Theme 1 : Meeting

Pairing : One sided Light/Misa

Misa Amane wanted desperately to meet Kira. She wanted to know exactly who it was that had disposed of her parents' murderer so easily and quickly. Rem would probably call her obsessed with them, but what did Rem know? She was just a Shinigami.

Shinigami Eyes came very handy when she decided to start looking for Kira. She wanted to thank whoever had gotten rid of her parents' murderer in person. But of course, she couldn't just walk up to whomever this Kira was and say "Thanks for killing him, Kira!" no, that would probably get both Misa and Kira in a lot of trouble. One because she would have been questioned to the reasoning to why she knew that they were Kira, and also because they might think that she knew them.

She sat in the café with Rem, scanning through the crowd of people. Then, a young man with light brown hair named Light Yagami walked past, and immediately, Misa knew, that he was Kira. He was the only one she couldn't see the name of.

As soon as she saw him, she knew she was in love.

I've been wanting to get this up for a really long time, actually. So this is the last story I'll post this summer. I promise. Or, I hope that I promise. O_O My first Death Note story, too. ;) Oh! And the challenge is xDarkness-Angelx's 100 Themes of Various Couples Challenge. All theme shave to be under 350 words, I believe.

I'll always accept any couple you want me to write a drabble for in this challenge. :) Any couple, which means het, yaio, and yuri. Doesn't matter to me honestly.

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- Silver Dawn