Chapter 1

Percy's POV

I woke up early, remembering that mom had hired a 'babysitter' for Silena and Charles. They are my brother and sister, who I named after our old friends Charlie and Silena, who had died so heroically in the Titan's war. Silena is seven and Charles is 1 years old. They are my mom and Paul's children, making me their half brother, but I loved them with all my heart.

I got out of bed and stretched. I looked at my alarm clock and was surprised to see it was 7am. I had a shower, washed my hair, and got dressed. I dressed in jeans, my green vans and my favourite green shirt. I walked to my desk and picked up the picture of my friends and I from earlier that year when we fought Gaia. We won, which was a great relief for everyone.

I sighed at the sight of Annabeth. It had been more than 6 months that I had seen her. We still 'Skype'ed three times a week, but it wasn't the same as I couldn't kiss her or hug her. I smiled at the picture one more time than put it down and went downstairs. "Morning." My mom said cheerfully, putting a stack of blue pancakes in front of me. I smiled. "Morning." I said, before shovelling pancakes in my mouth. She chuckled and walked out the kitchen.

When I was finished I put my plate in the sink and poured myself a glass of water. The doorbell rang and I heard my mom shout, "I'll get it!" I just saw Paul walking downstairs. "Percy!" He called, from the front. I wiped my hands and face and walked to the front. Standing there was a smiling Annabeth. She was wearing 3/4 sweat pants, a baggy top that said 'Born Free' and blue vans. Her hair was braided down her back and she was wearing her camp necklace.I ran to her and spun her around in my arms. "Oh my gods! What are you doing here?" I asked, smiling widely at her as I put her down. She shrugged. "Working on Olympus and I wanted to see a certain son of Poseidon." She said, smiling at me.

"Its so great to see you again, Annabeth." Sally said, giving her a squeeze. Paul also gave her a little hug. "So, Percy, Annabeth is going to be staying with us." My mom said, smiling at me. My grin grew wider. I pumped my fist in the air and squeezed Annabeth in a hug. "Seaweed brain!" She shouted, laughing at me.

"Annabeth!"I heard Silena shout from the top of the stairs. She came running down to us. Annabeth kneeled down just in time for her to give her a bear hug. Annabeth laughed and pulled away from her. "How are you, Silena?" She asked, smiling at my sister. I loved that Annabeth and my sister got on really well.

I didn't notice Annabeth and my sister finishing their little conversation until Annabeth smacked my arm. "Percy? Are you going to help me with my bags?" She asked, smirking at me. I smiled and picked up her suitcases. I lugged them up the stairs and into the guest room. I lead Annabeth to my room down the hall.

I closed the door behind me and plopped down on the bed next to her. She took off her shoes and lay down next to me. I smiled and put my arm loosely over her waist. I leaned forward and kissed her. She kissed me back, trying to fill in all we had missed in the past few months. After a couple minutes we broke apart for air. I brushed her cheek with the back of my hand.

She closed her eyes and yawned. I realised she must have been tired from her flight so I put a blanket over her and pulled her closer to my chest. She breathed into my chest, relaxing me, and snuggled into me. I put my arm around her waist. I let her lie in my arms, and I soon drifted off myself.