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Word used: "Confession"


Yuma fumbled with the cards in his hand, trying to arrange his deck. He'd had the same dream tonight as he'd had for many other nights. He just couldn't seem to fall asleep now, so he decided to rearrange his deck. Unfortunately, he couldn't stop his hands from shaking or his heart from pounding in his ears, or his face from igniting in a light red blush every time the dream came to mind. He so blamed Kotori and Tetsuo for this!

"Is something wrong, Yuma?"

Yuma jumped, the cards in his hand scattering everywhere and turned, shooting the spirit a soft but annoyed glare. "I'm fine." He started to pick the cards back up. He could feel those mismatched silver and gold eyes piercing into the back of his head.

"You obviously are not," Astral said.

Yuma sighed. "I just have a lot on my mind. It's mostly Kotori and Tetsuo's fault for what happened earlier."

Astral's head tilted. "What happened?"

"Oh yeah-you were in the key." Yuma sighed. "Tetsuo confessed to Kotori while we were hanging out."

"What do you mean by he confessed? What did he confess?" Yuma felt his eye twitch. He knew that a barrage of questions was going to be thrown at him if he said something.

"He confessed to having feelings for her and now they're a couple."

"What kind of feelings did he have? And how are they a couple?"

Yuma adverted his eyes. "He likes her as more than friends. Like, as a girlfriend. So they're boyfriend and girlfriend. In love. And I'm the third wheel."

Astral was silent for a moment before asking "What is it like to be 'In love'?"

Yuma blushed darker. "Well, I have heard a lot of things about being in love, but…some of the most common is that it's a heavenly feeling. Your heart pounds and you feel a rush of happiness and joy when you see this person, your face heats up with a blush and you want to do anything you can to protect and hold them. But it's also a painful feeling if, say, the feelings aren't returned. It feels like your chest is being crush. It's suffocating. It hurts." Yuma swallowed. His heart pounded.

"I see," Astral murmured, condemning them to silence once more.

After a few minutes of the silence in which Yuma finished picking up and rearranging his cards and Astral spent time deep in thought, the multicolored haired boy said "Astral?"

"What is it?" Astral asked, glancing at Yuma.

The young Tsukumo gripped the edge of his hammock tightly in one hand. "I have…something to confess." He took a deep breath. "The reason I'm not asleep is because of these dreams I've been having. Dreams are like illusions that humans see while they're asleep. I've had it before, but the incident with Tetsuo and Kotori seemed to strengthen them tonight. And, I have to get something off of my chest."

Astral floated closer slightly, hovering an arm's length away from Yuma. "What is it?"

Yuma bit his lip and looked up to Astral. "I…I love you Astral."

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