Chapter 6

The Best Night Ever!

"Cause this is Thriller… Thriller Night! And no one's gonna save you from the Manticore tonight!"

Everypony was having a huge dance party, with an added emphasis on every pony. As far as Pinkie Pie could tell, this number involved nearly every single pony/non-pony who had ever appeared on the show. Every supporting character, every background character, every villain, real or pretend, they were all there and they were all having a blast. In the middle of the entire scene was Spike who was operating the camera, its red light shining bright. Pinkie Pie could barely process the scene in the middle of Ponyville's town square. Neither could the rest of her friends from either generation.

Toola-Roola spoke up. "Pinkie? Is this a scene from one of your episodes?"

Pinkie shook her head. "This isn't a scene from any episode. This never happens in the show."

"It's happenin' now, sugarcube," Applejack pointed out.

The previous generation's Scootaloo was absolutely blown away at the scene. "Nothing like this ever happened back in our old world."

The mention of the previous generation grabbed Rarity's attention.

"That reminds me, you simply must tell us stories of your old dimension, especially this Princess Rarity of yours."

"Oh we've got a TON of stories!" The pig-tailed Cheerilee replied. "How about the time Pinkie met Scootaloo? We were just babies at the time and…"

"NO!" Pinkie screamed in a panic. She cleared her throat and continued in a calmer tone. "I mean, we can talk about the old world later. Right now, we need to find out what's going on here. I'm going to talk to Spike."

Twilight followed Pinkie. "I'll go with you. He's still probably worried about me."

"Do you need us to do anything else, Pinkie?" the cyan pegasus asked.

"No. I think I can take it from here. Thanks anyway, Dashie!" Pinkie and Twilight began to make their way through the crowd of dancing ponies, leaving the other 10 behind.

"Well, how about we join the dance party? We can introduce everypony for you." Rarity suggested to the newcomers.

"That sounds like a dashing idea, darling!" Rainbow Dash said. The group began to make their way towards the dance party.

"Why do you insist on saying that?" Rainbow Dash said.

"Well darling, it's one of my trademarks. It's the way you know you're talking to the one and only Rainbow Dash."

"You're NOT Rainbow Dash. I'M Rainbow Dash. "

"For your information I was Rainbow Dash long before you."

"Well, you can't be Rainbow Dash around here when you look like… that!"

"There's nothing wrong with the way I look. I simply dress in style. Not that you would know what style is."

"HEY! I can out-style you. Anyplace. Anytime. Anywhere."

Fluttershy leaned into Applejack's ear. "I think we can sell a spinoff series with those two."

Applejack giggled. "Ah reckon you're right about that… ooof!"

Th cowpony bumped into something, or rather somepony.

"Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry about that!" the clumsy pony apologized. She then quickly walked away in embarrassment.

Applejack looked to see that the clumsy pony was a young freckled-face orange earth pony. Her blond mane looked untied, in contrast to the blue bow on her tail.

Wait a second. Blond mane? Orange coat? Freckles? Could that have been…

"Nah!" Applejack waved the thought away without hesitation. She rejoined the others as they began to mingle with the crowd.

Meanwhile behind the camera, Spike was busy making sure the transmission was going along smoothly. Princess Celestia had written that she was going to stop any type of transmissions Pinkie was planning, so it was up to Spike to find something else to fill time for the rest of the episode. Spike managed to pick the episode up with the chorus after Twilight's meltdown. So for the past 15 or so minutes, the bronies were treated to a growing group of ponies singing and dancing to just almost anything. Thankfully, they never let up thus far and there was just a few short minutes left in the episode. They were home free.

"Spike!" a voice called out. Recognizing the voice instantly, Spike turned around to see Twilight and Pinkie running towards him. Surprised that Twilight was back on the scene and looking a bit better than when he last saw her, Spike ran over and gave the purple unicorn a hug.

"Twilight! Are you feeling better?"

Twilight returned the hug. "I'm fine now. Thanks, Spike."

"Spike? What is going on here?" Pinkie asked.

"Well since the gala song was cancelled, the chorus started singing random songs to pass the time," Spike summarized. "Other ponies joined in and the next thing you know, a full blown dance party broke out. I thought that this would make a great substitute over whatever the princess was trying to stop you guys from doing. You know, like a really nice pick-me-up for the fans, especially after what happened at Carousel Boutique."

"So we've broadcast this the whole time?"

