A Gilmore Groundhog Day

By Ellie

Ok, yeah, if you're reading this.....you're probably wondering about the title. Frankly, it's enough to pique anyone's interest.

For those of you who have seen the MOVIE "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray....then yes, that IS what this story is based on.....

NOW BEFORE YOU CLOSE THIS, muttering in disgust about how cheesy this fic will inevitably be- give it a chance...... REMEMBER this is not any ordinary fanfic! THIS IS A GILMORE GIRL GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!

Umm, yeah. Sooooooo- if that cleared everything up for you.....

Who am I kidding??

Let me FURTHERLY (and yes, that IS my new word!) confuse you.....Ahem, I mean clear things up for you!!!!! ::::innocent grin::::

"Groundhog Day" is about a guy (Bill Murray) that re-lives the same day, over and over and over and ov......well, I'm sure that you get the picture! Incidentally the particular day he re-lives is Groundhog Day.

Anyhoo, enjoy!

..........Or at least pretend to, 'cause otherwise my delusions of grandeur will fall from their lofty position of 'Masterpiece', to the ramblings of a teen. Oops! too late!

But REALLY- enjoy! And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, indulge me in feedback! It's the only reason that I'm encouraged to even finish!

Summary: I think it's covered. =-)

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Well I'm a TRORY addict, but after watching the last couple of GG episodes......I decided that it would be a toss-up. Here's the deal- Rory will get to choose between JESS----OR-----TRISTAN sorry all you Dean lovers, but he's NOT an option.

OK. HERE WE GO------------Day 1!

"A Rotten Day"

Rory awoke to the incessant hum of the coffeemaker.

Ummmm, that coffee smells SO good!

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she began to get out of bed.....when she realized that there was no bed to get out of.

Damn! I fell asleep at the table again!

She glanced down to where her head previously rested, and her suspicions were confirmed. She had fallen asleep studying, and her 'pillow' was none other than the pages of her Literature book. She supported this theory by the tiny spot of drool that was slowly but surely sapping into the paper of the page.

Slowly easing herself off of the wooden chair, she stumbled to the kitchen counter, while pins and needles stabbed up and down her legs and feet.

Ooh! When am I going to learn! The last time I fell asleep at the table it took 10 minutes just for the feeling to return to my big toe!

Grumbling her agitation, Rory lurched up to the cabinet and pulled out a coffee cup before continuing her strange method of walk up to the coffee maker.

The only perk of waking up at the kitchen table—I get coffee before Mom!

A good five-and a-half cups later, Rory began the trek to the bathroom. After reaching it, she glanced into the mirror and winced.

I look like a tornado victim! All I need now is a dog named Toto!

Brushing her straggly hair out of the way, she turned from the mirror and began to run the water handles, meticulously tweaking until it reached the perfect temperature.

While engulfing in the soothing embrace of the falling liquid, Rory began to mentally run through her list of the day:

1. Drop off books at school library before going to locker.

2. Remember to get ready for dinner with Dean after school.

3. Homework *Think about which character to do C.W. assignment on.

After filing away her list somewhere in the recess of her coffee- induced brain, Rory stepped carefully through the gauzy bath curtains and onto the worn bath mat.

She dried herself vigorously with a fluffy towel, before wrapping it around her body and opening the bathroom door. The warm mist stifling the enclosed room then eagerly escaped-gliding through the open door and into the hallway. Cool air encompassed her body as she stepped out and walked to her room. After reaching it, she put on her underclothes and pattered around the edge of her closet before gathering her standard Chilton garb and putting it on.

Well at least it's not a hard decision on what to wear- Let's see! Should I wear a skirt or a skirt?

I hope Mom has fun on that overnight business trip tomorrow, at least she'll have Sookie to keep her company. I, on the other hand, am going to be all alone here....Maybe Dean and I can do something tomorrow, or maybe I'll get together with Lane... Hmmm, I could also give Grandpa a call- I hope that he and Grandma are having fun on their cruise...

Rory snapped out of her reverie and walked over to her vanity mirror. As she took in her reflection she heard a great clatter directed from the kitchen. Rory didn't need to look to know, that a tousled-headed Lorelei was probably padding around, trying to find her favorite portable coffee cup.

"It's in the cabinet on the far left, Mom!"

More clanking, accompanied by a triumphant murmur, managed to filter through Rory's closed door. With a grin, she reached up and twisted her thick hair into a messy bun, securing it with a hair tie before nudging open the door and walking to the kitchen.



"Have you heard about Tristan?" Louise caroled down the hallway, putting an emphasis on the word 'Tristan'.

