Alfred walks of out the restroom. His shoes make a rhythmic clicking noise as he slowly walks on the paved floor of the dark hallway.

He walks with his head slightly tilted up and his back straight. His face bears the expression of an egotistic boss. He smirks arrogantly; his mouth reaches from corner to corner. As calmly like how he first came in the restroom, he walks out indifferently.

Alfred sits down in his chair again and crosses his legs once like before. His posture looks straight and professional, dangerous and calculating. "I'm sorry for the wait, I hope I did not delay too much of your timeā€¦ Russia." Alfred puts full emphasis on the last word. He drags out Russia's name slowly, in a low and cold tone, dragging out each and every syllable of the name.

"Nyet, Amerika. I made good use of our time when you were gone. I have order us some tea, da?" Russia plants a fake smile on his face; his words are laced with a serious undertone. He shoves the cup of lukewarm tea towards Alfred.

"Ahh, thank you, Russia." Alfred gave Russia a small smile, one that no longer holds sincere happiness. No, it looks nothing like the true smile the real Alfred would give. This Alfred's smile, however, tells a story of a calculated killer, one that must be watched carefully.

Alfred picks up the cup in one hand the saucer in the other. He slowly smells the cup of tea and takes a small sip. His eyes never break contact with Ivan's, just like how a snake watches its prey. His smile never falters as he slowly removes his lips from the cup.

"Amerika," Ivan says slowly and sweetly, while his smile rivals Alfred's.

Alfred places the saucer and cup back on the table, causing a light clinking noise. Slowly and calmly, Alfred replies, "Yes Russia?"

"I assume you know the consequences of someone who gets caught in a lie on Russian soil? I mean, I despise people who lie." Ivan's gaze grows colder.

The tension between the two instantly becomes thicker.

"Yes Russia, your country's methods are quite cold indeed, a bullet to the head. What's your point?" Alfred leans in slightly, daring Ivan to make a move.

"Well, Amerika. You wouldn't mind if I ask, who are you?" Ivan's grinds his words in a frightening manner. His gaze darkens.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Please clarify on why you assume I'm not Alfred." Alfred's eyes are idly half-open. His expression does not falter; he shows no fear. He smirks even wider to mock Ivan's methods of intimidation.

"For one, Amerika, the Alfred I know absolutely does not drink tea. Two, he's not the best mannered person in the world, but I know for sure, he's too proud to apologize." Ivan leans back and his gaze turns into a dangerous glare.

"And your point is? Why are you so concerned? Your evidence does not prove anything." A small chuckle came from Alfred. Alfred tests Ivan and he's ready for anything the Russian is about to do.

Ivan's fingers claw the seat, leaving little crescent indents on the wooden surface of the chair. "I would prefer it if you make it easy for the both of us." The dark aura was palpable.

"Oh?" Alfred's perturbing smile grows even wider. "What is this to you? You are clearly avoiding the question."

"The only one who's asking the questions around here is me, Amerika. I want to avoid using force, but you are pushing me towards that option." From the depths of Ivan's coat pocket, he slowly pulls out a pipe.

"That would not be a very wise choice, my friend." Alfred doesn't flinch one bit as he sees the tip of the pipe. Instead, he feels himself on the verge of laughing. Who does this Russian think he is? Alfred mocks the method of intimidation Ivan uses. It's going to take a lot more than that to intimidate him. "A piece of advice Russia, it's going to take a lot more than that to dry me of the truth."

"Do not play with me comrade. My patience is running dry, da? It's either you tell me what you have done to Alfred or you will face the wrath of my pipe." Ivan's smile vanishes and replaced with a very cold glare. "However, Amerika, you are pushing your options."

Alfred gets up from his seat with precaution, he places one hand on the table and he inches forward as his body moves closer to Ivan's. His eyes emit the 'I dare you' look. Alfred inches closer, almost brushing his moist lips against Ivan's ear and says, "I would like to see you try, Russki." Ivan ceases all movements and feels the hot breath touching his ear. Ivan's deep violet eyes were affixed on the eyes of the beautiful blond. Ivan's finally taking notice in the color change of the teen's eyes. Alfred remains there, daring for the Russian to make a move, but he also inspects each and every detail of the Russian's features.

Both had no intentions of moving. Then, slowly, Ivan precariously wraps his icy fingers on his steel pipe. He painstakingly moves the weapon as he tries to avoid detection while Alfred's eyes remain glued to his.

Alfred reaches into the confines of his slacks, "Hmm, I like you Russki. You have balls." His distance did not change one bit, but the American's feeling more arrogant than ever.

Ivan's gaze never faltered, he continues to watch, looking to see who makes the next move. Even the thick tension could be cut with a knife. They submersed in each other's silence.

Alfred speaks again, his smirk changes into a mocking smile. "Well, I should introduce myself." Those dark sapphire eyes flicker. Just before he moves away, Alfred leans in and gave a small peck the Russian man on his ear. "The name's Alphonse Jones."

Yes, that's Alphonse Jones. Just to make things clear, after Alfred passes out, Alphonse took full control of Alfred.

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