Spike sighed. "It was the only thing I could think of at the time. And I still haven't come up with a way to end the episode. I'm sorry I couldn't think of an answer that was more true to the story."

"I don't think we need to worry about that, Spike." Twilight laughed.

Pinkie Pie giggled a bit too. "Yeah, any sense of 'story' for this episode was thrown right out the window when Twilight broke down earlier."

The painful memory of Twilight's breakdown was still fresh in Pinkie's mind, as was her fear when she had realized the fans had seen it. Thankfully, the recent events in the library was more than enough to perk her back up. Being reminded that there was still an active episode on their hooves, a sudden thought then came to Pinkie.

"Hey, how much time do we have left in the episode?"

Spike took a peek into the camera's monitor. "We still have about a couple of minutes left. Why?"

"I think I know how we can wrap this up!" Pinkie announced. "Twilight? I need you to play along. Close your eyes and come with me. Make sure the camera finds us, Spike."

"Aye aye!" Spike gave a salute.

Pinkie led Twilight, who made sure to keep her eyes closed, to a spot in front of the camera just as the song was finishing up. Spike made sure that the shot was focused on the two of them, even though he didn't have a clue what Pinkie had planned. Satisfied with the shot's setup, Pinkie put her plan in action.

"All right, Twilight, open your eyes!"

Twilight did as she told. She looked around the party scene as if she was seeing it for the first time.

"SURPRISE!" Pinkie shouted.

"Pinkie? What are you doing?" Twilight asked.

"It's our Let's-Have-A-Break-From-All-The-Reruns party, silly!" Pinkie grinned.

Twilight arched an eyebrow. "It's a… what party?"

"It's a party where we take a break from the reruns and just have fun!" Pinkie 'explained'. "You see, what happened at Carousel Boutique got me thinking. You might not be the only one who might be worn out by the same old thing over and over again. I mean, who really wants to see that boring old gala again, anyway? So I had the world's most fantastic idea! Why not change the episode up a bit this time. If going to the gala would have made you sad anyway, then doing something completely different would cheer you right back up! Besides, who says we can't have the 'Best Night Ever' right here in Ponyville!" Pinkie winked.

Twilight caught on to Pinkie's plan. "You changed the episode… for me?"

"Well duh! You are my best friend after all. And the best part is that EVERYPONY is invited. Our friends, all of Ponyville, and especially…"

Pinkie turned to look directly to the camera.

"…the best fans anypony could ever dream of! This party just isn't complete without you guys too. All you bronies, all you pegasisters, and especially all you kids out there too! You guys are just as important to this show as anyone of us here in Equestria, and we love every single one of you the same way you guys love us." Pinkie felt a single tear fall from her cheek as she continued to speak from her heart. "We don't ever get a chance to say this during the show, and we probably won't ever get a chance to say it on the air again. So from all of us to all of you, thank you all… for everything."

"Hey, less feels! More rock!" Octavia shouted from a makeshift stage. Pinkie Pie did a double take when she noticed that the normally classy musician was wearing purple shades and holding a large cider mug. Despite her wanting to know exactly how much cider she drank so far, she let it slide. There was an episode that needed to be wrapped up.

"Okay everypony! LET'S GET CRAZY!" Pinkie shouted.

On that cue, Octavia's ensemble, who had by now switched to playing rock instruments, played a rock and roll riff as the musical number began.

"Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? Oh no, let's go!"

The song launched the entire cast of ponies into a frenzy of singing and dancing. Surprisingly, it was Twilight who led the dance floor as her spastic dancing seemed to fit the song perfectly. Even Spike had abandoned his spot behind the camera to join in on the fun.

To Pinkie, the song was a fitting end to an episode that was anything but ordinary. The show today had been, by all accounts, a complete disaster. However, any sense of dread that she should have had over the complete derailment of the episode was non-existent. Everything was fine now. Her friends, her show, her entire world, they were going to be all right. Pinkie Pie could finally release herself of the burden of satisfying the fanbase at all cost. She could now pour all her energy on the show now, to make it better for her friends and for the fans.

Pinkie was the only pony in the large crowd who noticed the camera's red light had switched off in the middle of the song. Pinkie took a quick look at the camera's monitor and saw that the credits had started rolling. The episode was over. However, the party showed no signs of slowing down. Pinkie Pie smiled. It might not have been the story anypony was expecting, but it still wound up being the 'Best Night Ever' after all!


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Pinkie Pie threw her hooves up in frustration.