My eyelids drooped with the effort to stay open. In the past three days I had only slept two or three hours. The case files swam in front of me all containing a different name and profile. Three girls were murdered just in the last week. The total of women who had been murdered had now risen to eight. They were all between the ages of twenty two and twenty five. Nothing seemed to connect any of them and no evidence was left at the crime scenes. All eight of the bodies had been discovered in the Hudson River. The river had washed away any traces, whoever was doing this was good. However he most likely never even thought we'd find any of the bodies, and that's where he was wrong.

The press was having a field day with this. No names had been released but all of the poor girls' families had been notified. Working as a crime scene investigator made me tougher than most, but hearing those mothers and fathers anguished cries when they heard that their daughter had been killed, ripped me to pieces. Eight files sat before me. I opened the manila folder on the top for what felt like the one hundredth time.

Piper Mclean:

Age: 23

Eye color: kaleidoscope

Hair color: Brown

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 100lbs.

A picture was attached to the corner and it showed a beautiful girl with choppy brown hair and bright eyes. We hadn't even been looking for her. Her body was found by a couple of fishermen. The date on the corner of the folder was May 7th 2013, almost a month had passed by now and we weren't any closer to finding the man who killed her. My head fell to my desk in defeat and exhaustion. I let out a long breath trying to get rid of the headache that came with wracking your for three hours trying to find answers that seemed to not even be there.

"Percy go home, just sitting here with a migraine isn't going to help you and it certainly isn't going to solve anything," my partner Nico's voice was firm and commanding. Nico had been here just as long as I had so he had no room to talk.

"I'll go home and get some sleep if you do," I insisted staring at the wall opposite me. Three, two, one. My head turned and Nico was already beginning to give in. His brown eyes were clouded and his shoulders slumped as he weighed the options. Finally he ran a hand through his hair and sighed. Nico stood up and shot me a look.

"Don't you dare think about coming in tomorrow early. When you walk through that door it's gonna be twelve o'clock noon and not a minute sooner," Nico's voice had taken on a steel edge. He knew as well as I did the importance of this case, but he also knew that we would be both virtually useless if we were sleepwalking zombies.

"I am going to go home and get some sleep, but I'm going to walk through that door at twelve noon and when I get there you will not be sitting here working," I replied and Nico grimaced, obviously he thought that this deal was going to be one sided. Finally he gave in.

"Fine we'll both come in at twelve," he took his black leather jacket off of the back of his desk chair and stalked out of the office, although I could see him smiling knowing that he would be granted with sleep in a few minutes. Sighing I picked up my coat and swiped up all of the case files. Nico may be able to keep out of the office but he certainly couldn't stop me from working at home.

*********************PAGE BREAK**********************

The next morning it took several tries for me to wake up. Every time my alarm went off I would turn it off and roll over going back to sleep. When I finally woke for good it was to the sound of the fire alarm. Adrenaline rushed through me as I bolted out of bed and into the living room of my apartment. I looked into the kitchen and sighed with relief. Grover stood in front of a smoking coffee pot with a sheepish expression.

"Sorry Perce I was just trying to make some coffee, but I forgot about it and ...well you can see the results," I shook my head, smiling I grabbed a blanket off of the sectional and began to wave it furiously at the smoke alarm. After much flailing of the blanket the smoke alarm finally quieted.

"G-man if you want, you can drink that nasty burnt coffee, but I'm gonna go to that coffee shop around the corner. Did you want anything?" I offered, grabbing my wallet and shrugging on my jacket.

"No thanks, the burnt coffee ruined my appetite," Grover admitted. I shrugged my shoulders and opened the front door of the apartment. Outside our neighbor Juniper was walking towards our door.

"Percy is everything okay in there? I heard the smoke alarm going off," she questioned.

"Well that question could be answered by king of the coffee in there," I answered gestured inside the apartment. Juniper stuck her head on and I could hear Grover babbling and most likely blushing. He really liked Juniper, but he was too scared to tell her for fear of what she would say. I chuckled and hit the button for the elevator.

The doors slid open with a ding and I walked in, not noticing my worst nightmare standing in the elevator. I pushed the GROUND FLOOR button. Someone to my left cleared their throat and I turned my head. Standing right next to me in this small elevator was Drew Tanaka. She had a large smile on her face and it took all of my willpower not to wince. I tried to smile back but it came out as a grimace. Drew didn't notice though she just smiled brighter and kept staring at me. She lived a floor under us and it seemed like Drew made it her number one goal in life to be with me. Whenever I got back from work Drew would be in the lobby of our apartment building. I prayed to the gods that the elevator would not breakdown or get stuck. Thankfully the doors slid open and I dashed out quickly relieved to be out of the elevator.

The front doors were opened by the doorman. I smiled at him and slipped my sunglasses on. The warm June sun shone overhead. I aimlessly made my way to the coffee shop. The door was propped open and an inviting scent wafted out of the door, maybe I would get a muffin as well.

After I ordered a hazelnut black coffee (A.N. Don't know if that's even a real coffee flavor) and a blueberry muffin I went to find a seat in the crowded cafe. My eyes locked in on a table in the corner that was void of any people. I was halfway there when I tripped. Someone had left their messenger bag on the floor in the middle of the isle way and being me I tripped over the bag. That wasn't even the worst part, when I fell my coffee spilled... all over someones laptop.

A girl gasped as the coffee spilled. I looked up to apologize and was met with a pair of stunning grey eyes and an angry expression.

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