Challenge of the week: Have one of your characters refer to a Shakespeare character/play.

Here's a little dose of Wee!chester Dean to celebrate the arrival of little JJ Ackles, congratulations to her lovely parents!

Dean's already decided he's going to be a hero when he grows up. This is written from wee!Dean's pov.

Disclaimer: I don't own him, surely you know the drill by now!


Dean loved his firefighter costume. He knew that when he was big and grown-up like daddy, he would save the world from a shiny red firetruck.

He also knew that inside mommy's bulging tummy was a little brother (NOT a sister because everyone knows all girls except mommy are stupid) and he'd already decided that his brother would be a firefighter too; only not as good as Dean would be, obviously.

Because firefighter Dean was going to be a hero. A superhero even, like Batman, only cooler.

Firefighter Dean would make sure that no-one was hurt by fire ever again.



Hero is Shakespeare's leading lady in 'Much Ado About Nothing'