A fun night out… It kind of was, although Ken had no idea of what really was happening anymore. His mind was all blurry and he couldn't really control his movements anymore. And who was this guy anyway? His lips were rather soft, so that was quite nice. But there was a reason why he should not be making out with this guy right now. What was that reason again? Ah well, for now it didn't matter. He would remember at some point and now just enjoy those soft lips and the tongue swirling a little too fast through his mouth. Okay, this guy really couldn't kiss. Maybe he should just go find his friends again. Who did he go partying with again?

With a hard push Ken got rid of the guy and staggered back to the table he thought he had left his friends. And yes, there they were! But what was up with those weird looks they were giving him? Whatever… He flopped down on the booth and smiled a little goofy when Yolei suddenly started cheering for him. He really had no idea why, but it seemed nice and he got another drink out of it, so must be a success.

And the drink was gone again. It seemed like someone was stealing it every time or did he just drink so fast? He really didn't care at this point anymore. All he knew was that he was having a great time. Although he felt kind of sleepy as well.

Ken leaned on his hand and glanced around the table, almost slipping off it, but he maintained upright. Why were they all so boring, wearing serious expressions on their faces while they whisper weird things to each other? Maybe they were normal things, but who whispers in a club? Seriously? And of course Davis was sitting next to Kari again and it seemed they were intimately whispering things to each other. Ken didn't think they were dating since Davis surely would've told him, but with the way they were acting, it couldn't be long anymore.

Suddenly Yolei was by his side and he almost fell over with the way she wrapped her arm around his neck. What the hell did she want?

'Ken, he was such a cutie!' she exclaimed and tightened her hold around his neck. He felt like she was going to snap it off or something. Crazy woman. 'Why didn't you tell us you liked men? You could've been my wingman all along!'

Oh, that's right. His friends didn't know he was gay. That was why he was getting the strange looks. He had seriously fucked up this time. A deep blush settled on his cheeks, unable to meet anyone in the eyes now. Maybe that was why Davis was also looking a little angry since he was supposed to be his best friend. But how do you tell your best friend you are gay when you have the biggest crush on him?

Oh, god. He was also spending the night at Davis place, because otherwise he had to travel home in the middle of the night by himself. Why did he have to live so far away? He was definitely never drinking again!

'Ken?' Yolei shouted at him, shaking him a little. Not such a pleasant feeling… Immediately nausea settled in. 'Come on. Go ask the guy if he has a cute straight friend. He is still eating you up with his eyes you know.' He did not have to know that. And when he carefully lifted his eyes to meet Davis, he saw even more anger. Oh, he was in for it once they got home. Davis was mad and insulted and it made Ken feel awful.

He just shook his head and waved Yolei off, trying to stand up again to leave the table. He just wanted to get away from the stares. He had almost fallen down, but strong hands captured him before he hit the floor. When he glanced up he met a pair of piercing blue eyes. 'T-thanks, TK,' he murmured, averting his eyes in shame.

Why was he so drunk while the rest seemed fine? The guy had given him a lot of free drinks… Probably to get him drunk and take him home. At least he had enough sense to not do that.

'Wanna go home, Ken?' TK asked, always knowing exactly what everyone needed while wearing that famous smile of his. Ken had to admit that TK was rather cute and certainly very nice, but he was not edgy enough. Not like Davis was.

With a slight nod of the head Ken let TK know that indeed he wanted to go home, but it wasn't like he really had a say in this. In the background he could hear Yolei protest, but it seemed everyone was ready to go home. He had no idea who got his coat, but he was glad someone remembered taking it for him, because he definitely had forgotten about it.

As soon as the cold air hit him, the nausea was back. He needed to take a few deep breaths and only then could he actually walk. He found himself at the back of the group, no one really paying attention to him. Yolei was still complaining about leaving to TK, but the blonde casually waved it all off, not really caring at all. And Davis was still talking to Kari, though the mood had changed so it seemed. He was hissing stuff at her and she was trying to calm him down. It all was a little strange to Ken, but it wasn't like his brain would cooperate now.

TK was the first to leave the group, but Yolei just joined Kari and Davis' conversation, being overly happy about everything that had happened tonight. She really was a strange one. Ken just shuffled behind them, trying to see where he was going, but he didn't really recognise anything. Didn't matter anyway. Eventually Davis would get him home. Maybe without talking, but still.

And then Kari and Yolei took a left turn and Ken was left with Davis. Without glancing around the brunette kept walking though, not focussing on Ken at all. He could've fallen down and he was sure Davis would not have cared at all. Had he really screwed up that badly? Would this be the end of their friendship?

