Theme : Need

Pairing : Light/Rem

Requested by : Walker of Nothing

Yes, he needed Rem too. He may have needed her in a different way than her needed Takada, but she was an important part of Light's plan to become God as well as Misa and Takada. He didn't love her, just as he didn't love anyone else.

She still played the part of the stupid Shinigami that did anything for love. She loved Misa, which could easily be used against her. It was silly really. Of course Light would view it that way. Love was useless emotion to him. Lust? Well, that was a completely different thing.

Rem was dead now. Light couldn't care less. She was a pawn, like in a game of chess. She was just a player in Light's game.

Now for Rem? Rem was just happy that Misa could be happy. She may be dead, and Light may be winning, but Misa was happy. Nothing else mattered but that.

Yes, I know that need isn't clearly stated in this one but if you look closely, you'll see it.

XXXHikari-KuraiXXX : You're welcome. ;)

Walker of Nothing : Oh, I see. I found it actually and read it. Pretty good fic. :)