Out On The Town


Kim found herself spending time with Jerry's family more and more, which was like, bizarre but it's okay really. She didn't mind as much. It gave her something to think other than stupid grades and stupid Mom and Karate and the Karate tournament the dojo lost last week because Jack got a flu and her competitor was a hella ninja - she means, how can somebody even capable of moving that fast anyway?!


Jerry kinda laughed at her face after she got beaten and swung his arms around her, promising her an ice-cream. She might have had punched him in the guts but accepted his offer for his treat. They spend the next hour drying sweats off of her skin and let Jerry listened to her rambling on the theories of how the competitors is alien-breed that had super-speed and cheated.

Anyways, spending time with Jerry's sisters aren't so bad. Maddy's very good in Mathematics and Jerry explained sometimes she and Milton hang out and is that weird, or what, but it's their business so Kim let them be. One day, while sorta barging into Jerry's home, his mom was there. Constantia. After a few awkward "hi's" and "how are you's" being exchanged, Constantia invited her to this Martinez Family Out - which was basically a day at the park with the whole Martinez family package, to cousins from outside the country to the closest siblings, doing a bunch of activities together.

"You should come," Constantia didn't exactly demand as her fingers curled over Maricela's curly dark hair, tangling it in a beautiful braid, "I insist."

"I'm not sure," Kim answered, truthfully.

"You should! You should!" Maddy jumped, her weary floral-print pink dress that looked as if being washed over more than a handful of times bounced. "Kimmy, then you could meet Cousin Otto! He looks very old, but he's actually very young. He's really funny too! And we're going to have this sports event, from between the parents and the cousins and families and stuff, and there will be a lot and a lot and a lot of food and Uncle Horatio will put on a pinata and there'd be candies in it and -"

Honestly, that girl could go on.

"I'm surprised Jerome haven't invited you," Constantia admitted.

Kim sighed, weighing her finger on home made cup set on the table. The disappointment dripped when she whispered, "or even tell me."

The older woman looked on a little pitifully, but then the corner of her lips turn just slightly - a brush of a soft smile. She stood up, ready to leave work, Maricela's braided hair looked fresh and new. "I'm sure he has his reasons."

Kim wasn't convince, but for the sake of everything, she forced a smile, "I'm sure he does."

Jerry had been quiet lately, she noticed. She's got a feeling this family outing wasn't the only thing he was hiding from her - but she silenced herself. She knew if the young man wanted to say anything he would. Come on, he's Jerry. What could possibly be bothering him so much? But then again, he's still human. Just because Kim's familiar with his presence and take his good-natured, laid-back personality well didn't mean he had any less problem to worry. He might be carrying the weight of the universe, for all that she knew!

Jerry assured her he was fine.

She didn't push him.

Martinez Family Out was a living mess. Hot sauces and sweats were everywhere. The Martinez pack was crawling up at the park from the trees to deep in the ground. The sports event went on merrily. They're all pretty much soccer fanatic. One team even have two female players which, was like, really cool and fascinated Kim even more. Most of them are very loud, some didn't know English - but Kim could tell they had fun anyway.

No matter the fact she was known as Jerry's 'girlfriend' for the rest of the evening, she had a few fun of her own.

Jerry said she rocked at 'Knock The Can' game and treated her (secretly) for ice cream, and that's always good.

Constantia kissed her forehead after a flour-related game.

Maddy went on fully-lunatic after destroying the pinata and took about 59-percent of the candies and sweets. Maricela's hair got caught into fire. Kim met their other six siblings and learned two complete Spanish sentences, which made her feel like a King and Jerry finished three cans of coke.

It was fun while it lasted.

Prom was announced.

She guessed she could see it coming. The rejection. She saw Jack have been hinting on asking her but she must be giving off the wrong hints back because when she proposed the idea of them going together, Jack told her he's going with Rosa, the transferred British kid.

God, she wanted to break everyone's face.

She thought of the idea of going with Jerry like, a few hours later, and didn't wait on asking him. He took it pretty well, registering the information Kim spilled over like how he always would, and everything went just like it should up to the point he directly looked her in the eyes with this intensity smearing in his expression and he moved his hand, "Kim. Take a seat."

"Wha - huh," she sat slowly, "Why? What?"

"I need to tell you something."

