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Word used: "Cute"

Astral was cute when he was curious.

It reminded Yuma of a young child discovering the world for the first time. Sure, it annoyed the red-eyed boy whenever the other would ask questions, but while Yuma explained, his expression was really cute. Eyes wide and curious, lips parted slightly and attention fully at Yuma. It made the multicolored-haired boy feel better because for once he knows something that Astral does not. Astral may be the expert in dueling but he is clueless when it comes to how the human mind works.

On good days, Yuma was more than happy to explain things to Astral, like when he explained sand and how to make sand castles. On bad days, he'd rather avoid answering, like after he'd gotten "The Talk" from Akari. He couldn't help it. It was embarrassing and made Yuma feel awkward.

Sometimes having to explain things multiple times-such as that a T.V. is not a magic box-annoys Yuma the most. He doesn't really like repeating himself that much. Actually, repeating himself is irritating for the youth.

But it was always worth it to see the adorable expression on Astral's face.

To see Astral's serious fa├žade slip as he watched how something worked curiously, like a young child, made Yuma's day a lot. He wasn't sure how. It just did, seeing how cute the spirit looked.

Astral may be annoying at times. He may be always serious. He may be smarter at dueling than Yuma. He may be able to figure out a working strategy in the middle of a duel. But there was one thing that Yuma just couldn't deny.

Astral was really cute.

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