Chapter 14

Sebastian's POV

I went to all this trouble of making an exceptional breakfast. Well sure I didn't make it, but I told the servants what to prepare. I sighed and waited out the door. He yelled about me never talking again… So as the doting husband I am, I complied. What's gotten him so mad now? He had calmed down before the shower… what could I have done now? He was probably offended that there was rose shampoo. It was meant for Angela…

For whatever reason, I just loved roses. They always gave me a sort of warm sweet feeling. I have no idea why though. Anyway, it's no matter.

Ciel finally got out of the bathroom and just stood there looking at the floor. He was wearing a silk robe that was too big for him... it was mine after all. He kept slipping off his right shoulder. It was long enough that it covered his feet. What I loved most was his wet hair. The front swept in front of one eye and that only further emphasized the other. He refused to look at me, but I didn't mind. I was happy enough just watching him.

After a few seconds of taking in his stunning appearance, I walked towards him and cupped his face. I brushed the hair out of his and kissed each of his blushing cheeks. He huffed and was about to speak, but I had already scooped him and was now carrying him bridal style.

Luckily multiple servings of breakfast were ready because the first breakfast had gotten cold. I sat him down in a chair and pushed him in. He was very cute all frazzled like this. My adorable bride couldn't even think of anything to say, but I knew he was frustrated… that turned me on the slightest bit.

Breakfast was served and I started eating. Ciel looked at his food and then at mine and then he quickly stole a glance at me… as if I didn't notice. My eyes never left his, yet he kept looking over to see when I'd look away. He did this three more times.

"When are you going to say something, you mime freak!"

"Was it not your wish that I never speak to you again…"

"No! Well it was, but I meant that you'd let me go or leave me alone completely. I didn't mean for you to force me to dine with you and then you just silently look at me like an even creepier pervert than you already are!"

"Oh well then I'll speak if that's what you want. That is what you want right?"

"Yes Dammit!"

"Well might I say that you look truly lovely in robe…" He immediately blushed and looked at away. "So I hit a nerve…"

"Just shut up… can't you be normal? Why do you constantly say such embarrassing things?!"

"Simply because I-" Luckily I was cut off when I noticed certain pervert captain, as I had no idea what my answer was going to be. However, I had forgotten that Ciel's true gender couldn't be exposed and he currently wasn't hidden. Before Aleister could get any closer I gave him the harshest of all death glares. I then walked towards him.

"Just what do you want Aleister?"

"I had just hoped to the see the happy married couple. How is the ever beautiful future Queen Cecilia?"

Luckily I had prepared for something like this. I had one of my most trusted and reliable servants Mei-rin at the ready. Now she was terribly clumsy, but useful when I needed her to be. While I kept Ciel out of Aleisters view she ran to him and started fixing his hair with the extensions. I came back in the room with Aleister. Ciel's hair looked adorably messed up. She had definitely done a quick job with the extensions… but it sort of worked since it was morning. Also his robe was tightly close so it was off the shoulder but it completely covered his chest .

Aleister smiled and moved to caress Ciel's cheek, but stopped when his eyes happened ot meet mine.

"Well I do have to do a thing. I had better make sure that Bard and Finny are okay directing the ship."

He backed away and went to do whatever it is he did.

"Now then… back to where we were before…Because what?"

I finally thought of something as I grabbed his hand I spoke softly. "Simply because I get distracted by your beauty… but since you are stuck with me, would it be so dreadful for your to just spend the day with me… even platonically?"

Ciel's face returned to its normal scowl. The scowl he had had when I first saw him at the ball, before he hated me so strongly. It was progress that he was at least seriously considering all of this.

"I suppose that wouldn't hurt… but you keep your bloody hands in your lap at all times…or else."

"Or else what, my lord?"

"Or else… something so awful I can't even say it right now it's so awful…"

"Well that's not much of a threat…"

"I'll swallow your entire cock at once!" Now he probably meant that he'd bite it off, but that was so cute. He truly was so innocent…

"Is that a threat or a promise?"

"Damn you! I didn't mean it that way! Whatever! What did you want to do anyway?"

"Just wanted to take you downstairs to watch a film."

He didn't respond and just ate his food… I decided it'd be in my best interests not to press it any further.

Awww poor Bassy. All he wants is some alone time with his sexy Uke bride, is that so much to ask? If the Uke Bride is Ciel, then Yes.

Question: What should Sebastian do to get Ciel to calm down?