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"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!" Claudia groaned. She must've forgotten to turn off her alarm. She looked at the clock. It read 7:45. Then she remembered that she had set it the might before because she promised Ginny she would help her out in the library at 8:30.

She looked around and laughed to herself. Her alarm hadn't waken any of the other girls up; they were sleeping like babies. The only person missing was Daphne, but Claudia knew that Daphne always woke up early, went for a run, and then went to the library to study or read a new book (and Daphne ALWAYS had new books, as reading was one of her favorite hobbies). Maybe she would see her there.

Claudia got out of bed and took a long hot shower, and tried to clear her thoughts. Her life was so crazy. First there was the Ginny and Seamus issue, and it was driving Ron crazy, which was driving Claudia crazy. Then her club failed drastically, and she had to continue to go every week for 3 months, that was the rule when it came to forming a club. Then there was Rosa asking her to tell everyone about how nice Draco was supposed to be, as though it was supposed to be easy. Then there was the "Jason coming back" issue, which made Claudia question if she spent enough time with her old friends. That was another reason she hoped to see Daphne at the library, she hadn't spent time with her in ages.

But there was one more thing that was bothering Claudia. She had been having the same odd dreams about Xanneth; they were all the same but she didn't know what they meant. She asked Daphne if she knew who Xanneth was, because she knew that Daphne loved reading odd stories about Witches and Wizards who had done weird things; but Daphne had never heard of Xanneth before.

After her shower, Claudia quickly pulled her hair back into a loose braid (she didn't feel like drying her hair today), got dressed, and walked down to the library.

Ginny's head popped up when Claudia walked in.

"Oh hey Claud!"

Claudia walked over to Ginny and sat down next to her.

"Okay Gin, so what do you need help with? Are you sure you asked the right person to help you though? I'm sure Hermione could be a bigger help than I could. After all, she is the one who subscribed to 'The Hogwarts Daily Informational Journal: Complex Spells for the Complex Thinker!'" Claudia laughed.

Ginny smirked. "We have a 'Hogwarts Daily Informational Journal'?"


Ginny laughed, but then looked solemn. "Well, actually Claud, I don't need your help on schoolwork..."

"What is it then Gin?"

"Well...I need you to talk to Ron about Seamus and I." She said this all very quickly. "I mean, you're the only person he listens to and I know if you talk to him he'll leave me alone about Seamus."

Claudia looked skeptical. "Well, I'd like to help out, but I have enough on my plate as it is..." But when she looked into Ginny's pleading eyes she gave in. "All right, I guess...but I'm not saying he'll agree."

"OH THANK YOU!!!" Ginny gave Claudia a big hug and ran off to find Seamus.

Claudia sighed. There was one more thing that she needed to do.

She heard someone plop their books beside her and looked up to see Daphne's short blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"Hey Daph! I was hoping to see you here," Claudia smiled.

But Daphne did not smile back. She looked very serious.

"Hey Claud, you know those dreams you told me about with Xanneth?"

Claudia expression became very serious. "Yes..."

"Well I was reading a book about Chrisoffolis, I was in the mood to hear how you stopped him and everything again."

Claudia blushed. "Well it wasn't really me, it was Chrissy."

"Well anyway, I was reading the chapter of his 'young adult life', and it turns out that he had a son...his son is Xanneth."

Claudia gasped. "You're kidding me!"

"You'll never guess who the mother is."




It was a week later, but Claudia still couldn't stop thinking about Xanneth. She realized now why Chrissy was with Chrisoffolis; she was probably tied to him because of her son. But why was Xanneth haunting her dreams? She couldn't understand where it was connected. Sure, his father was Chrisoffolis, but according to Daphne, Xanneth was not aware of this until his father died, and he had a close connection with his mother for all of his life. He couldn't be evil, cold he?

Claudia wanted to stop thinking about it, and there was always one cure that took her mind off of everything bad: Ron.

Claudia wandered up to the boy's dormitory where she found Ron on his bed, reading a Quidditch magazine.

"Hey babe!" he said in his impression of an American accent. Claudia giggled, he had apparently been watching old western films; he had a very strong southern drawl.

"Hey! I was wondering, how would you like to take me out to dinner tonight?"

Ron pretended to be nervous. "Are you um, asking me out?"

Claudia rolled her eyes. He was such a dork.

"Yes you big goof! Now go get changed!"

"What, you think I like bad or something?" All he had on was a pair of shorts.

She giggled and threw a pillow at him. "I'll meet you in the common room in 10 minutes."

Ron and Claudia were enjoying themselves at the three broomsticks. Ron was finished his meal and was finishing Claudia's as they joked with each other. It amazed Claudia at how he could eat so much and still stay as skinny as a toothpick.

Then she remembered what Ginny had asked her to talk to Ron about; she figured that while he was in a good mood she would talk to him about it.

"Hey Ron, I've been thinking."

"Hmm?" He said through a mouthful of chicken.

"Well, I think you should leave Ginny alone about the whole Seamus thing. I mean, she's 16, she can make her own decisions. After all, she's a Weasley, and they obviously have good taste when it comes to love interests." She tried to lighten the mood, but it didn't work.

"And you thought this up all by yourself?" He looked her right in the eyes. She couldn't lie to him.

"Well...um...Ginny helped...a little...a lot...OKAY OKAY! She told me to tell you." She hated how he could get everything out of her without saying a word.

"I KNEW IT! Well, let's go talk to my DARLING sister. He quickly paid the bill and pulled Claudia up to the castle.

Claudia was lying in bed, completely exhausted over the night's confusion. Ron was in his room fuming, and Ginny and Seamus had escaped to somewhere, Claudia wasn't sure where they went.

Just as she was about to fall asleep she heard an ear-piercing shriek. It sounded like it came from hallway in front of the Gryffindor entrance. Claudia, along with Parvati, Lavender, Hermione, Robin, and Daphne, along with most of the Gryffindors, ran outside to see who it was. There they saw a distressed Ginny sobbing into Seamus' arms and the body of a dead second year on the ground.