Of course the next day had gone awful. Not that Ken really was able to talk about it anyway with Davis. Overnight he had gotten sick again and the rest of the day he had spent in the bathroom, puking his guts out, or at least it felt like he was. Davis had checked up on him once and then just left him alone. It was pretty odd for his friend to do that, but it seemed the mood was still not good between them.

Eventually when he really was finished hugging the toilet, he went the long way home, alone. Davis' family waved him out with concerned looks, but his friend was nowhere to be seen. So Ken just left without a word and went home. At least his parents would always accept him. That was why he never was afraid of telling them he was gay. They had known about his doubts in the beginning and supported him through the process of finding out who he really was. He still wasn't sure, but he was sure he liked boys, definitely.

But of course he could not share his problems with his parents. That would just feel weird and they wouldn't really know how to deal with it anyway. And he had no one else really to talk to about this. It always kind of felt like the Digi-destined were more Davis' friends than his, so it felt weird asking them about it.

So the days after that faithful night were spend alone. No one had taken the effort into calling Ken or sending him a text. Normally he would definitely get a text from Davis when they hadn't talked for two days, but it had been almost a week this time. The only thing that really made him leave the house was for school. He hadn't even been to the Digiworld and he knew Wormmon really wanted to go, but Ken just didn't feel like it. What if he ran into some of the others and it would get all awkward?

After all this happening in the last week Ken could never imagine he would find himself in the position he was in now.

'So will you go out with me?' TK asked, that happy smile on his lips and those blue eyes shining at Ken.

But this didn't seem right. Was he really being asked out, on his doorstep, by someone he had always seen as just a friend? He just couldn't stop staring at TK at this point. Why would the blonde even want to go out with him? And since when was TK attracted to guys as well? Well, Ken had kept it a secret, so maybe it wasn't that weird if TK had done the same thing. But this happening right now, it was all just so odd.

Ken had stayed silent for too long and TK felt the awkwardness rising, so he felt the need to fill it up with words, trying to explain himself a little better or something like that.

'I mean, you don't have to of course,' he said, scratching his head awkwardly as he casted his eyes down to the floor. 'It's just that since our night out, when I found out you liked men, it kind of made me happy,' he explained, a soft pink blush dusting his face now. 'And I know it took me some time to get here, but I just needed to think things through and I had a long talk with Kari about it as well. Eventually I just decided to go for it. So I hope you will say yes.' Hope shone in those bright blue eyes as TK looked up at Ken again.

Two nicely shaped eyebrows scrunched up together on confusion. They were still standing in the doorway, TK not wanting to come in without getting an answer to his question. This just all seemed so odd to Ken. He leaned out the door and glanced from left to right as if it would explain why TK had come all the way down here. As he leaned back again his eyes went back to TK. 'Were you in the neighborhood or something?' he asked, still not getting it.

A soft chuckle left TK's lips as he looked down for a moment and when his eyes went back to Ken, his smile really seemed to beam. 'No, Ken. I came all the way out here to ask you out,' he answered honestly, taking Ken completely off guard.

So TK really was here to just ask Ken out and that was it. No hidden reasons or anything else. TK wasn't someone who would play a joke on anyone anyway.

But Ken had a crush on Davis, so would it be smart to date TK? He had never thought of dating TK or anything like that before. And Davis hadn't talked to him in over a week. But they did share a kiss, although Davis didn't seem all too happy about it afterwards. Didn't Ken deserve some real attention and TK was really a nice guy and quite handsome and Ken couldn't deny the effect that smile of his had on the him.

And then TK also went through all the trouble to come to his house, which is really far away. This really showed that the blonde was interested in him. Slowly a smile formed on Ken's lips and he looked up in TK's eyes again. 'Okay,' he replied softly. 'I'll go out with you.'

'Really?' TK asked happily, his smile turning even brighter as it already. Ken just nodded slightly in response, wearing his own small smile that fitted perfectly on his face. 'I will make sure to make this the best date you've ever been on,' he announced excitedly.

Ken stepped aside as a short laugh left his lips at TK's words. 'Well, it will be the first date I've ever been on, so that is not hard to top.'

'Well, that is everyone else's mistake,' TK replied with a shrug off his shoulders. He stepped inside and glanced around the apartment, his eyes falling on Wormmon. 'Hey there,' he greeted in a friendly tone. Then he turned to Ken again, his smile a little smaller, but not less bright somehow. 'Is it okay if I give Patamon a call? He's probably dying to hear how it went.'

