Out On The Town


Kind-of like a short series, or something. Anyway, it's Kerry (Kim/Jerry). I don't watch that many Kickin' It, so that's mostly why they could come off sort of out of character.

Kim was mortified.

As she climbed up the stairs to the roof, she couldn't shake the memory off from her head. Her cousins' snarls and comments were painful to bare and she didn't knew how she had kept her temper in while she just sat there and took it all. It was outrageous, really.

Kim knew she wasn't much of a dancer - she didn't fumble or stumble, but she did intend on going a little bit... overboard. It's the music, you know! Working through her nerves, practically taking on her soul to act that way. She knew she acted ridiculous. It was only her good looks with blond hair and pretty face that nearly could make up for her silly dance-movements, nearly.

Here's the deal: her favourite cousin, Kendall, is getting married two weeks from now. Kendall was from Mom's side of the family - and Mom's family is pretty big. Mom had six siblings, she being the third child, and like 27 nieces or/and nephews. At some point, it was fun if they all could come together and hang out. Because they're family - and it's always good when family's around. They would always laugh, making jokes, some would be making a scene - someone would always have a small baby for them to coo over. It was great.

Up until they all made a pact unintentionally to teased Kim about her dancing during their visit a couple of nights ago.

"Oh Kimmy!" Aunt Lucinda laughed, smiling broadly at her. "Honest to God, child, you danced like you had six feet!"

They thought it was funny - Kim even managed to force a smile along, just for their sake. They hadn't known right after that little scene, Kim went out to punch a dummy she kept in the basement. None of them realized - well, Mom might have realized. But she kept quiet about it. Whatever. Mom would always let her siblings win over her own daughter. It was a given.

So, naturally, Kim wanted to get better. She wanted to show them all off. And stopped making an embarrassment out of herself. Or at least didn't put a shame on Kendall's wedding. Kendall deserved that.

Jerry ran into her mind as soon as she thought of dancing.

Who would have been better? Smooth? That dude's a douche.

But there's only one problem to request on Jerry as her, well, guide. They hadn't seen each other for almost a month.

On the end of Sophomore year, Jerry auditioned for a Performing Arts school just at the outskirts of the city. They (Jack, Milton, Eddie, Rudy and her) were against his decision at first, because well, Jerry was their friend. And they didn't want him to leave. Jerry argued that he wasn't going to leave permanently, just leaving school. They would still see each other because he's still apart of the dojo.

He had a point, but still.

Then, Jerry kinda blow up. His veins were sticking out from his neck, his nose flared and he was shouting so loud, Milton shook like leaves. Over the years, Milton was closest to Jerry, and as he hid behind Kim's back, she could hear he trembled out, "I knew this would happen."

Kim had to guess Milton witnessed that event before.

"You know what, I thought as friends, you could have been more supportive. Going to that school was my only chance to actually make it out in life. Sure, I'm doing better at our school now, but I'm very good at dancing - and if I go to Golrick Arts-" that's the Performing Arts school's name, "-I actually have a chance. Don't you understand that?"

All of them were silent as Jerry tensely stared at them. He took a step closer, his voice dropped into a near whisper. "I actually have a chance."

Jerry stalked out of the dojo after that - Milton's practically crying by the corner. The regrets settled in everyone's body. It was Jack who spoke up, "Jerry's right, guys. We should have been more supportive. We were selfish. We only wanted him here because we can't accept he wanted to go - and he's not going for a bad reason. He's doing it for his future. Future."

They apologized by going to Jerry's open audition.

He smiled when he spotted them - and danced like a great dancer he was. His acceptance letter came mid-through Summer, and everyone celebrated it. On that moment, Kim finally saw how happy Jerry was. Truly. He finally got to go somewhere we could blend in, dance his way to every class, and actually enjoying his times there. She was happy for him.

But Golrick Arts did kept Jerry busy as soon as Junior Year came rolling in, more than anyone ever meant to. He went through every showcases there was and every performances the school held; being the back-up dancer, sometimes danced with his own group. Yeah, he joined a group there. He even sometimes got himself with being in a theatrical act. At least, he told them that. They never got a chance to see him in action, except for that one time during a Half-Moon Showcase when he invited them and their schedules were coincidentally free.