"Hot, blonde, bad-ass Tristan?" Someone squealed out.

Rory could imagine Louise rolling her eyes at the interrogator before answering in her sultry pitches- "Duh. The ONLY Tristan that goes to Chilton."

"You mean that DID go to Chilton." Rory's response was immediate, and strangely accepted.

Louise just smiled knowingly at Madeline before answering, "Well, well. It's true that he hasn't been here for a while, but considering the circumstances........." She let her voice trail off before once again, grinning at Madeline, with a casual uplift of her shoulder.

Paris, whom Louise was speaking to originally, just glanced up at the smug smile on Louise's face before slamming her locker shut and practically storming down the hallway.

Rory was surprised by the degree of emotion that Paris was letting off at a seemingly innocent comment. That was what made Rory positive that Louise's comment wasn't the least bit innocent.

"What do you know?" She found herself asking.

Madeline let out a little giggle at the suspicious tone of voice Rory was questioning in, before quieting at a sharp look from Louise.

"Well......." Louise started.

Rory felt a jolt, and she knew what Louise had meant, without even needing to turn around and follow the gaze of both Louise and Madeline.

"He's back." She continued unnecessarily.

"And he's 'badder' than ever." Madeline added excitedly.



Rory glanced over the top of her book, and did a double-take. There was a crowd of girls walking into the cafeteria, giggling and shrieking. Surprise, surprise- the simpering idiots seemed to be congregated around a certain blonde enigma.

Tristan DuGrey. That just figures.

After several minutes of trying to ignore the high-pitched squeals, Rory gave up the pretense of reading and allowed her eyes to trail back over to the receiver of all that female attention.

Omigosh! I can't believe I didn't notice it right away! He got a buzz cut! (A.N. Hehe! Yep, I know...as of now it's just the opposite to quote the 'Fectas' CMM has developed an acute case of "Chia-head"! *sidenote* If you have no clue who the 'Fectas' are, then go to www.geocities.com-trifectaly they have the best fan fiction ever! FOR A TRORY FAN THAT IS! Mwa ha ha! ANYWAYS- back to the story!)

The hair was still golden blonde, but it was now only an inch or so from his scalp. Rory bit her lip to keep from laughing, thinking of the great Tristan DuGrey, chopping off his precious locks. At least she ASSUMED he thought they were precious, with the way he was always letting the 'girl of the hour' run her hands through it.

Glancing back over at King Tristan and his harem, she realized something else, far more disturbing. Tristan was surrounded by the 'Thrill-seekers', they were the notoriously scandalous Chiltonites. They were willing to do anything for a thrill, (thus the name) and they were much worse off than the average idiot........they were rich. Which meant that they had enough money to do any type of stunt they could think of, and most of the time, the things they thought up were straight-up terrifying. But for them, it was just another game- just another thrill.

What is Tristan doing with those losers? Wait a minute, why do I care?!?

Rory locked her eyes on him, trying, methodically, to figure out what made her worry about this particular specimen. Surely it was a waste of time.



Then she was murmuring something back- almost as a reassurance. But her thoughts weren't on her own words. They were reflecting back at her in his eyes.




And worst of all- loneliness.

All found in the depth of his eyes, he was hurting and she could almost feel his thoughts, taste his pain- almost a tangible thing. But she knew. She felt the same way.

They continued talking......but she was lost.

And then they were finding each other- in that abyss, like a candle flame merging together, and she looked into his eyes, so beautiful. A blue that seemed impossibly deep. Those spectacular eyes were darkening as they both leaned in- and found each other. Soft, warm lips. Caressing so slowly.........

But Dean. Oh God. Dean! I can't stay here.....No. This can't happen!

Then the tears came, and she had to get out. She had to go home and get Lorelei.



That was why. In that moment- the second she had pulled away, she had looked into his eyes and found surprise, happiness, and hope. It was the hope that she watched die as he noticed her tearstained face. All it took was half a second to see the self-doubt set in. Then she was running, and nothing mattered but getting home.

She stole a peek back at the T.S. and the center of their undivided attention.

He better be worth the effort!



"Ok class, grab partners and start discussing your upcoming project, try to find as many different angles to this story as you can, from first person with Jane, to the dressmaker that Mr. Rochester assigns to make Jane's wedding dress. Remember that this is making up a large part of your grade people!" Mrs. Wrolly's reedy voice was abolished as the people in the classroom suddenly scattered and regrouped; scraping chairs against the tile as they formed secluded circles.

