A bit of a short epilogue, but I think it says enough. The first bit is dirty, but it's only short and then we get to the real ending. Enjoy!


'We shouldn't be doing this…'

'Oh, shut up, Ken. It's not like you really want me to stop.' And Davis was so right. Once again he found himself pressed against a tree in the park, but this time he had his legs wrapped around Davis' waist, his cock buried deep inside of Ken. This wasn't the time nor place to do such a thing, but of course Davis couldn't hold back and Ken couldn't say no. So the group would just have to wait for them until they finished.

The thrusting intensified, pushing rougher inside of him as Ken let out moan after moan, praying no one would hear them and come see what was up. They were meeting their friends in the park, having a nice picnic again and this time the older Digi-destined joined them as well. It would be a fun day in the park and they would just laugh and talk and Ken was actually looking forward to see them all again. Especially since this would be the first time they would meet the others while Davis and he were in a real relationship. He did feel a bit nervous, although this was making him more relaxed.

As a hand wrapped around his neglected cock, Davis pressed his lips forcefully against Ken's, taking in every sound the raven let out as he brought his lover to completion. Going completely limp in Davis' arms, Ken just relaxed and waited until the brunette finished, only a few thrusts away from his own orgasm. He loved the feeling of Davis' body tensing under him, all the muscles going rigid as he spilled his essence inside of Ken. It would give a lot of mess, but he couldn't bring himself to care at this point.

Smoothly they parted again, Ken standing on his legs a bit shakily, before putting his jeans back on and trying to smooth out his shirt. With a mischievous giggle Ken stepped out of the bushes, pulling Davis along who was smirking down at his lover and was then pulled into a kiss. Ken felt like he was on top of the world now that he was with Davis and couldn't help himself. He needed as much of the brunette as he could get and this meant kissing a lot as well, even in public. Until the whistling came their way of course.

They broke apart and deep blushes stained their cheeks as they looked over to the group that were only a few feet away. Well, they had been a lot closer than anticipated and hopefully they didn't know what had happened before, although the messy hair and the wrinkled shirts said enough.

'Get a room!', 'You look so cute together!', 'You two really are a pair of horny bastards, aren't you?' And more of those things were shouted their way. Embarrassed Ken sat down on the blanket, folding his hands in his lap with his gaze descended down. Until he was grabbed from the side and pulled flush against Davis' body, who wore a big smirk on his lips, not minding the comments at all. Cocky bastard…

For a moment everyone looked their way, but then it wasn't interesting anymore and they all fell back into conversation. It was strange how normal this felt. Even when they started asking about their first date and how they had even gotten together. Politely they all avoided the subject of Ken and TK breaking up, for both of their relationships sake, because of course TK was snuggling up against Tai, looking as happy as he could be. And then they rooted for Ken for actually putting Davis in his place, even if they left out some parts of it. They didn't need to know all the dirt and Davis and Ken rather forgot about that now as well. It didn't matter what had happened before. It was about how it would continue on now.

How a drunken evening had brought him here was still a miracle. Never had he thought that being in a relationship with Davis was an option. Ken thought he had been doomed to forever see Davis fall for pretty girls and then tell Ken all about how great she was while all he could think about would be him being that pretty girl. But here they were, together with their friends, showing off their love for each other.

The smiles they shared with everyone around the group, getting knowing looks from all around. Everyone looked so happy and Ken couldn't help but smile at this. The group seemed much more at ease than when he was together with TK. This was how it was supposed to be. TK with Tai and Ken… Ken with Davis.

In this case Ken didn't deserve any better, because Davis was the best person he could ever be.

Characters © Digimon

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