Jerry still did some Karate every once in a while - but since the dojo was booming and managed to gather popularity, their list of members made Jerry's presence looked even more less convenient day by day.

It's a sad fact - but it's a fact.

Now, Kim heard Jerry was finally settling around when she came by knocking at his house's door (she got his address from Rudy, who kept all of the members' address because it's compulsory). Kim assumed it's his two sisters who opened the door. One of the girls, the seemingly older one, looked bright when Kim told them she's searching for Jerry. "He's at the roof! He's always at the roof when he's tired or needs to be alone."

The younger one beamed, "He said we gave him a rash."

The girls giggled. Kim smiled and excused herself. And that's why she's climbing up to the roof. Honestly, she's a little bit nervous. It seemed like, it's been forever since she last saw Jerry. The situation was almost over-bearing.

She turned the knob to the rusty door and swung it open.

The air hits her face almost immediately.

The roof was small, and there's an old billboard over-casting the whole street there. There's a few clothes being dried up and a small garden filled with pots and colourful flowers. And by the other side, near where many satellites sat, Jerry's laid-out back was facing her. His shoulder moved evenly with each breath. He looked like he's sleeping.

Kim smiled, took a step closer.

When she bent her head down to look at his face, it was confirmed that the pale-skinned boy was sleeping. Kim thought he looked peaceful - the aggressiveness that graced his expression left his entire face, his bushy eyebrows looked relaxed and his lips fell into a straight line. He's sleeping on his right side, his arms crossed over his chest and an old rag rested under his head as a pillow.

Kim frowned, chewed on her lips and finally decided she needed to wake him up.

Her fingers touched his shoulders, which are just chunk of firm muscles tacked together to the bones of his arm making Kim finally sunk in the information that Jerry was in reality, a real muscled-guy. He's not as impressive as Jack, obviously, but the fact still stood. He looked older, Kim noticed.

"Jerry," she hushed into his ears, watching him twitch as a reaction. She smiled, and tried again. "Jerry!"

"Aish Maricela!" He cried out, shrugging his shoulders in dismay. His eyes still closed. "I told you to eat your lunch in peace, Jesus."

Kim tugged her brows together in slight frustration. Even after all of the years, she's still a hot-tempered girl. She didn't do good with patient. Someone either get punched in the eye, or there are about three people trying to restrain her from launching and attacking. She collected her breath, "Jerry! Wake up!"

He immediately woke up, crying out a list of the Spanish language as he regained his posture - lifting his chin and looked at her. His sharp eye turned into a shocked one, "Kim." He muttered.

"Jerry," she nodded, responding.

"What the - " Jerry jumped off from where he was lying down to the floor she's stepping on. His eyes appeared lost, he looked around. "I thought it was one of my sisters' doing. What, uh, what's going on? Somebody died?"

Kim frowned, then spat, "No!"

"Thank God. You had me really worried there." Jerry exclaimed, leaning back. He ruffled his messy hair. After about five seconds later, he looked up, grinning. "What's up? What brings you to The Jerome Crib?"

"Seriously?" she scoffed.

He shrugged indifferently, walking to her side and reaching up to grab a can of Coke that she hadn't notice have been laying there ever since she walked in. "That's the best I could come up with," he admitted, chunked a gulp of Coke before he laid his attention back at her. "But seriously, what do you need Sweet-Thang?"

She laughed at his lame nickname, but began to fiddle with the edge of her sleeves. She brushed a blonde hair back. "I - uh - I need your help. Desperately."

"This must be serious," Jerry goofed off, putting his can of Coke back where it was. He pointed his two thumbs at himself, "Tell me the problem, Pretty-Girl and this detective will catch your criminal."

God, he's still lame.

Kim grinned. Her nerve calmed down, just slightly. She looked at Jerry warily, the tense didn't leave her shoulders. "No. Please. This is ... actually serious," Kim looked at her converses, kicking dusts. "Well, at least it is to me. Uh, I'm - I'm really - "

"Don't worry, Kim." Jerry smiled warmly, reminding her he's just Jerry, goddammit! "I'll help. You know I would."

"Thanks," she responded, her saliva tasted sour. She took another sharp inhale, "I need you to teach me to dance. Seriously."