It shocked Ken that TK asked that. This really was a big deal to TK then if he had even shared with Patamon. 'Y-yeah,' Ken stammered. 'Sure. It's in the living room.'

With a nod TK left for the living room and soon he could hear the excited voice of TK beaming through the apartment. It was strange to hear someone else talking about you like that. So happy and sweet.

Ken glanced down at Wormmon and noticed that his Digimon was also looking very happy. 'Strange how these things go, huh?' he murmured, looking at TK again who now gave him a happy wave. It made Ken's heart flutter, although not as much as Davis sometimes could, but maybe he would get there. It wasn't like he really had thought about TK this way before anyway.

'I think TK is really nice,' Wormmon responded, jumping up onto Ken's shoulder to look at TK with him. 'And he will take really good care of you, Ken.' So much wisdom in the small Digimon's voice. If it was based on anything was something else, but at least he sounded very wise.

Deep blue eyes glanced down at Wormmon now, shifting away from TK. 'How would you know if he will take good care of me?' Ken asked a little annoyed, finding it a little short minded of the Digimon. There was no reason for Wormmon to think such a thing about TK. There were no signs that TK would be better for him than Davis would be. Both had been good friends and had always had his back when he needed it.

The small Digimon jumped off Ken's shoulder and onto the counter of the kitchen, Ken trying to avoid Wormmon's eyes at all cost. 'Because TK is just that kind of a person,' he responded, jumping along with Ken who kept walking away. 'He makes sure everyone is happy and then he will think of his own happiness. And may I also remind you of the fact that he is here, asking you out on a date.'

That stung, because Ken knew exactly what Wormmon meant. Davis was not here and definitely didn't think of Ken's happiness when he got so mad about the whole being gay thing. But the guy did kiss him! What did that mean then? Why would Davis kiss him if it didn't mean anything?

And then he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. Shocked Ken looked up into those bright blue eyes again. Damn, TK was tall. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. But I told Patamon now,' TK said with a smile.

'O-oh, okay. Uhh, do you want something to drink?' Ken offered, unsure of how to entertain TK now. It was strange, but whenever TK was around, Ken couldn't help but think that dating the blonde would be a great idea. But whenever he wasn't looking at the blonde, then everything seemed to fall apart and he just wanted to crawl back into his crush on Davis.

A short shake of the head where the blonde hair flowed around TK's head was his answer. 'No, I gotta go and tell Kari as well. She's probably annoying my mother already by calling constantly. And I need to start planning this date,' he added with a wink. Insert another flutter of Ken's heart.

'I see,' he replied softly. 'I'll let you out then.' He led TK over to the door and opened it for the blonde to leave. 'I'll see you later then.'

TK stayed standing outside of the door for a moment. He looked a moment longer at Ken and then quickly let his thumb swipe over his pale cheek. 'Don't forget we have a picnic this Saturday in the park with the others,' he said with a soft smile.

'Picnic?' Ken asked confused, hearing about this for the first time. 'What picnic?' His tone was holding an edge now, feeling a little angry that apparently he wasn't invited to their get-togethers anymore.

A confused blonde eyebrow was raised. 'Davis didn't tell you? We were meeting on Saturday for some fun with the Digimon. Yolei told him to give you a call.'

'Well, he never did,' Ken spat, his body almost shaking with anger. So this is where their friendship was right now. None existent. Well, then Ken had no reason to doubt dating TK was a good idea anymore. It was a great idea and he would enjoy their time together to the fullest. He averted his eyes, glaring at the wall instead.

Awkwardly TK scratched behind his head again, unsure of how to respond to this. 'Well, then you are still invited now. We can go together if you want?'

'I want to have our date tomorrow,' Ken suddenly stated, deep blue eyes staring deep into TK's now. 'I want our date to be before the picnic, then it makes more sense that we come together the day after to the picnic,' he explained, that not being the only reason of course. Also to show Davis that he already had a replacement, sort of. That bastard would know that Ken didn't need his friendship.

TK didn't see anything wrong in it and actually smiled brightly. 'Okay, that sounds good. I'll text you the details of where to meet me tomorrow then.' He then suddenly leaned forward and kissed Ken on the cheek, taking the raven completely off guard. 'I'll see you tomorrow,' he added softly and then quickly left, the blush not going unnoticed.

Ken just watched him leave, a smile tugging at his lips.

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