Davis didn't help Ken up the stairs and this meant he was really slow, needing both hand on the railing to even stay standing. He was exhausted by the time they were upstairs, but Davis was already halfway the corridor, so Ken had to keep on moving and eventually he did make it to the front door. At least Davis had left it open on a crack, but he was already out of the hallway once Ken pushed the door open.

Ken just threw his coat to the side and kicked off his shoes, unable to really do anything else with it. He staggered inside, looking around the living room for Davis, but the brunette really was nowhere to be seen. Eventually he made it to the bedroom and leaned against the doorframe. That was when he did see Davis, undressing right in the middle of his room. His back was turned towards Ken, but even that got Ken's blood boiling. He could see the muscles rippling under the tight tanned skin as Davis threw his shirt to the side and then started undoing his jeans. Ken had forgotten Davis only slept in his boxers and his eyes widened when the brunette casually turned around and stared at Ken for a moment with a raised eyebrow.

'Coming in or are you going to sleep standing up?' he asked sarcastically. Well, Ken could honestly say he had never heard that kind of tone leaving Davis' lips. But Ken got the point and stepped in, trying to lift his shirt over his head while he walked, but that of course failed. He stumbled over and it was the second time that evening he was caught by someone. 'God, you're freaking wasted,' Davis said annoyed and then slowly let Ken sit on his bed.

And then the big surprise came when Davis started stripping him off his clothes until he as well was only left in his boxers. This really was a strange evening and it seemed to be getting stranger and stranger as it progressed. Maybe Ken should've just fallen asleep then and there, but he really wanted to fix things with Davis.

'I- I'm sorry,' he stammered out, blinking eyes to see clearly again. Davis had just thrown his jeans away and glanced up at Ken.

In response he first only shook his head, but then the rant started. Of course Davis would eventually be unable to keep his mouth shut. 'I can't believe you didn't tell me,' he called out angrily and punched his pillow as he supposedly was straightening it out. 'How can you not tell me that you like guys? I am supposed to be your best friend and I share everything with you. And then I have to find out this way. You randomly kissing some dude you don't even know. Damn it, Ken. How can you do such a thing?'

This really confused Ken. Why did it matter if he kissed a random guy in a club? Didn't they all do that all the time, kissing girls when they go out? What was the problem if he did the same way guys? But he still was wrong for not telling Davis. 'I just was scared about your reaction,' he said honestly. 'And I didn't want you to find out like this. It just kind of happened,' he added, gaze averted to the ground, still feeling ashamed about it all.

'It just happened!' Davis called out and Ken was pretty sure he would wake his family up if he continued using that tone. 'Can't you just have a little self-control and not kiss random dudes in a club?!'

Ken whipped his head back to Davis, an angry look on his face now. 'You have no right to ask that of me,' he said sternly. 'Why can't I kiss guys in a club when all of you can kiss whoever you want,' he spat, crossing his arms. Annoyed he turned his eyes away again, his foot angrily tapping on the floor. The buzz of alcohol was slowly leaving his body, this conversation really helping a lot.

'Because you just can't!' Of course Davis was known for being stubborn and absolutely making no sense at all, but this was just cruel. 'You should just find someone you can be happy with. You deserve way more than some random guy on a dance floor can offer you.'

How can you even respond to that? The words had been nice, but it was also just completely bullshit. He was sixteen, so why did he need to just be happy with one person already? They certainly weren't settling down and the one Ken wanted to be with didn't seem interested anyway. Stupid Davis.

Just as Ken had finally thought of the right words to say back, he suddenly felt a pair of lips on his, clumsily trying to get him to respond. In complete shock Ken actually forgot to do anything, but Davis was persistent. Eventually Ken closed his eyes and settled into the kiss, his lips opening slightly to let the teasing tongue in. Where did had come from, Ken had no idea, but he definitely didn't mind it.

A soft sigh escaped Ken's lips and it was like Davis came down from his high, quickly breaking the kiss and looking at him with his eyes widened. And before Ken knew it Davis was gone, lying under his sheets with his face turned towards the wall, away from him. 'Night!' he squeaked out.

And that was it. Slowly Ken rose off the bed and stumbled towards the mattress on the floor, flopping down on it. It took some effort, but eventually he was under the covers, his head on the soft pillow. He still had no idea what just happened or why it had happened. It had been quite nice, even if it was a little weird and Davis hadn't seemed to actually know what he was doing.

Ken had no idea how he would wake up tomorrow morning. Would it be weird or would it be totally fine and would Davis confess his undying love for him? That would be excellent. With a smile Ken actually fell asleep, his stomach fluttering with the thought of tomorrow morning.

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