Kim got onto her feet, "Oh my God Jerry, did you kill someone?!"

"What?" he frowned, "Where did you even get that idea?"

"I was ... I don't know," Kim muttered. "Did you like, got someone pregnant?"

Jerry flinched, then walked towards her. He put his hands gently on her shoulders, urging her to sit down, "Babe. You're becoming the brats. Watched too many shows."

"I'm speculating on my theories, Jerry." Kim explained, frowning up to him, "Are you sure you didn't do something illegal?"

Jerry chortled and tugged on a strain of blond hair. "Don't worry," he teased, "I'm clean."

Then, his smile dropped. Which made something in her dropped too, strangely. But Kim ignored it. She watched Jerry took a step back, his eyes trained on a spot at the ground. His bushy brows strained together in concentration before he averted his gaze back on her, "I don't know how to tell you this - but here it goes." He exhaled shakily, shut his eyes for two seconds then inhaled, "I got an offer."

Her confusion grew, "Offer?"

"A school offer. Some type of scholarship."

She shrieked first, "Oh my God, Jerry! Are you freaking serious?" She punches him on his arm, he winces and rubs it. "I know you could do it! This is awesome!"

"No, Kim," he tried. "That isn't all it."

Kim's smiles slightly faltered. "What do you mean?"

"The scholarship? Yeah, to a boarding school in Ireland." He didn't meet her eyes as he sat down on the edge of the roof, his shoulders rigid. "They want me there - right away. All through the rest of the year, up until next year. I will be leaving around May to June. Soon."

Kim felt some kind of pain spreading across her chest - lurching to her stomach. She shifted away, blinking at the ground. "What do you - You meant to say was, uh, that, that you're leaving Jerry? Leaving ... this country?"

Leaving me?

Jerry merely nodded, finally gathering the courage to look through her eyes.

She clenched her fists and opened her palms - repeatedly. "And you ... You're telling me this only now?"

"Please don't kill me." Jerry pleaded.

She almost did.

She launched to attack him, but he gripped her wrists gently as she hit her chest. Oddly, he let it - even though he still restrained it. She knew she could hit someone very hard. She might even left bruises on Jerry. But she couldn't exactly think on the moment. Her mind was preoccupied by the thoughts of why he didn't tell her earlier. Would it make a difference? Maybe. Who knows. The point was, he didn't have to tell her so late. She was a friend, was she not?! She - she deserved to know if her friend was leaving her, the country no less, right?

God, Jerry, you idiot.

But as her hit got sloppy and her strength broke, a tear broke from her eyelids - rolling down her cheeks and splattered off from her chin. Jerry kissed the top of her head, all the while murmuring his apologies, and took her into his arms. He enveloped her so easily, and she let him. He was warm and firm and there - and frankly, she needed that.

His existence.

Merely that, near to her. And she'll be fine.

They spent their last remaining days like they always did on normal days. He said he wanted it that way. She respected him enough to comply to his request.

But the atmosphere seemed duller now that the fact he's leaving hung over the air. She kept glancing his ways while he read and he noted how that's making him uncomfortable. But she couldn't stop, you know! She wanted to see him. To know he was there. To know she's allowed to keep him while he's around. It broke her heart, learning this information. But she shook herself over and return back to reality.

She ignored the way Jerry strummed the guitar just a little sadder now.

The sun sets.

Jerry left the country a few days before Prom.

He was so lame.

He invited her to Golrick Arts and designed the place just like Paris and they had a dance at the made-up Eiffel Tower because he's giving her the Prom With Jerome she would miss, and she honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She did both. She wasn't even wearing a dress and he's not even wearing a proper dress. A slim cut and a red shirt with a casual cap. But at least he's got the moves and she knew how to follow. It was a nice evening.

His friends helped with the whole set-up, they said it's the last thing he requested before he left.

Kim slept with a smile all the way ride back home.

The day he left couldn't even be more devastating. When it was time he was about to board the flight, Kim was nearly full-on sobbing. Jerry's eyes were brimming red and his cheeks flushed. His siblings came to send him off, so did the rest of the Wasabi gang.

Then, she remembered, the way his fingers curled around the handle of his bag and he's about to roll away, he turned. He stared at her.

Jerry walked to her, she sobbed even more, embracing his torso almost immediately.

She couldn't believe he was leaving.