Tristan remained slouched in his seat, and Rory saw the window of opportunity.

One of the T.S. ringleaders- a girl named Annabelle was sashaying over to Tristan's desk. Rory saw her approach as if through a long tunnel....time seemed to slow, and then Rory was flinging herself into the only empty chair left in the classroom. The one across from Tristan.

Dean has GOT to stop making me watch all of his sports, I'm starting to think like a football player or something!

Tristan looked shocked and Annabelle looked venomous, for a second that is.

She regains her composure fast, I'll give her that much.

"Pathetic." She drawled before turning and granting someone else the pleasure of her sunny disposition.

"A little more eager than I would have guessed Rory." Tristan said drolly.

"Rory?" She couldn't help but let out the outburst- he hadn't called her anything but the infuriating "Mary" since she had begun Chilton.

"Would you prefer to be called Lorelei now or something?" He asked just as dully as before.

"No, but-"

"So any ways, I think that "Jane Eyre" is a waste of valuable time, and that only a romantic twit could possibly like listening to her drone on and on about every mundane detail of her simplistic, stupid little life." He dove into the discussion without acknowledging Rory's hesitation in any way- she was forced to change gears rather forcefully.

"I agree that this story isn't terribly exciting, but it doesn't really matter what we think, because the assignment is to find a character from the book and write about them. It's not as though she's asking everyone to actually like the story."

"It's a stupid assignment." He muttered as glanced down at his hands.

Rory was beginning to forget why she even bothered. "Well, I know it's not the best assignment in the world, but deal with it, because you were the one that chose to take Creative Writing as an elective!"

Tristan glanced up at her eyes, and this time she saw through the facade to the boy that she had know so many months before, "Maybe I only signed up because I wanted to see someone."

Did Tristan DuGrey just give me a cryptic response? What is our world coming to?!?

Before Rory could open her mouth to respond, Mrs. Wrolly cut in, "Ok class, now that you have your creative juices flowing- think about your assignment over the weekend. For those of you that are presenting on Monday, you will not be graded as harshly, but your work is expected to hold it's own- don't disappoint me! If you need reminders, here's the list for Monday presenters: Mallory Grady, Tristan DuGrey, Jana Solterbeck, and Rory Gilmore.

Mrs. Drolly continued reading her list of daily presenters- but the effort was lost on Rory as she looked fiercely at the unresponsive boy lounging in front of her.

"You signed up for Monday?" She found herself inquiring softly.

"Yeah, I did. What's the matter, you don't want me to taint your presenting day or something?"

"I can't believe you! You arrogant jackass! Get over yourself, and start acting normally, instead of like some sort of deranged idiot!" Rory hissed back.

Tristan leaned forward in his desk, as if she had finally done something amusing. His eyes had regained that mysterious sparkle that had made Rory want to do him bodily harm last year. "You're the one that made it clear that I wasn't worth associating with, so why, exactly, am I such an ass for implying the awful truth- that you want absolutely nothing to do with me, and you never have." Tristan was smiling while he punctuated the words clearly, and with a deliberate coldness, but his fists were clenched and the throbbing of the veins in his neck, gave away his tension.

Shocked, Rory looked past the anger in his eyes to the emotion that he was desperately trying to hide- hurt. Deep, unfathomable hurt, and it was enough to make the angry words die from her throat. "Tristan. I never- I never wanted to hurt you- I..."

"As if you could!" He growled.

His impossibly dark blue eyes revealed the truth- she could, and she had. Swallowing, she unsteadily continued, "I never disliked you- not truly. I was infuriated by you, amused by you, and often puzzled- but I never hated you, and I certainly never thought that you weren't fit to be around! I mean, at times, I liked you! A lot!" She plowed on, heedless of the direct unflinching stare that Tristan was administering to her. "I'm sorry, if I ever gave you the impression that I didn't give a damn about you- but the truth is I did- I do! When I thought you were leaving Chilton for good, I was really sad. I mean REALLY sad!" She stopped her good-natured rambling after Tristan's arm came into her field of vision and grasped her own flailing hand in his own.

"I believe you Mary! You can stop now, I think the janitor is here to kick us out!" Looking into his bright eyes, Rory realized that he was open again. He was Tristan again.

He's even calling me Mary! Wait. Should I be happy about that?!?

"Janitor?" She questioned bemused.

"Look around... The final bell rang about 7 minutes ago." Tristan explained with a wicked grin.

Uh oh. Is he going to-

"I know being around me is just so distracting, but honestly! I never thought that you would actually reveal the fact that you harbor so much passion for me!"