"Really?" Jerry didn't seem as surprised. "Why all of a sudden? I thought Prom is still a few months away. Did Jack already asked you out, or something?"

"No! No." Kim flustered - she really didn't like people romantically link her and Jack. It made her lose control of what's right. She and Jack went out once, and it was great honestly, but ... they're like, playing a game you know? Dancing around each other. After that date, Jack and her were just just tip-toeing around one another. Who's going to make the first move, who's not. Sometimes it's tiring, sometimes it's exciting. But it's just really confusing. "He didn't - no."

Jerry shrugged again, "Well, okay. Whatever. What then?"

"My cousin - she's getting married."

"Oh," his face looked like all the puzzles finally fit with each other. His shoulders dropped a little. "When?"

"Two weeks from now."

"By the end of this week, Kim - you'd be the master." Jerry pointed it out, his tone was serious - but Kim was clouded whether he's serious or just playing around.

She pouted, shoved his shoulders. "Don't tease."

He grabbed her hands in his grip, his eyes suddenly tensed. Kim was caught off-guard. Then, he leered a smirk out, "Babe, I'm anything but a teaser."

In any way, Jerry was a really good teacher. He came late on Thursday and Friday because that's the day he practised with his group at school: "Sometimes it's Monday but Jennifer, Wilke and Quentin fucked-up with their teachers and got their asses in detention for two months. Our detentions are usually on Monday throughout Wednesday - yeah, our school system is strange like that."

And because he was late, he had to take his two young sisters for Kim's personal dance-session so he could feed them their lunch. Apparently, he babysat his sisters because his Mama worked shifts at a diner (Jerry didn't talk much about his Papa, and Kim never asked). "It save times," Jerry explained when he shoved his sisters' lunch to their chests, "We can just go on with your practise!"

Maricela was the older sister (she's ten) and Madelyn was the youngest in their siblings (she's eight): "We have nine siblings. The eldest is thirty." Maddy, that's what Jerry called her, informed with a large smile. Kim was impressed. She always somewhat knew Jerry originated from a large family - she just didn't knew it was really, really big. It made Kim looked Jerry in a brighter light - that man, despite how he acted sometimes, was responsible. He took care his younger siblings like a man.

Well, like 94%of a man, anyway.

Jerry wasn't shy as a teacher - he took her hands in his grasp and gripped her waist firmly. He turned to her, "Are you ready for this?"

After a while, she's gotten used to it. "Yes."

"Try not to step on my foot." Jerry noted, without any trace of mock. Kim nodded.

And they moved. One foot in front of the other and she swayed, almost gracefully. At the beginning, she was stiff and awkward. Jerry was frustrated. "Goddamn, relax, Kim! It's just me." He'd exclaimed, ran his fingers through his hair and muttered the rest of his sentence in Spanish. Kim felt slightly embarrassed, but like, only slightly. It's just Jerry after all. What was she to be ashamed for? The guy was a friend.

Then, Jerry practically massaged her whole body to be more 'soft' which was stupid and kind of an invasion of privacy but she admitted to having a well-built body, maybe too built-up than a girl's body really should. It's not her fault, really. Ever since she's young, Mom sent her to gymnastics classes so she could stay fit - and because Mom was worried she'd grow up without a talent, and as Mom proclaimed, "Better you're good at something than nothing at all." It stung, but with Mom, Kim had grown numb.

He'd pinch her shoulders when it's too tensed-up and gripped her legs when it went too stiff, and sometimes even splatted her limbs when he found it in an awkward position. "No! No! No!" Sometimes it's funny seeing Jerry that way - but she didn't dare laugh at him then. She too, along with Jerry was frustrated. The beginning of their practise looked hopeless, but Jerry never gave up. And Kim, well, she was very determined.

And sometimes, just when Jerry was just so much into his character as a teacher, he didn't pinch or grip or splat her. Instead, his fingers softly touched her skin - his touch was delicate, as if one wrong move could damage Kim. His face was intent, but soft, as if he's living another soul. His eyes were furrowed in focus, guiding her to move in the way he wanted her to move. It sounded sensual when Kim thought about it a few hours later, and made a few head turns when she squeaked while practising at the dojo.

