care of her.

The boy left the scene before a man with spiky hair and purple eyes opened the door and was shocked at the sight of a soaked little girl lying on his doorstep. With one last look around, he carefully gathered the child inside and shut the door.

'We'll meet again angel. . ."


Buried deep as you can dig inside yourself,

and covered with a perfect shell,

such a charming beautiful exterior.

This is one time

that you can't fake it hard enough to please everyone or anyone at all.

And the grave that you refuse to leave

the refuge that you've built to flee

the places you have come to fear the most.

Buried deep as you can dig inside yourself,

and hidden in the public eye.

Such a stellar monument to loneliness.

Laced with brilliant smiles and shining eyes

and perfect makeup but you're barely scraping by.

Dashboard Confessional

'The places you have come to fear the most'


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