Chapter 1

Normal POV

Ciel was not happy, to say the least. He was doing a photo shoot for specialty fruits baskets, when all of a sudden two large men barged on to the set. Now he was being dragged against his will by two idiot henchmen who served none other than the Prince Sebastian.

"And just what is the reason for this?"

Ciel received no answer as the large men shoved him into the car. There was a ball being held tonight for the prince to choose a bride for himself. Unfortunately, a duchess had fallen ill and Ciel shared similar characteristics.

At least that's what they had said, but that was not the case. Really the prince's royal advisor Claude wanted the prince to make his daughter Hannah his bride, and to do that the best solution was to get a man stand in and further limit the competition. What Claude had neglected to account for was that the henchmen were stupid and didn't understand they needed a man that would come off as an ugly woman. They instead chose the most beautiful man in the entire building.

Currently three women were waxing all the hair from the young teen's body. "I can't believe women endure such torture." He hissed in between painful yanks of ripped hair. His entire body stung, and his skin turned from its porcelain color, to the shade of embers. The process had taken longer than expected, but none the less he was deemed smooth with his skin.

Servants ran amuck around the castle, chandeliers were dusted, floors were swept, and tables were being set with the finest dishes of China and the grandest of all glasses. There was a ball to prepare for tonight, and everything must be perfect to keep up the reputation this castle held.

The king-to-be, Sebastian Michaelis sighed as he slumped deeper in his throne. Tonight, he would choose his bride, and take the crown as the ruler of England. But the prince had no desire to do such a thing.

He had already fallen in love with a young duchess, who earnestly loved him back. But with her sudden disappearance some months ago, and her body reappearing lifeless just a month before now not only took away the prince's love, but his desire to do anything. He sought no reason for this event tonight; it would only make his heart ache more than it usually did.

"Sire." A faint voice brought the prince's head from out of his thoughts.

"What?" the prince responded back, his monotone voice rang throughout the empty room.

"I came here to inform you that the ball will take place in two hours, and you must be ready yourself. I have already drawn your bath."

He nodded, and waved his servant off to finish the rest of the preparations. His slim body had now risen from the throne it was resting on, and his feet shuffled until he reached the open door. His long fingers coiled around the edge of the wooden door, his head dipped downwards until he felt the strands of his raven black hair brush against the sides of his face. His eyelids had closed, covering his crimson colored eyes.

His thoughts immediately turned to the duchess of whom he loved. His thoughts occupied him with her smiles, her sensual blue eyes, but more importantly, his thoughts had her laughter playing through his mind.

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