And a few days later, at the roof, with Maricela and Maddy as live audience, while Kim and Jerry moved to the atmosphere on the roof - Kim was somewhat similar to a figure that could dance. Her feet was no longer clumsy enough to step on anyone's shoe and she no longer supposedly 'move to the beat of her own drum'. She followed instructions, let her mind came to term with her ways as she glided across the roof. The girls looked impressed.

Jerry looked satisfied.

When he twirled her before the dance ended, she was smiling. And then, the curtain fell. Well, the ones in her mind anyway.

"Kim." Jerry began, his voice dropped and Kim was anxious. This was usually the time when Jerry spluttered out his comments before they gave it another go. Sometimes he even went out to reach her arms or whatever part of her body (except the ones he knew he couldn't touch) to say, "Loose the stress in this!" or "Gentler, mujer!" He's really, sort of, strict when it came to dancing. She should have known.

But Jerry didn't do anything - he just smiled broadly, "You did it. You're a dancer."

She stared at him, wide-eyed. "What?!"

"Yup," he nodded his head, she let out a high-pitched shriek type of laughter. She jumped, he laughed. And before she knew it, his hands went over just above her shoulders to pull her into a hug. She landed her face on his collarbone, immediately the rush of his cologne enveloping her mind. At the background, Maricela and Maddy was dancing and cheering. She's still laughing and decided to hug him closer, her arms went over his body. Jerry was such a good friend.

His head moved a few inches from hers, and he whispered, "I'm so proud of you."

Kim couldn't stop grinning. "Thanks to you."

After that Jerry was sure she didn't need more practising - and she didn't push any further seeing as he was also tired for the evening. The spent the next hour in Jerry's small, clustered but comfortable apartment (it's his Mama's apartment, but whatever - it's just the same). Jerry cleared out the dishes from his sisters' lunch and the girls dragged her to watch an Italian drama or something, which made Kim questioned their origin, again. "We're also part Italian - It's from our Papa's sides," Jerry answered from the sink - and that's as far as he'd go talking about his Papa.

Kim shrugged and wondered why she just didn't go to the dojo to practise.

She figured, even though she had no idea what the man and the woman were shouting on the small television screen, it was interesting. And Maricela and Maddy was heart-warming. They're not much of a brat as Jerry liked to treat them as. And Jerry? After washing the dishes, cleaned his hands, chunk another can of Coke, he settled himself next to her on the couch - and fell straightly asleep after that.

It was a good evening, honestly.

Friday, just a few hours before she's got to head out for Kendall's wedding, Kim found herself on Jerry's steps.

The thought that she might accidentally fall on her butt in front of everybody else at the reception crossed over her minds for the millionth time. The sweats gathered on her palms - and she wiped it on her dress. Mom forced her to wear it, saying something sternly like how tomboy-ish she became and how it wasn't going to work if she wore something hideous when all of the family will be coming down. Mom's kind of a moron, Kim thought with dread. It was a stupid peach-coloured dress, with floral rose printing all over it: it made her appeared like a typical sweet, country blonde girl.

Whatever that was.

For the past week, since Jerry last practised with her and she perfected her dance movements, she had practised with her eleven years old cousin, who came with his family to Kim's house because his Mom, Aunt Terry, was Mom's sister and they wanted to go to Kendall's wedding together - it's a siblings-thing, they claimed. She scoffed. The cousin was flustered after two days of practising 'dancing' ("This isn't what men do!" he threw his hands up) until Kim bought his 'services' as her partner for the remaining nights. He pretty much swallowed his pride and became her slave.

But her level of confidence was on the dangerous level as Aunt Lucinda called like, two hours ago: "Oh Kimmy dear! We couldn't wait to see you make a big mess out of yourself at the reception! Jimmy's gonna record it all on his new video camera," and went out cackling like a maniac Kim really thought she was.

As usual, Mom didn't defend her pride.

Kim knew Friday was one of the days Jerry would come home late as he had his weekly dance practise with his group at Golrick Arts. Still, it didn't stop Kim. She wanted to dance - for the last time. Just to... make sure, of everything, every steps. Plus, she knew Jerry would have to come home sooner or later; he had to babysat his sisters and feed them. Kim smiled at that - the reason she's here early on purpose was too also help Jerry - maybe she could heat up their lunches for them so when Jerry did arrived home, he won't get clumsy in between his responsibilities of a brother, against a friend.

