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It was a day later, the day of his date with TK and Ken was incredibly nervous. He was ordered to wait at the corner by his subway station and then the blonde would come pick him up or something. The whole morning he had been fussing with his hair, trying out different outfits, because he did want to look good, but didn't want to seem like he tried too hard. He didn't even know if that made sense, because he was trying very hard actually. Ken just didn't want to disappoint TK. Somehow he had been really looking forward to this.

And as he noticed TK turning the corner, a bright smile on his lips once those blue eyes fell on him, Ken couldn't help but smile back, even if it was just a little. TK just seemed so happy to see him and it made him feel special. Maybe he really was special, at least to the blonde.

'Hey,' TK greeted him, immediately leaning forward and giving him another one of those kisses on the cheek. And of course Ken blushed at the very touch of it.

A hand went up and Ken lightly touched the place TK's lips had been mere seconds ago, shyly looking up at the tall blonde teen that grinned down at him as if he was some cute little puppy that just embarrassed himself by falling down over his own feet. 'H-hi,' he replied softly and then looked away, feeling a little awkward now. Why did TK have to keep looking at him like that? So happy and well, maybe just happy?

'Let's go,' TK then suddenly announced, reaching for Ken's hand and pulling him along over the busy streets. Would it really be okay to hold each other's hand? Not that in any way he could pull his hand free since TK's hold was very hard. It was amazing how smoothly they moved through the crowd of people. It was almost as if they simply parted away for TK. Normally everyone would just bump into Ken, as if he was invisible almost now that he was not the genius he once was anymore. They didn't recognise him anymore.

Ken still had no idea where they were going, but they were moving at such a fast pace that he was more focused on placing his feet right on the ground than actually wanting to ask the question. And then they suddenly walked passed big fences that Ken recognised from somewhere, but he wasn't sure why or what it even was. Until they came to the entrance where TK led them in. 'We're going to the zoo?' he asked unbelievable.

The only answer he got was a big smile and then they went in, TK apparently already having bought tickets before. Well, this was certainly something else, but it wouldn't be very private here, right? And then TK fished a map out of his jeans pocket and studied it for a moment before Ken was pulled along again. Was this really going to be a date where Ken was just being dragged to places?

'TK, where are we going?' he asked a little annoyed now, thinking this would be something Davis would do as well. Not really taking in account what Ken wanted and just doing whatever he liked. Although he was sure that TK actually let him somewhere that Ken would enjoy as well. So even if this was a little annoying and weird, Ken was also a little excited and curious to where they going.

Before the blonde even could answer, they already entered one of the houses that stood in the zoo, warmth enveloping the two teens. 'It's still a surprise,' TK said softly. 'But we're almost there, so you don't have to wait very long.' And with that the blonde pushed open a plastic curtain, entering a second room with some warning about not taking the butterflies out when you leave and then Ken suddenly realised where they were.

'The butterfly garden?' Ken asked excited and glanced around, suddenly noticing all the different coloured butterflies flying around. A big smile formed on Ken's lips as he tried following after one. They were just all so spectacular and he wanted to touch one. Unfortunately he wasn't allowed to. But just looking around and noticing more and more of the small flying creatures was amazing.

And then he heard soft chuckle behind him, in the exciting moment kind of forgotten that TK was also here and that he just made a complete fool out of himself. 'I'm glad you are already enjoying yourself,' he said teasingly and then walked over to the raven haired teen, taking his hand in his again. 'But I wanted to go to a different part of the garden. It's a little quieter there and I am sure you will like that part as well.' And with that said, TK started pulling him along again, moving over the different small paths, several butterflies fluttering around them and some even taking a risk and landing on their shoulders or head. Ken wasn't sure if he even wanted to leave this part of the room.

A small stairs let them down towards another room and it was almost completely empty, only another couple staring at something through thin glass. It wasn't a very big room and also slightly darker than the above floor, but it definitely peeked Ken's curiosity again.

'Come on, I know you'll love to see this,' TK whispered, not wanting to raise his voice any further. It was as if the room needed a soft voice, but Ken wasn't sure why yet. And then they walked up to the glass, Ken almost pressing his face against it to see it all very clear and then he realised what it was. Hundreds of cocoons were lined up, all holding baby butterflies and some were even opening up and showing off the new-borns. 'I thought you would like it here seeing as Wormmon kind of being a caterpillar and all, changing into Stingmon.'