He pulled away abruptly, cupping her face in his hands. "Jesus, Kim. I'm scared I'm breaking you."

She just cried in respond.

"Shh, come on." He chided, rubbing her thumb to push the tears away.

"J-Jer- Jerry."

"I'm right here, baby." He hushed in a whisper - and she ignored the looks the gang are giving them. Rudy, Jack, Eddie must be confused. Milton must somewhat understand.

"Come on," Jerry continues, forcing her gently to look through his eyes. "One last kiss?" He sounded teasing, and she pathetically smiled at that.

Somehow, the idea comforted her.

And so she did. She got on her tip-toes and crashed their lips together. Nothing big - lips mushed against lips. She kind of sucked his bottom lips, but she's too much of a wreck to actually acknowledge and gather correct information. He held her when she made her move, steady and for the last time. When they parted, the pain throbbing within Kim's skin shimmered away slightly, but only slightly. She sobbed, Jerry pushed a blonde hair behind her ear.

"Listen," Jerry leaned, and touched their foreheads. "You'll be fine. I'll call. Whenever I can, I promise."

"I kno-know you will."

She sounded pathetic.

"And hey," he whispered. "At the prom, make sure to stay until the end."

"Why?" Kim blinked - will Jerry come back?

"Jack might be going with Rosa," he told, "But by the end of the day, he's into you. Not the England chick."

He hugged her for the last time, apologized for the kiss (now why would he do that?) and finally went away. His shadow disappeared and Rudy had to drag her out of the airport. Jack tried to ask about the kiss Jerry and her shared, but she decided she would explain herself later, when her mood wasn't tampered. Maricela promised her if she's ever sad, she would be the one taking her out to ice cream, but Kim knew it would never be the same. They had ice cream anyway.

Spring almost came to an over.

What Jerry predicted came true. Jack asked Kim for the last dance at the Prom. They walked home together and he kissed her on the cheeks. It was sweet. And Jack was more charming than anything. Mom made a snide comment of how "this one is better than the wolf boy you once brought over." Mom's comparing Jerry and Jack, of course, but Kim ignored her (as usual). She tried not to compare anything with anyone - not Jerry's raven hair with Jack's brown one, not Jerry's leering smirk with Jack's sweet smiles.

The days went on.

She visited the Martinez little siblings for Jerry's sake sometimes. Maricela's hair growing back and Maddy's trying to contain her obsession over candies, which was always cool. They got a babysitter now - their two eldest siblings are pinching in more money for Constantia now to help her pull through. "It helps," Constantia commented on the subject, "A little bit more money always help."

Kim visited the roof, but only like twice. Once after Jerry left - the very next day, actually. The other time a long time after the first incident.

The dojo's winning again a few competitions now - Milton's getting quicker with his flexes and Eddie's using his gaining weight to his full advantages. The new members were also helping them. Rudy's name appeared in the local newspaper twice just last month.

She and Jack were still pretty much playing games with each other, but more openly now. They flirted and touched, and she felt okay with that. Rosa was preparing to go back to England, and Jack didn't even look remotely sad.

On normal days, she went on putting an 'X' over the days that passed - secretly waiting for Christmas to arrive, the day Jerry would return home for Christmas break. It will be a long wait, but she'll wait anyway. On bad days, she ripped off dummies and tried to find someone that would willingly listen to her. It's usually Milton, or her new diary. She kept one now that she didn't have a certain Latino to lend an ear.

On better days, she'd be randomly doing something to occupy her time when the phone rang.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Babe." Came the reply.

And it didn't exactly take a genius to guess who it is. She beamed.


Days passed by.


Probably not much of an ending you were hoping for, but since the beginning I never meant to have this story as a romance one. Probably something resembling to it. I guess I like to think that I'm writing up possibilities for them - like how I bend their characters to mold together and creates a chance between them - and just leave the ending to more possibilities. Don't worry though, the next time I'll write them (and I think I will) I'll make sure they end up together, somehow.

I was also thinking of doing a spin-off to this, but from Jerry's point of view, from the beginning until the aftermath of this. But I don't know. Anyway, thanks to: Guest, ddrawers96, ShortCupcake17, Guest (ii), ColorM, Guest (iii), Kickin it fan xox and everybody else who finds the time to review. I appreciate it, really.