Kim knocked on his door.

She expected for maybe Maricela would be the one who's behind it as the door swung opened. Or maybe Maddy. But no. It weren't any of them. In fact, stood there on the same eye-level as her was a woman. Her skin was pale and her nose was hooked. Her eyes were those of Jerry's, but it's tired and worn-out. The wrinkles etched on her face, but the beauty was still there. Hinting in her slightly-unruly raven hair and luscious lips.

Kim had to take a leap of faith and guessed she's Jerry's Mama.

Before Jerry's mother could ask her who she was, Maricela hopped in the background, before she came at the door with a giddy smiles, "Kimmy! Kim! You're here! I thought you'd never come again." Maricela grabbed her hands, still jumping. Maddy came trudging behind, a broad smile plastered over her small face.

Jerry's mother smiled. "You must be Kim. My daughters talked about you, quite a lot, really."

Just them? Kim thought before she could stop them.

"I'm Constantia. I'm their mother." She held her hand out - Kim shook it firmly.

"I would have guessed," Kim smiled brightly. Wow. Mothers. Who would have thought she'd go as far as knowing Jerry's mother? That's so weird. But then again, thing happen. "As you have probably know, I'm Kim. I just, am I interrupting you?"

Constantia smiled dimly, her eyes made her facial expression looked somewhat dull. The obvious tiredness didn't miss any of her body - her shoulders dropped, her fingers were rough to touch and her skin was dotted dead skin. "No. Are you looking for Jerome?"


Oh, oh. Jerry.

Gosh, such a fancy name. And such a ... normal nickname. Kim broadcast a faint smile, then licked her lips, "I, uh, yes. I'm looking for ... Jerome."

"He'd be back soon. Come in." Constantia stepped aside, letting her inside of the house. The familiar smell of something spicy clung on her nose, challenging her senses. She smiled, and as usual, she caught herself being pulled to the couch by Maricela and Maddy. It seemed that the Italian drama they watched the other day was on again, and Maddy explained without being asked, "That guy finally found out she cheated, Kim!"

Constantia stood at the kitchen, pouring herself a drink. "Jerome didn't know my shift started late today. So, he'd probably be on his way right now - he knew I would be furious if he didn't serve lunch on time," she told, as if she knew Kim was just having that question in her head. The woman was efficient and controlled, something she rarely saw in a Martinez; the examples being Jerry, Maricela and Maddy. "If he had known, he would stayed at Golrick Arts longer."

That's a relief; knowing Jerry would be home soon.

"So, how did you became friends with Jerome?" Constantia asked, her eyes looking directly at Kim.

She hesitated - before blabbered out. "We were always in the same school, I guess. I just, I got to know him through the dojo - you know, where he learned - "

"I know," Constantia nodded her head professionally, taking a swallow from her glass.

"Yeah," Kim pursed her lips. "We became good friends from then on. He's a great guy, really. Always goofing around. He's pretty cool."

"Ooohhh!" Maddy made an 'o' shape with her mouth, gaping at Kim. The girl looked like she just won a thousand of pink stuffed animal for free and she could snuggled each one of them for the rest of her life. Maddy giggled, "Do you like Jerome? As in, like like?"

She giggled some more.

Weren't they just watching the television?

Maricela looked indifferent, laying back against the couch comfortably, surrounded with her blankets. "Nah. Kim doesn't like Jerome. That's impossible."

Constantia raised her eyebrows, clutching a hand to her hip. "What's so wrong about your hermano, mija?"

"Kim's just too pretty, Mama!" Maricela got into a sitting position, facing their mother as she gave out her answer. She grinned adorably, making Kim smiled up at her. "She won't go for someone like, like, ew - Jerome!"

"Well that's not up to you to decide." Constantia pressed over the issue, eyeing Maricela. "It's up to Kim here."

"Kim!" Maricela began. "Would you date my brother? Honestly. La verdad."