It indeed was a good idea of TK. Ken had developed an interest in insects after learning more about Wormmon and this really was just a miracle to watch. 'Thank you for taking me here,' he simply replied and focused his eyes on a soft yellow butterfly that was slowly flapping his wings to dry them off a little. It was kind of endearing to see and it wouldn't be long before these little butterflies would be flying around in the room above among all the other brightly coloured butterflies.

As Ken was completely focused on the small butterflies, suddenly noticing one that was breaking out of the hard shell of the cocoon, TK got behind him, wrapping an arm around Ken's waist and placing his chin on the frail boy's shoulder. A deep blush settled on Ken's cheeks again as he didn't feel very comfortable with how close they suddenly were. How come TK was so okay with touching like this already? Although his touch was very soft and the warmth pressed against his back actually felt kind of nice… He let out a shaky breath and then decided to ignore it and just let TK hold him like this.

'Look at that one,' Ken spoke up softly, pointing out the butterfly that was now crawling out of his cocoon and TK just hummed softly in response, placing another arm around Ken's waist and tightening his hold a little.

A bit frightened that the other couple might judge them for both being male, but as Ken looked to the side, he noticed they had already disappeared, leaving him alone with TK. The blush darkened even further now as his eyes suddenly met those bright blue ones, a soft smile on TK's lips.

And then the unexpected happened. Carefully TK turned Ken around, his back now towards the cocoons and small butterflies. His arms were still placed around his waist and slowly the blonde leaned closer and closer, making sure Ken knew exactly what he was about to. The raven haired sucked in a deep breath staring into those blue eyes as the started closing and before he knew it soft lips were pressed against his.

At first he wasn't sure what to do, his eyes still wide opened in shock and his lips unmoving, but then he noticed how nice the touch really was and how he felt butterflies fluttering up in his stomach in response to it. His arms went up and wrapped around TK's neck as he slowly closed his eyes, melting into the kiss by tilting his head a little to the side. It was soft and sweet and so very like TK. Unlike the kiss he had shared with Davis there was no pressure behind it, no force for asking more and just taking his time and enjoying the moment for now.

Softly a tongue slid over his bottom lip and without question Ken opened his mouth to let the tongue slide in, granting it entrance and even now TK was so soft, experimentally moving his tongue through Ken's mouth. This was all so different than his previous experiences, most of them really not that nice like the last drunken kiss with the random stranger. Although the kiss with Davis was also really good, passionate and just hot, even if it lasted so short. This was just careful and slow and something Ken really could do all day, his tongue now playing a little with TK's. But he did miss the bit of passion he had felt with Davis. There was nothing in Ken that screamed he wanted more, but maybe that was normal. He did have a crush on Davis for quite some time while the thought of actually dating TK only hit him yesterday. Maybe it just needed time and he was very willing to share many more of these kisses until they got to the point they both wanted more.

At some point they had broken the kiss and both a little dazed had stood very close to each other still, enjoying the last bits of the moment.

The rest of the day they had spent very close to the other, holding hands and just leaning into each other, some sort of weird bubbly vibe between them as they randomly let out soft giggles. And they had talked as they watched the other animals moved through their cages and in dark corners they had shared more kisses, all initiated by TK, but Ken didn't mind much. During this time he had almost forgotten about Davis, his mind mostly focused on TK, but even now he couldn't let go of the fact that Davis had tried to not invite him to the picnic. He hadn't asked TK about it, but he hoped Davis wasn't aware of the fact that he was coming. Surprising him tomorrow in the park would be much more fun.

And then the sun was already going down and TK had come all the way over to his house, just because he wanted to walk him home properly and it made his stomach flutter again. They walked through the walkway together, holding hands until they reached the front door to Ichijouji residence. There again was Ken turned into a kiss and they took their time in saying goodbye, losing track of time until the blonde's phone suddenly rang.

Slowly TK pulled back, his eyes still closed as he spoke. 'Sorry, I was actually meeting Matt later, but I think I'm late,' he said with a chuckle and then after another peck to Ken's lips he pulled back completely, standing up straight again. 'I really had a lot of fun today.' And then a cute soft blush spread on TK's cheeks, very unexpected. 'And I hope we can do this again sometime.'

'Just pick me up tomorrow from the subway station before we go to the picnic and we'll have a few minutes together,' Ken said, smiling softly at the blonde. And as TK after that left with a nod and a happy smile on his face, Ken couldn't help but stare after him again until he disappeared around the corner.

Maybe this was much better than his crush on Davis. Maybe he really deserved this.

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