Yep, he did. Well, I DID want Tristan back.......be careful what you wish for!

"The only thing that I've 'revealed' is that I harbor a 'passion' for torturing myself!" Rory found herself replying.

"No need to torture yourself Mary, I'm right here! Ripe for the picking......"

"Yep, you're right there....Guess I should just end my misery, huh? The truth is Tristan, I DO want you........to go away, that is!"

"Denial. My poor Mary is just swimming in it! But don't worry! I'll be here when you realize the truth-"

"That I shouldn't commit murder until AFTER I figure out a way to dispose of the bloody pencil?" Rory inquired, proffering her sharp writing utensil.

"Touché, Mary! But as much as I'd like to sit here, while you solidify your plans for my murder- we'd better go."


"Before the janitor really DOES kick us out!" He smirked, while idly gesturing at the face of a surprised man peering through the door at them.

Rory sighed, but found herself happy that she had made the effort to talk to Tristan. What puzzled her the most was that she had TRULY been upset at Tristan's self-condemning thoughts.

Who'd a thunk it? I really DO care about Tristan DuGrey......I think this occasion requires some coffee, and a LOT of counseling..........

Tristan once again, reached for Rory's hand before pulling them both up from their cramped position at the desks. "Come on, I'll give you a ride home."



"Thanks for the lift."

"No problem, I love any chance to see you in your native environment." Tristan responded after waving to Babette, who was already striding quickly to the nearest phone.

Rory began to full-out laugh after seeing heads pop out of various stores and stare at Tristan's black Mustang slowly cruising towards the Gilmore household.

"Ooh, do you think we could swing by the Inn, I want to rub this car in Mom's face!" Rory said with excitement while her eyes shone gleefully. "She'll be sooo jealous!"

Tristan chuckled and looked into the review mirror before executing a perfect turn onto the street that led to the Inn. "Your wish is my command." Glancing quickly at Rory's new, slightly naughty expression, he continued, "As long as it involves driving you to your house safely..."

Rory's face lapsed into a pout, "Indian Giver!"



"Ha, ha, ha, I feel so powerful!" Tristan joked as they eased into Rory's driveway.

Rory rolled her eyes, but her smile let him know that she was teasing. "It wasn't YOU she was salivating over.....it was the CAR. Bet that's a first for you huh? Taking second place to your own vehicle?"

Tristan narrowed his eyes and returned the jab with feigned hurt. "What are you talking about, she loved me! Some of that adoration just happened to lapse onto my ride as well!"

"Uh huh. Who's swimming in denial now? HUH? HUH?" She punctuated her last words with a couple light punches to his arm.

Tristan laughed and went to ward the blows. Suddenly serious, he stopped fast and just looked into Rory's laughing eyes. "I missed you, you know... I always regretted not getting the chance to apologize to you before I left."

Noting the change of mood, Rory also straightened. "Tris, really it's Okay-"

"No, no. Let me do this. I'm sorry that I was such a jerk to you, and I truly hope that we can be friends.....if that's not too much to ask."

Rory felt a piece of her heart melt, at the sincerity of his words and the depth of his obvious remorse. "Of course we're friends Tris!" She impulsively threw her arms around him in a hug. Unfortunately the car was not designed for that type of action, and soon Rory found herself tumbling over the center console and unto Tristan's lap.

Looking into Tristan's startled face Rory found herself hysterically laughing, and it wasn't long before Tristan was joining in.

Gasping for breath, the two slowly began to wind down, and Rory realized the extent of uneasiness they would both share, at she and Tristan's new position. Tristan, realizing the tangle they were in as well, went to telling jokes and trying to distract her, while they both tried to shift out of the now cramped seat.

"You know it seemed a lot bigger while I was driving!"

Rory glanced up with a smile, as she tried to swing both her legs back over the console and refrain from flashing anyone. It was then that she noticed the direct proximity that she had with his face. His lips were in fact, hovering right above her eyes. "Ummm, this is hard." She admitted softly.

"Yeah......" Tristan's voice left a puff of hot air on her forehead, and she noticed that he sounded a little flustered.

After shifting around a little more and getting no where, Tristan finally spoke again. "I think I'm going to have to open the door...." Rory glanced up and realized that she was practically straddling him. "Yeah, uh huh. We should probably hurry, right?" She asked nervously.

Rory noticed his scrutiny of her lips, and wet them automatically. Tristan tore his gaze away from her mouth and tried to laugh off their situation. "Yeah, probably." Rory looked into his eyes and saw that the same hope that had made her talk to him today, was still present in his gaze. It was still waiting there, waiting for HER. Before she knew what she was doing, she lowered her mouth slowly to his.

