Hello everyone! this is my first La Corda D'oro fan fic! ok soo I'm not really into the anime although I watched the whole series and I read only the last few pages of the manga :P but I absolutely LOVE Len Tsukimori and I watched it for him! so this is to show my love for LenXKaho, Go Violin Romance!

Girls giggled, Guys whispered, everybody stared

Yes how couldn't they? The students of Seiso Academy couldn't believe what they had heard! but there were a few witnesses! so it must have been true wasn't it?

The Ice Prince, Len Tsukimori and the care free clumsy amateur violinist Kahoko Hino were together?

Or were they?

Some said that it was Len who confessed and Hino still had to give her answer.

But Len Tsukimori asking a girl out? next thing you know Azuma Yunoki would turn into a mean manipulative guy. (oh if only they knew)

But like it would end like that they thought

"Of course she said yes! she must like him back! Its Len Tsukimori! he is soooo cool!" thought the girls

"Huh a guy like him would just scare of the innocent bird brain, he doesn't have a chance" thought the guys

"Meh I'm sure they started dating mid way of the concours itself they must have just been caught in one f their "moments" thought a few

Well Len Tsukimori wasn't bothered by what others thought.


It was when they gave him weird looks and giggles and asked funny questions that he got bugged.

"Tsukimori senpai?"

Oh it was Shimizu, a clueless yet very talented junior

"Are you really dating Kaho-sempai?"

Ok now thats it, he thought, even I don't know the answer to that what am I supposed to tell Shimizu?

"If you'd excuze me Shimizu-kun I'm in a bit of a hurry ,I shall answer your questions another time" and he walked off.

what else could he do? Yes a week back he had sort of confessed to Kahoko, but she didn't say much and he didn't even wait for an answer he just hugged her and then left. And now he regrets it. Like hell. At least if he had waited he wouldn't have these mixed feelings of hope,worry,love,anxiety and anticipation in him..Heck was Hino even going to give him an answer? he thought. He hadn't seen her much lately as he was extremely busy as he had cancelled his trip, plus she was busy when he was free.

"That girl " he grumbled "She's made my life a mess!"

Oh really Len? Now lets have a peek at Kahoko's life now?

"Kaho-chan! i think there is some thing in your desk!" said Mio as Kahoko hurried to her desk as class was about to start.

"eh? a letter?" said Kahoko as she removed the letter from the envelope and read it, she frowned on reading it

"Don't tell me its another hate letter from the Tsukimori fans?" said Nao half amused but half irritated as she didn't like her friend being picked on.

"Naa this is from the newspaper club asking me to confirm whether I'm dating Len-kun or not" replied Kahoko

Mio giggled " 'Len-kun' eh Kaho-chan? since when did u address Tsukimori-kun like that?"

Kahoko blushed "Eh? no-I-no I don't know..it just came out like that"

"But honestly Kaho-chan"said Mio "You've been dazed for a week now an whenever Tsukimori-kun's name is mentioned you become as red as your hair!"

"I-I do Not!"

Nao added"Hate to admit it but Mio's right, why don't you just go and give your answer to Tsukimori Kaho and let the school know! the commotion will die down that way, and your head will clear up a bit."

Kahoko "I guess you two are right...fine I'll talk to him after class when he's done with practice.."

Mio patted her back "Good luck Kaho-chan!"

Meanwhile in the other Gen-ed division

"Hey Ryou!"


"You're close to that Hino girl right? Don't you know whether or not she and Tsukimori are dating?"



"I don't think so, but I'll ask her anyway"

So that was chapter 1 ! I hope y'all get a brief idea about the fic now! pleeeeaaassee review! leave suggestions compliments remarks ANYTHING! I need to know if its worth finishing thanks!