Naraku's Nightmare

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Author's Note: This story was inspired by the words said by my sister. They were: "Naraku, I love you. How about that idea for a story?"

Oh yeah, this story is like, historically all wrong, but oh well.

Chapter One: Just a Dream… Right?

            "Naraku…" a high, feminine voice said. "Naraku-chan…  Where are you~?"

            He ran through the forest, panicking. He must not be caught by her. He must not be caught by her. HE MUST NOT BE CAUGHT BY HER!!!

            "Playing hide-n-seek, huh?" the woman asked. "Okay, I'll play along. But you should know, I'll always find you, Naraku baby~."

            No, NO! He must get away. Get away from this…from this thing called—

            "I FOUND YOU!!!" she shouted, pouncing on him.

            "AHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed in fear.

            "Now we're together again!" she said, snuggling to him, laughing gleefully. Oh, no. OH NO!!!

            "Get away from me," he said with difficultly, trying to keep the fear out of his voice. How could she find him so easily? How could he have been caught so easily? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???

            "Don't be so mean~" she cooed, clinging onto him. He struggled to get away. It couldn't end like this. It just couldn't end like this.

            "Get away, or I'll have to hurt you," he warned, but couldn't keep the panic out of his voice.

            "Oh, you could never hurt me, Naraku baby~" she said, hugging him even tighter. Air! Air! "I know you love me sooooooooooo much!"

            He was starting to turn blue from the lack of oxygen. To be defeated like this… No! He could not, would not lose like this. In a desperate attempt to free himself, he…

            "You kissed me!" she stated happily. "You've never kissed me before! What is a girl to do at a time like this?" she asked herself, turning away and blushing, holding her face. In her moment of distraction, he ran for his life.

            Must get away. MUST GET AWAY!

            "Don't run away because you're shy!" she said, chasing after him. No… NO. NOOOOO!!!

            There was a village ahead. The perfect chance to blend in and hide from HER. He transformed himself to look like a common villager, working in the fields.

            "Naraku-chan, I know you're here~" she said, looking around at the people working in the fields. Some people looked up at her, wondering who she was.

            "Are you hiding here?" she asked, pouting. Suddenly she smiled brightly. "I know a foolproof way to find you!" She promptly began ripping the shirts off all the men she could get her hands on.


            "What does she think she's doing?!"

            "My wife is going to kill me!"


            Naraku tried to run away before the crazy woman got to him. Curse that spider scar on his back. Curse Onigumo, it was all his fault!

            Suddenly he felt someone grab the back of his shirt, ripping it off.

            "Yay! I found you again, Naraku-poo~!" she giggled, squeezing him. Hard. Very hard. He struggled to escape, but to no avail.

            "Are you going to give me another kiss as the prize? Come on," she said, her lips getting closer. And closer. AND CLOSER!


            "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" he screamed, sitting up in bed quickly, drenched in cold sweat. He took a few shuddering breaths, trying to calm his pounding heart down. "Thank God it was just a dream." He rubbed his head, trying to get that horrible nightmare out of his mind.

            He got up slowly, his knees still shaking in fear. A bath. A nice cold bath would do nicely. He ordered a servant to prepare a cool bath for him.

            A while later, he soaked himself in the cool waters, trying to push that nightmare out of his mind. It would never come true, he was sure of it. Of course he was sure of it. He was the meanest, most evil baddie around, so of course he was sure. Right. Right?



            The workers in the castle turned to the direction of the screaming. Was that their lord?

            Kanna rushed into the room, silent. She watched patiently as her master tried to calm his heart down, looking as if though he had just seen a ghost.

            "It-It's nothing. You may go," he said, motioning for her to leave. Had she been more emotional, she would have quirked her eyebrows all the way up. She had never seen her master act this way.

            "Phew. It was just the wind," he said to himself, drying his body off. "I must be getting paranoid, or something." He refused to think that it was his dream that had scared him shitless.

Author's Note: In the next chapter, the mystery woman meets up with Naraku. Events of the past will be revealed!