The kiss was soft, and sweet. It was incredibly chaste as far as kisses go, but Rory found herself wishing that it would never stop. She wrapped her hand around the back of his head, and found herself giggling at the softness of his buzz cut. He pulled away with a smile, but an obvious question in his upraised brows. "I still can't believe you cut it!" She admitted ruefully.

He raised one eyebrow and smirked, "It'll grow back..." He made it sound like a wicked promise, and Rory found herself flushing a soft pink. He smirked and popped open the door.

Startled, she began to tumble to the ground, but Tristan managed to wrap an arm around her waist. Unfortunately, gravity won, and both teens were spilled onto the ground- laughing uncontrollably.

"Rory." The voice was unmistakable, and Rory's laughter was quelled as she realized that a confrontation was inevitable.

"Dean....." Rory whispered, as she slowly screwed her eyes shut, wishing desperately to be anywhere but there.



"Hey Sweetie! I came as soon as I heard, are you Okay? Do you need to wal-"

"Don't finish that sentence Mom! I do NOT need to wallow!" Rory interrupted, with a watery smile. "I still can't believe it, Dean dumped me because of TRISTAN. I haven't seen Tristan in months and then he just pops in and ruins everything!!"

You aren't being fair. You know it wasn't Tristan's fault......after all, who kissed who?

Shut up, you stupid voice! I'm hurt, and I'm tired, and I want it to stop! I don't care if it's not his fault....if I hadn't gone and talked to him today, Dean and I would still be together! So THERE!

Lorelei watched her daughter as she stared hard at the monkey lamp.

:::whistling::: "Phew Babe! You know, laser vision isn't good for the monkeys, so why don't you turn those killer beams off! Or at least take it down a notch or two, or twenty......" Lorelei trailed off. "Aww, Sweetie. I know you're hurting.....Do you want me to go bag a Bag-boy?"

Rory wiped some stray tears from her face, before answering, "What do you mean, 'bag a Bag-boy'?"

Lorelei smiled wickedly, "Oh, you know......a body bag." Rory looked up at her mother, her eyes bright with unshed tears. Lorelei went over and wrapped her arms around Rory just before she began to cry in earnest.

"If I hadn't talked to Tristan....none of this would have happened!" Rory whispered fiercely into Lorelei's shoulder.

Lorelei knew that Rory was being unfair, and that no matter was Tristan was to Rory- he most definitely was NOT the reason for this break-up. But Lorelei knew to keep quiet, her daughter was a smart kid.....she'd figure it out on her own.

"Maybe I shouldn't go tomorrow....." She began, thinking about Rory spending the whole day alone.

"No, mom. It's okay, I need some time alone any ways."

"Are you sure?" Lorelei asked again.




Rory couldn't sleep, she peeked at the clock from under her mound of covers before reaching over and grabbing the phone. He answered on the third ring.



"Rory!?! Have you been crying? You sound awful!" Jess felt immediate concern after hearing Rory's hoarse voice.

"Gee thanks....."

"Hey, that's not what I meant!"

"Yeah, I know....."

"So, do you want to talk about it?"

Rory stifled a sigh of frustration. "Not right now..... Later, we can talk about it later."

"Okay, we'll talk about it later. Hmmm, so what do you think of me?"


Jess started laughing, "The BOOK Rory. "Me" by Todd Williams?"

"Oh, the book! Well I've never heard of it!"

"Well it's about this guy that moves into a big city from a small town, and he meets a girl..........."

Jess continued to talk about the non-existent book. He was in fact, relating his OWN story, changing a couple MINOR details of course. If she actually went looking for the book- he was cooked. But right now all he was concerned about was helping her get over whatever was bothering her. And if she figures out that there is no book called "Me" and asks me about it- at least I'll be able to share my feelings with her....It's been killing me to keep silent. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up together.....Yeah. And maybe I'll suddenly find out that someone willed me a million bucks.

Either way, Rory is worth the risk- any risk.

Rory felt herself being soothed by Jess' voice- he was slowly lulling her into a fake calm. Why was it fake? Because one thought kept swirling through her head- and not even Jess' husky words could drive it away. If I hadn't talked to Tristan, Dean and I would still be together.

After several hours of listening to Jess, and eventually confiding in him, Rory hung up the phone and settled into bed. Pulling the covers up to her chin, and snuggling into her down pillow, she was aware of one last thought before drifting off to sleep.

If I hadn't talked to Tristan, Dean and I would still be together.


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