"I, uh," Kim felt her throat closing in. Maddy basically squealed by her other side. Maricela waited for the truth. Constantia washed over her glass at the sink. "Well, Jerry isn't so bad. So, yeah. I would date him. But we're, we're friends. Just that."

Maddy screamed.

Maricela was suspicious.

Constatia scowled, and hid her smile.

Anyway, that being over with, Constantia left for her shift. Jerry came into the house a second later, shocked to see Kim's there and muttered a few sentences in Spanish as he ruffled his hair again. "You met my mom," Jerry stated, the horror was evident in his tone. Kim nodded. He mumbled a few more Spanish words out. Maricela and Maddy looked amused, seeing their brother like that. He dropped his bag aside, picked his sisters' dirty dishes and served them clean water.

"Drink up, females." Jerry put the two glasses on the kitchen counter, the two girls hopped off from the couch and went to grab their drinks. "I tend the pretty blonde over here."

Kim relaxed.

Jerry strode over to her, "What's up, beautiful? Aren't you supposed to be on your way to your Aunt's wedding or something?"

"It's my cousin," Kim pointed it out.

He shrugged, "Same difference."

Kim rolled her eyes, pushed a cushion away and stood up. "I need, uh," Kim stumbled with her words, letting her eyes fall on the floor. She could feel Maddy's eyes hammering onto her head, as if she's saying: "Are you going to ask my brother on a date?" No. She was not. P-plus, she had ... uh, Jack. Wait, why was her mind reeling all of a sudden? She's talking about Jerry here, hello! Huh. She took a deep breath. "One last dance. I need you," she jabbed his chest with her thin finger, daring herself to look up straight into his eyes, "to dance with me, for the last time."

Jerry laughed, once again grabbed her finger into his grasp. "Babe," he dropped a kiss on the tips of her finger, making something leaped inside of her stomach. He smirked his natural smirk, making her grin, as he said it out, "I thought you'd never ask."

He brought a stereo up to the roof. Maricela and Maddy followed behind, grinning non-stop. And Kim - she just found herself can't stop with all of her smiles. Jerry was such a goof - he slid his fingers through her, brought her closer to the small garden. The colours of the flowers were vivid and sprung to live - the petals were colourful and the leaves were the greenest she's ever seen for the whole year. Maricela hit the stereo and the music began. She nearly couldn't stop laughing when it's Can I Have This Dance sung in High School Musical 3 came up. "What kind of cliché is this?"

Jerry's eyes glinted, and his grin widened. "The Jerome kind."

The music went on, the evening wore on - her dress looked a little dusted, but it was worth it.

The night after the reception - which went out more wonderful than anyone intended it to be - she couldn't stop grinning. She crawled onto the bed - she had to crammed up a room with her other three cousins, but she didn't seem to mind as much. It was fortunate she got the single bed besides the window: the stars twinkled and the moon shone, and nothing was better.

She remembered Aunt Lucinda's reaction after she was done dancing.

Pretty much priceless.

Mom took credit for her dancing, which wasn't cool but she was tired to say anything. She just went on the rest of the evening scrapped any cake that landed on her plate and made small conversation with Dad. Kendall gave her a thumbs up - Gosh, she was so beautiful that night. Looked like a mermaid, mashed up with a princess figure.

Before she went out to bed, she sent a text to Jerry because, well, because he deserved to know what happened. Sure, it was really late - but she couldn't hold her happiness all to herself, you know? Her message was simply laid-out, but reflected well of her real emotion: 'Guess what? I nailed it!'

His reply came in just seconds before she closed her eyes: 'Babe, I never doubt you for a second.'

A/N: I'm thinking of doing a short series over this. Because it's fun writing Jerry, and I love (trying) to unravel a character; their backgrounds, their quirks and the possibilities. But if I do turn this into a fiction, it will definitely be a short one. Like, the most will be up to five chapters. And... who else love Jerry's little nicknames to Kim? Especially babe.

If anyone's questioning the title, it's from a Fun's song called Out On The Town. The song is more towards the guy being desperate for the girl after their break-up, which didn't fit this story- but I like the lyrics: "I was out on the town , so I came to your window last night." It's kind of symbolic, I guess, to this story. Well anyway, thanks for reading. Please review if you have the time.